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Learning and Teaching with iPads. iPad, My Primary Computer. iPads for Education | Victoria, Australia.

Launching an iPad Program

iPad Research. iPads in Classrooms. Video/Photo. Apple TV. Apps. Dark Side of the iPad ~ Collecting student projects is difficult! Since its release the iPad has garnered arguments regarding whether it is primarily a device for consumption or creation. I have always believed that it is a device capable of creation. One simply needs to consider apps such as Avid Studio, DemiBooks Composer, Pages, Keynote, Minecraft Pocket Edition, Art Rage, SketchBook Pro, Comic Life and many others. These and many other apps all allow the user to tap into their talents and produce output of which they can be proud.

Of course the iPad is also a worthy consumption device. [Note: A number of readers have begun adding comments below which may also interest you. The Dark Side Yet, the iPad has a dark side. Which interface!? Imagine that the students have created an elegant report in Pages, a short movie in Avid Studio or a sketch in Art Rage. Transferring files is not easily accomplished, if at all. Why? So, what are some of the stumbling blocks? Educators and other iPad users have written about this dilemma. This is madness. iTunes DropBox. Whoa Nellie! Are we getting ahead of ourselves? - Keith Rispin » Keith Rispin. Smiley with Ringeye Nellie I have had three Whoa Nellie!

Moments this past month, which made me realize that this BC ED PLAN world I live in is still pretty isolated from the main stream of educational thought. All the tech here and tech there and personalize this and personalize that talk, is lost on many. It is like no one has even invited them to jump on the bandwagon or perhaps, people might not want any part of the new and improved vision of education I have been immersing myself in. These moments have by no means, dissuaded me from forging ahead and becoming more entrenched in the world of digital driven personalized learning movement but they have certainly made me stop and think about where I am at, in relation to where the real world resides in their thinking.

The first Whoa Nellie! What I realized at that moment, is that there are still people who subscribe the old school ways of learning. The second Whoa Nellie! The Final Whoa Nellie! Together, these three Whoa Nellie! Mobile Learning in Horry County Schools. iPad. iPad with Wes. iPads can’t improve learning without good teaching Pt 1. Clearly there is a lot of buzz around iPads in schools at the moment. You can’t log on to the Web without reading about another school or entire district or department investing massive coin in a sparkling set of the Wonder Tablets, excited that they will cure all the ills of the current education systems around the world. From reading my blog, you would be no doubt convinced that I am very much in this Pro-iPad camp.

Make no mistake I am. However, no matter how versatile and potentially powerful a product the iPad is, it is merely an extremely expensive placemat without creative, well planned teaching behind its use. Before committing to an iPad implementation of any size, schools need to thoroughly think through how these technological marvels are going to enhance the teaching and learning process. Its about Teaching and Learning, not iPads The kind of shift in learning the iPad (and other tablets) can initiate is dependent on good teaching practice and preparation. NEXT POST – Writing. How We Got Here. Our iPad pilot teachers and I are using this blog to allow you to have a glimpse into our 1:1 iPad pilot classrooms. We've shared practical posts, describing specific teaching and learning experiences as well as what we're learning along the way. This post will take you back to the beginning of our iPad pilot journey and share the details of our implementation.

If you're interested in rolling out a technology initiative, involving iPads or any other tools, I believe this post can be useful for you. We are learning together throughout this journey and have collaborated with many educators along the way. We would be more than happy to talk with you about your own journey and would welcome your feedback about ours. Please feel free to leave a comment if you'd like to get in touch with us. Timeline of iPad Pilot Implementation Applications accepted in spring 2011The application process was open to all teachers throughout the district. What We've Learned Along the Way Do: Don't: The iPad 2′s Killer Feature Is HD Mirroring — Apple News, Tips and Reviews.