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President Mike Pence Doesn’t Sound Quite So Bad, Some Top Democrats Say - BuzzFeed News. Netanyahu and the Settlements. ELI, West Bank — Singing and dancing greeted a triumphant when he visited Eli, then a young settlement of 959 residents, shortly after first becoming ’s prime minister in 1996.

Netanyahu and the Settlements

“We will be here permanently forever,” he declared in nearby Ariel that day, promising to renew the internationally contentious construction of Jewish communities across the land plan as their future state. Struggling for settlers’ support ahead of Israel’s March 17 elections, Mr. Netanyahu returned last month to Eli, now a boomtown of more than 4,000 people that sprawls across six hilltops amid Palestinian villages and farmland. This time, he did not speak about new building, but his presence was a statement in itself: Eli is among dozens of isolated settlements whose expansion and entrenchment threaten the prospects of a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

A sign at the entrance announced, “Eli: A Big Place to Grow.” As Mr. In the campaign, Mr. Netanyahu outearns Russian and Chinese leaders - Israel Business, Ynetnews. While Putin took a pay cut due to faltering economy, Israeli prime minister maintained $141,000 salary despite year focusing on his exorbitant expenses.

Netanyahu outearns Russian and Chinese leaders - Israel Business, Ynetnews

It was a rough year for Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's image in Israel. With a series of scandals and damning reports on his administration, he has been the butt of many jokes over his exorbitant expenses and his attempts to suppress them feature in every comedic segment on television. Follow Ynetnews on Facebook and Twitter A recent CNN poll which – understandably – excluded the Israeli prime minister may add fuel to the fire. In the survey of the salaries of world leaders, Netanyahu would have unseated Russian President Vladimir Putin from his eight-place perch on the list.

The Israeli prime minister earns $141,000 annually – $5,000 more than the leader of the largest nation in the world, who recently took a 10 percent pay cut after his country fell into a deep recession. 47 GOP traitors’ under American fire. A petition to the White House demanding treason charges against 47 Republican senators who attempted to sabotage US President Barack Obama's efforts to reach a nuclear accord with Iran has garnered more than 260,000 signatures in three days.

47 GOP traitors’ under American fire

The petition, on, was filed on Monday and had 261,050 signatures as of Thursday night, well above the threshold of 100,000, which requires the White House to respond. In an unprecedented move on Monday, a group of Republican senators ignored protocol and sent a letter to Iran, warning that whatever agreement reached with Obama would be a “mere executive agreement” that could be revoked “with the stroke of a pen and future Congresses could modify the terms of the agreement at any time.” According to the petition, the 47 Republican lawmakers "committed a treasonous offense when they decided to violate the Logan Act, a 1799 law which forbids unauthorized citizens from negotiating with foreign governments.

" The evolution of Apple: in pictures. Ruby rubacuori, la nuova vita di lusso tra Playa del Carmen e Dubai. Berlusconi: «Grazie magistrati», poi festa a sorpresa a palazzo Grazioli. L’arrivo di Berlusconi a Roma, l’accoglienza dei parlamentari di Forza Italia (Deborah Bergamini su Twitter) Silvio Berlusconi ringrazia i magistrati, vola a Roma, a palazzo Grazioli, dove lo aspettano i compagni di partito per un caloroso saluto.

Berlusconi: «Grazie magistrati», poi festa a sorpresa a palazzo Grazioli

Qui si commuove, poi scherza: «Ora bunga bunga per tutti». Berlusconi assolto, l'esultanza di Francesca Pascale. For Palestinians, Israel's election offers bleak horizon. 55 Rare Photographs Of Life Inside North Korea. As one of the world’s last closed societies, North Korea has attracted global curiosity to what is sealed off between it’s borders.

55 Rare Photographs Of Life Inside North Korea

Despite an ongoing food crisis that has spanned two decades and the cascading paranoia of the political leadership, life manages to go on in the Hermit Kingdom. Compiled from a handful of sources, we take a fascinating look at everyday life in North Korea: Since the fall of the USSR, North Korea has existed in almost complete isolation from the rest of the world.

Electricity is still a rare commodity across North Korea, even in the capital of Pyongyang, where the city is shrouded in darkness at night. North Korea has faced a dire food crisis over the past two decades, the ongoing impact of which is still visible on North Korean citizens. Over 1500 miles of North Korean coastline are surrounded by electric fences to prevent people from trying to flee the country. Raffaele Cutolo: "Io, sepolto vivo in una cella. Se esco e parlo crolla il Parlamento" Le rivelazioni di Cutolo, Roberti: "Il boss dica quel che sa noi pronti a indagare" Senators warn Iran nuke deal may expire when Obama leaves. Nearly half of the US Senate wrote an open letter to the Iranian leadership Monday, warning that any deal reached between Washington and Tehran during the ongoing nuclear talks won’t remain in effect after President Barack Obama leaves office.

Senators warn Iran nuke deal may expire when Obama leaves

Get The Times of Israel's Daily Edition by email and never miss our top stories Free Sign up! The letter, signed by 47 Republican senators, is the latest effort to pressure the Obama administration into granting Congress some oversight over the nuclear negotiations and emerging agreement, Bloomberg reported Monday. “It has come to our attention while observing your nuclear negotiations with our government that you may not fully understand our constitutional system … Anything not approved by Congress is a mere executive agreement,” the lawmakers wrote. “The next president could revoke such an executive agreement with the stroke of a pen and future Congresses could modify the terms of the agreement at any time.”

Biden: Lawmakers' Iran letter 'beneath dignity' of Senate. WASHINGTON – US Vice President Joe Biden lashed out at Republican lawmakers for their “highly misleading” letter Monday to Iran’s leaders cautioning against a nuclear deal with the United States, a letter he described as “false as it is dangerous.”

Biden: Lawmakers' Iran letter 'beneath dignity' of Senate

Get The Times of Israel's Daily Edition by email and never miss our top stories Free Sign up! “The letter sent on March 9th by 47 Republican Senators to the Islamic Republic of Iran, expressly designed to undercut a sitting president in the midst of sensitive international negotiations, is beneath the dignity of an institution I revere,” Biden said in a statement. Forty-seven Republicans, including Senate leaders and several potential 2016 presidential candidates, wrote an open letter to Iran’s leader, warning any deal with Obama might not be honored in future. Zarif: Republican letter on nuke talks a 'propaganda ploy' Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif said late Monday that the letter drafted by Republican lawmakers addressed to Iranian leaders cautioning against a nuclear deal with the United States was “mostly a propaganda ploy.”

Zarif: Republican letter on nuke talks a 'propaganda ploy'

Get The Times of Israel's Daily Edition by email and never miss our top stories Free Sign up! In a statement released by the Iranian mission to the UN, Zarif said it was “very interesting that while negotiations are still in progress and while no agreement has been reached, some political pressure groups are so afraid even of the prospect of an agreement that they resort to unconventional methods, unprecedented in diplomatic history.” Zarif “expressed astonishment that some members of US Congress find it appropriate to write to leaders of another country against their own president and administration,” according to the statement. Netanyahu has been a very vocal opponent of a bad deal with Iran. The president termed this “an unusual coalition.” Le Monde. Putin reveals secrets of Russia's Crimea takeover plot. 9 March 2015Last updated at 10:58 ET A trailer for the documentary was shown on state-run TV channel Rossiya-1 Vladimir Putin has admitted for the first time that the plan to annex Crimea was ordered weeks before the referendum on self-determination.

Putin reveals secrets of Russia's Crimea takeover plot

Crimea was formally absorbed into Russia on 18 March, to international condemnation, after unidentified gunmen took over the peninsula. Mr Putin said on TV he had ordered work on "returning Crimea" to begin at an all-night meeting on 22 February. The meeting was called after Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych was ousted. Speaking last year, Mr Putin had said only that he took his final decision about Crimea after secret, undated opinion polls showed 80% of Crimeans favoured joining Russia. The findings of these polls were borne out by the outcome of the referendum on 16 March, he told Russian state TV last April. Mr Putin's image is prominent in Crimea, as seen in this mural in the city of Sevastopol. Ukraine crisis: Poroshenko confirms rebel weapons moved.

10 March 2015Last updated at 00:40 ET The BBC's Tom Burridge near Donetsk: "Although there is a sense that there has been a pause in the real fighting, this war is far from over" Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko says pro-Russian rebels in the east have withdrawn a "significant" amount of heavy weapons.

Ukraine crisis: Poroshenko confirms rebel weapons moved

Speaking on TV, Mr Poroshenko said his government forces had also pulled back "the lion's share" of their rocket and heavy artillery systems. Under a ceasefire reached in February both sides were due to pull back heavy weapons by the beginning of March. The ceasefire appears to be taking hold despite continuing clashes. The opposing sides have accused each other of breaking the truce or using it as a cover to regroup. At least 6,000 people are believed to have been killed and more than one million have fled their homes since conflict erupted last April in the eastern regions of Donetsk and Luhansk.

Privy. Iran dismisses GOP letter while Obama says it aligns them with Iran hardline... Obama slams Republicans senators for penning letter to Iranian leadership, saying next administration could nullify deal 'in single swop of a pen'; while Iran dismisses it as propaganda. US President Barack Obama responded to a letter sent by Republican senators to the Iranian leadership, saying calling it "somewhat ironic", saying "it's an unusual coalition" to see US Republicans talking directly to Iranian hard-liners. Follow Ynetnews on Facebook and Twitter Meanwhile, Iran's Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Monday dismissed as of "no legal value" a letter from 47 US senators warning that any nuclear deal will require Congressional approval.

Iran Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif (Photo: AP) US President Obama with Congressional leaders (Photo: Reuters) "We believe that the letter has no legal value and is propaganda," Zarif said, quoted in Iranian media. Ex-Shin Bet chief: Under Netanyahu, Iran increased enriched uranium twelvefo... Yuval Diskin claims that despite bellicose rhetoric by Netanyahu, under his tenure Iran's nuclear abilities increased: 'Six times more centrifuges, 12 times more enriched uranium – Netanyahu failed on Iran. Yuval Diskin, former head of Israel's Shin Bet security forces, slammed Prime Minister Netanyahu over what he called his "failed" policy towards Iran and its nuclear program. Follow Ynetnews on Facebook and Twitter Diskin, who was privy to classified intelligence, said that rather than weakening Iran, under his watch the Islamic Republic's nuclear capabilities grew.

15 Famously Curvaceous Women. Photo Credit: The fad of the 1990′s wafer thin model look is out, and curves are in. Unless you’ve been living in a cave somewhere, it’s obvious, this is the era of the hourglass figure and the bodacious babes of Hollywood have taken over. The criteria for the perfect hourglass figure has remained primarily the same as it was back in the days of Marylin Monroe, but now in the year 2015, in traditional American fashion, bigger is apparently always better and the jaw-dropping curves of some of the ladies of Hollywood are no exception. Whether they were born with it, or they bought it, one thing for sure, these ladies are seriously bangin’. 15 Things Every Woman Has Done on a Date. Going on a date is a trying experience for everyone. There are nerves on both sides of the table and everyone trying to figure out how to make a good impression. For us there are few things that are always bound to happen at some point on a date.

We want him to like us and have this idealized view of how a good date should be. Here are 15 things that we women have done on at least one date. 1) Agonize Over the Menu So for men looking at the menu probably consists of finding what looks good and ordering it. Renzi: «Scommetto che avremo molte più assunzioni che licenziamenti»

Netanyahu's U.S. Congress Speech Reveals World's True Superpower is Zio-Globalism not America! Netanyahu’s U.S. Congress Speech Reveals World’s True Superpower is Israel not America! –Commentary by Dr. David Duke. The Official Website of Dr. David Duke PhD. Netanyahu rules the u.s. david duke. Netanyahu rules the u.s. Netanyahu humiliates obama. Netanyahu humiliates obama with his congress speech. Netanyahu shows who realyy rules America. Netanyahu shows who really rules America. Netanyahu shows with his speech to Congress who really rules America. Meet The 42 Democrats Who Are Skipping Netanyahu's Speech To Congress. There will be at least 42 Democrats skipping Netanyahu’s speech to Congress. Here is the list of those who have confirmed that they will not be attending.

All total there are 41 Democrats and Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), who caucuses with the Democrats, that will not be attending. Some Democrats have been very vocal about why they will not be attending. Sen. Independent Bernie Sanders specifically cited way the president was treated, “Mr. Democrats did not organize an official boycott of the speech, so the number who will not be attending is fairly impressive. There are dozens of Democrats who are listed as “on the fence” about attending. Here is the full list of those who have committed to making a statement against the disrespect of the president. The list via The Hill: Rep. Senate (5) Sen. Israel Media Says What American Media Won't Dare: Israel Controls America!

Commentary By Dr. Netanyahu's U.S. Congress Speech Reveals World's True Superpower is Zio-Globalism not America! Netanyahu's U.S. Congress Speech Reveals World's True Superpower is Zio-Globalism not America! Obama can't oust Netanyahu like Bush did Shamir - Opinion - Israel News. Benjamin Netanyahu has sabotaged the fight to keep Iran from going nuclear - Opinion - Israel News.

Ya'alon: Nuclear deal with 'messianic, apocalyptic' Iran will endanger Israel and West - Middle East - Israel News. It's not centrifuges delaying Iran nuclear deal, but questions of profit and loss - Middle East - Israel News. Congress gave Netanyahu right to veto American policy - Opinion - Israel News. Ambassador Power as Queen Esther: An unlikely advocate for the Jewish people - Rabbis' Round Table - Israel News. Sorry, Bibi: Iran is bad, but it is no Amalek, Haman or even Nazi Germany - Opinion - Israel News.

Labor MK: Netanyahu is playing with fire in the U.S. and leaving scorched earth behind him - Israel election 2015 - Israel News. Polls: Netanyahu's Congress speech boosts Likud, but no game changer - National - Israel News. Analysis / Netanyahu’s speech leaves rivals at a loss - Israel election 2015 - Israel News. Obama: In Congress, Netanyahu didn't offer viable alternatives to Iran deal - Diplomacy and Defense - Israel News. A lifetime achievement – destruction of the State of Israel - Opinion - Israel News. Herzog: Even after Netanyahu's speech, Israel is still isolated - Diplomacy and Defense - Israel News. Netanyahu's Congress speech was much ado about nothing - Diplomacy and Defense - Israel News. The real existential threat to Israel - Opinion - Israel News.

Thousands of ultra-Orthodox Jews protest in NYC over Netanyahu's Congress speech - Jewish World News - Israel News. Netanyahu's splendid speech and the carnage in its wake - West of Eden - Israel News. Comment: Israel simply has no right to exist. Several years ago, I suggested in my students' union newspaper that Israel shouldn't exist. I also said the sympathy evoked by the Holocaust was a very handy cover for Israeli atrocities. Overnight I became public enemy number one. I was a Muslim fundamentalist, a Jew-hater, somebody who trivialised the memory of the most abominable act in history. My denouncers followed me, photographed me, and even put telephone calls through to my family telling them to expect a call from the grim reaper. Thankfully, my notoriety in Jewish circles has since waned to the extent that recently I gave an inter-faith lecture sponsored by the Leo Baeck College, even though my views have remained the same.

Certainly there is no moral case for the existence of Israel. Top 10 Points from Netanyahu’s Speech to Congress Proving He’s Mad. In a settler's living room, a Palestinian reaches out. Before he could bring his friend Ali Abu Awwad into his West Bank settlement, Rabbi Hanan Schlesinger had to contact the local security authorities, which in turn had to coordinate with the Israeli army to issue a special entry permit for him. In fact, Schlesinger said, the head of security in Alon Shvut was “very happy” when he called, because he and the leadership of the town had been discussing “the improper ethical situation where there was no framework to bring in Palestinians except as workers under armed guard.”

US aims for March 'understanding' with Iran on nukes. MONTREUX, Switzerland (AP) — A senior US official spoke of some progress Wednesday in reaching a nuclear deal with Iran but tamped down expectations of a formal, preliminary deal this month outlining constraints on Tehran’s nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief for the Islamic Republic. Netanyahu says he gave 'practical alternative' to Iran deal. After arriving back in Israel, Netanyahu responds to Obama's claim that he offered nothing new in his Congress address, saying that lawmakers understand better now why the deal is bad. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Wednesday his speech to the US Congress offered a "practical alternative" to a possible Iranian nuclear deal and that lawmakers now "understand better" why the deal is bad.

Netanyahu says he gave 'practical alternative' to Iran deal. Netanyahu talks the talk, but that's it. Iran plus nuclear warheads for ballistic missiles is not a good pairing. Netanyahu says he gave 'practical alternative' to Iran deal. Non lo diresti mai questi divi hanno la stessa età. I primi 30 selfie da star del 2015. Salvini: "La Ue peggio di Mussolini, lo spread al posto dell'olio di ricino" Maroni e Salvini al convegno con il neo-nazista.

Storie magnifiche del grande schermo: tutti a "Lezioni di cinema" - Cinema - Spettacoli. Obama says Netanyahu's Iran speech contains 'nothing new' Quando chic e trash viaggiano in coppia - Style - Il Magazine Moda Uomo del Corriere della Sera. Iran denounces Netanyahu's 'lie-spreading' Congress speech. Obama dismisses Netanyahu's Congress speech as 'nothing new' Netanyahu's devastating, irrevocable indictment of Obama.

Netanyahu to Congress: Current deal will all but guarantee nuclear Iran. Obama: Netanyahu offers no viable alternative to Iran talks. Two Likud seats and an ego boost. Iran: Bibi Iranophobic talk election campaign. Iran talks: How close is a final nuclear deal? Iran nuclear talks: US accuses Israel of 'leaks' Q&A: Iran nuclear crisis. Israel US: Republican invite to Netanyahu riles Obama. Netanyahu Congress speech a moment of high stakes. Netanyahu's speech 'win-win' for Iran. Obama: Iran should halt nuclear work for decade. Benvenuti a HollyTube, nella fabbrica-tv dieci anni dopo. Netanyahu's speech - historic or hysteric? Netanyahu's colossal failure as prime minister. Obama to blame if Iran N-talks fail’ Obama left alone amid Netanyahu visit. Israel has ‘stranglehold’ on entire US. Bookmarks flock. (1) Facebook. (1940-1949) Mystery Murder Suspense. E-books. The Restart Page - Free unlimited rebooting experience from vintage operating systems.

News Media Sources. "D" Weapons Use Appliances to Spy on Homes, Internet as Cyber Battleground: “World War III is a Guerrilla Information War" MOCKINGBIRD: The Subversion Of The Free Press By The CIA.