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#MIEExpert guest post – Gamification Vs Game Based Learning, by Simon Baddeley – Microsoft UK Schools blog. The following article is written by Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert, Simon Baddeley, who explores gamification and game based learning through Minecraft.

#MIEExpert guest post – Gamification Vs Game Based Learning, by Simon Baddeley – Microsoft UK Schools blog

He is also hosting a live webinar on ‘Planning and Managing the Learning with Minecraft: Education Edition’ on 6th June at 7pm – register here. Don’t worry if you can’t make the live session at the time, as all of our webinars are being recorded, and will be available on demand afterwards. You can also read more on Simon’s blog here. These two terms are often misunderstood and even more often used interchangeably. They are sometimes seen as modern, digital strategies that drive eLearning programs however their roots are much more embedded in everyday Teaching and Learning than you might think.

Gamification is the process of applying the mechanics of gameplay to non-game based situations to encourage a particular behaviour or outcome. District Administration Magazine. Welcome to the second annual game-based learning special report in District Administration.

District Administration Magazine

Games continue to grow in popularity in K12 lessons ranging from science and math to English and social studies. They include alternate reality games that hook students’ imaginations and introduce social-emotional learning lessons to help students process feelings and thoughts. In a soon-to-be-released study of eighth-graders in seven states, results reveal that game-based learning can not only engage students, leading them to perform better on assessments, but it can be easily incorporated into lessons. The study, “Substantial Integration of Typical Educational Games into Extended Curricula,” was spearheaded by Vadim Polikov, a research scientist.

He partnered with Vanderbilt University. Are There Benefits To Game Based Learning? My answer may surprise you! The benefits game based learning is showing is making it more difficult to deny the fact that this may be the new form of education (or at least part of it).

Are There Benefits To Game Based Learning? My answer may surprise you!

You may be surprised by this post since this site is all about “learning through play” or “play based learning”; and I often go on about limiting the use of electronics. Don’t worry, I still believe that young children learn best through interactive, hands on play. Why Game Design Is an Awesome Introduction to Computer Science - Zulama. Lynn Vanderzyl was new to teaching high school computer science (CS), and she started out in the logical place—teaching a programming course using Visual Basic, Python, and Java.

Why Game Design Is an Awesome Introduction to Computer Science - Zulama

Unfortunately, the course wasn’t engaging her students: “My classes were too small and they dropped my program.” The following year, the course was redesigned with a focus on game design, with students working together to build video games and learn CS in the process. Cookies are Not Accepted - New York Times. New Research Proves Game-Based Learning Works—Here's Why That Matters. Exploring the World in Your Class. In the past several years, the National Endowment of the Humanities (NEH) has supported and funded digital games, including Mission US: City of Immigrants, a game about the immigrant experience.

Exploring the World in Your Class

You play as Lena Brodsky, a Jewish immigrant in 1907 New York. It’s a great teaching tool: Students quickly realize how difficult it can be to assimilate to a new country. The game includes an Educator Guide with lesson plans and primary sources. I recently spoke with Marc Ruppel, senior program officer at the NEH. Ruppel’s vision of games in classrooms happens to align with my findings in field research: Games—particularly those in the humanities (social studies, English language arts)—can be the hub, or centerpiece, of learning in a classroom. Games to Teach the Immigrant Experience In my social studies class, I teach an immigration unit that begins with BrainPOP’s Immigration and Citizenship videos. Springfield Middle School kids learn to be 'TechFit' Over 60 Springfield Middle School TECHFIT students spent time in “jail” recently – and learned a thing or two from the experience.

Springfield Middle School kids learn to be 'TechFit'

TECHFIT – Teaching Engineering Concepts to Harness Future Innovators and Technologists – is a grant program funded through the National Science Foundation. As part of the program, the students built two life-size “exergames,” or games that incorporate basic coding and programming skills with a fitness component. Challenges persist when gamifying education. Effectively engaging students in the classroom within an age of constant technological distraction can often seem like a battle of the brain, one where teachers consistently try to strike the balance between substantive learning goals and fun.

Challenges persist when gamifying education

Increasingly, educators looking for new ways to improve student outcomes have turned their attention toward interactive teaching tools, such as gamification. In fact, within the classroom nearly half of all teachers say that they plan on integrating game-based environments into their curriculum, according to the latest Project Tomorrow Speak Up report, entitled “From Print to Pixel.” The report includes responses from 38,613 teachers and 4,536 administrators on the role of videos, gamification, animations and simulations in the classroom. Gamification as a tool, not a solution Whether students stand to gain from gamification — the use of game mechanics and design to complement learning — depends on the context in which it’s being used. A One-Stop Spot for Game-Based Learning. By Lani Aquino Kids and games, two words that go hand in hand.

A One-Stop Spot for Game-Based Learning

Learning and games may not sound as synonymous. With the increased student engagement and complex thought processes that accompany game-based learning, they should be. Let these questions help in determining whether or not game-based learning is the right fit or you and your students: Edutopia. Edutopia. What exactly is game-based learning, anyway? Is it a roomful of children playing video games? Is it students designing games? Or is it both of these? Gamifying Your Class to Meet the Needs of All Learners. Playing games is fun. Some people pour hours into games without complaint, whether it’s shooting 200 free throws or completing a guild raid in World of Warcraft over several hours. You can tap into that kind of engagement through gamification—applying game elements to non-game environments to encourage higher participation and motivation. A simple example is a hotel chain, airline, or credit card reward system, where points earned offer customers perks like free rooms, flights, or upgrades, or other amenities.

Carver Magnet teacher uses gaming as class management tool - Dothan Eagle: Education. Posted: Friday, October 7, 2016 7:15 pm | Updated: 7:22 pm, Fri Oct 7, 2016.

Carver Magnet teacher uses gaming as class management tool - Dothan Eagle: Education

Carver Magnet teacher uses gaming as class management tool Jim Cook Education reporter Posted on Oct 7, 2016 by Jim Cook. Minecraft: Education Edition arrives November 1. The full version of Minecraft: Education Edition is finally arriving on November 1, following an extended testing and free trial period that began this summer.

Minecraft: Education Edition arrives November 1

The version of Minecraft aimed at educators and schools came out of Microsoft’s acquisition of learning game MinecraftEdu earlier this year, which built upon Minecraft to give teachers tools to build lessons around STEM, art, language and more. The free trials will still be available to educators up until the launch date, giving them a way to check out the early access edition and evaluate whether they might want to use the full software once it’s available. Review: World Peace and Other 4th Grade Achievements. World Peace and Other 4th Grade AchievementsBy John Hunter (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing, 2013 – Learn more) Reviewed by Kevin Hodgson It is no surprise to anyone who knows me as an educator that I am intrigued by the possibilities of games as pivot points for learning opportunities.

Not necessarily the trendy “gamification” of the classroom, where the learning environment taps into game dynamics for student motivation, but more the use of games themselves: the designing and playing of games as unique learning experiences. So when I heard about John Hunter and his World Peace Game, I was intrigued. Interestingly, it was Hunter’s pacifism that led to the creation of the World Peace Game, where conflict is often at the center of the action. I won’t do justice to explaining all the intricacies of Hunter’s elaborate game, which can take weeks to play. What Video Games Like Doom Teach Us About Learning, According to GBL Guru James Paul Gee. James Paul Gee is living many a teenager’s dream. (Or mine, at least.) The Mary Lou Fulton Presidential Professor of Literacy Studies at Arizona State University has been playing video games for four hours every day since 2003, solving puzzles and battling bosses in games such as Doom, Darksiders 2 and Uncharted 4.

Gee lives on a small farm, and when he’s not busy feeding donkeys or mashing buttons, he’s writing about what he’s learning about learning from video games. UNLV to launch video game laboratory. Dive Brief: The University of Nevada Las Vegas' International Gaming Institute will soon launch its eSports Lab, a learning and innovation hub where students will research the business, analytics and culture of professional video game design and competitive play. Officials say the parallels between casino and gaming and the video gaming industry are closely related, making UNLV the ideal campus for exploration of the $400 million industry. eSports is among the most searched topics on YouTube, among the most-attended sporting events, and grosses championships earnings exceeded only by the World Series of Poker and the Super Bowl.

Dive Insight: If there is an ideal vision of how to connect higher education with an industry of the future, UNLV is perhaps the primary example of it. Recommended Reading. Play It Again, Nolan. New high score: Game-based learning is a winner in college remedial math. NEW YORK — Players of the video game xPonum have a clear mission: set the trajectory of the laser to hit the row of gems. Collect the gems to clear levels and earn badges—and learn some algebra and trigonometry along the way.

Gaming in the classroom: what we can learn from Pokémon Go technology. Pokémon Go has already had over 100 million downloads since it launched in July. Digital Game Based Learning in Higher Ed Moves Beyond the Hype. Words With Friends Reimagined for Classrooms. Video game trivia: How much do you know? - Big bucks. Women aren't actually worse at video games: Why the stereotype is harmful. New research shows that, contrary to stereotypes pervasive in the gaming world, women are just as good at video games as men.

A study testing the speed at which men and women advanced to higher levels in online multiplayer games – online worlds where thousands of players develop characters, socialize with other players, and complete quests – found no difference in ability between genders. Teachers report sharp growth in game-based learning. The use of game-based learning in the nation’s classrooms has doubled over the past five years, according to findings from Project Tomorrow’s annual Speak Up survey. Over the past 13 years, the survey has offered a look into the technology being used in classrooms. Gamification to improve our world: Yu-kai Chou at TEDxLausanne. Top Ten Learning Games For Kids.

The New York Public Library Hopes You’ll Make Video Games. Mauricio Giraldo, a designer in the New York Public Library Labs, made a video game using some of the library's own collections of public domain materials, and the institution is hoping you’ll follow. The New 'Monopoly' Replaces Cash With Credit Cards and an ATM. 28 1ShareNew Monopoly cheaters, your days are numbered. Hasbro has announced a new version of Monopoly that gets rid of cash money altogether, replacing it with a miniature ATM. How Minecraft Teaches Kids Real-World Skills.

The point of Minecraft seems simple: build practically anything you can imagine. Some kids recreate famous pieces of architecture, others express their creativity through grand designs. Study Suggests Games are Good for Children’s Brains. Why ESPN is finally getting serious about esports. Adults Who Play Video Games [Infographic] How Video Game Theatre Sparks New Life into the Classics. Math. Science. Recess. Minecraft? Twitch club brings gaming to school. Report: Games and Online Video Gain Traction in Education. Getting Started with Questions of Digital Literacy. School's out for summer? Not for Minecraft Education Edition. A Supreme Court Pioneer, Now Making Her Mark on Video Games. 4 Technology Trends That Will Impact Game-Based Learning.

The Future of Game-based Learning. Kidscreen » Archive » Social impact games are putting the world in kids’ hands. NVM. GameMaker. Gamestar Mechanic. Survey: 50% of Educators Bring Games Into Classroom; Request Better Dashboards and Reports. How Game-Based Learning Can Help Students of All Ages Learn. Big Idea: By creating video games, kids learn to write and code.

No psychological harm to children who play lots of video games, study says. Classroom Gaming: What It Isn't, What It Is, and How to Do It Right. Game-Based Learning: Leveling Up Collaborative Planning. Report: Game-Based Learning Helps Students Develop Writing Skills. Gamification and the Future of Corporate eLearning – Part A. Miami University's game design program scores high in national ranking. Games for Change splits in two, beefs up education offerings. An Coppens - Gamification and Gender Differences... The Feminine Viewpoint. Games for Change Beefs Up Focus on Learning Games. Forbes Welcome. The Difference between Gamification and Game-Based Learning.

Strategic Innovation Lab. The Psychology Of Gamification In Education: Why Rewards Matter For Learner Engagement. Project-Based Learning and Gamification: Two Great Tastes That Go Great Together. Watch "US and the Game Industry" Full Documentary online. Gym Class Technology Is Game Changer. New academy at Gulf High prepares students for careers in gaming industry. When Turning Your Class Into a Game Is the Only Option. Northern Kentucky teens receive full tuition video game scholarships.

Microsoft is bringing Minecraft into the classroom - Jan. 19, 2016. Infusing Writing Standards into Video Game Design. Activision Blizzard Acquires eSports Firm Major League Gaming. Game On: middle school history classes dig into Minecraft. The History Of Gaming: An Evolving Community. MIT's New Interactive LEGO Urban Tool Brings Transparency to Transit Planning.

NYU Game Center event: Jane McGonigal on why video games are good for you - Technically Brooklyn. Game-Based Learning Thrives, Despite Report of its Decline. 6 Factors Of Classroom Gamification. Books-to-Games: Transforming Classic Novels Into Role Playing Adventures. Unity, the invisible but critical ingredient in your favorite games (Q&A) Can students learn the Common Core through gaming? Are Video Games the future of Education? - Future Thinking - BRITLAB. Level-Up With 5 High School Novels About Games. How Games Can Extend Learning After the Bell. Using Games for Learning: Practical Steps to Get Started. Project-Based Learning and Gamification: Two Great Tastes That Go Great Together. Activision’s Call of Duty® World League Marks New Era for eSports. What does it mean to have your whole middle-school curriculum designed around games? 5 ways games make kids smarter.

Classroom Games and Tech: Game Design in the Classroom - Part 4 - Developing and Publishing a Game. Classroom Games and Tech: Game Design in the Classroom - Part 3 - A Game Design Challenge. Classroom Games and Tech: Game Design in the Classroom - Part 2 - What other designers learned from making games. Classroom Games and Tech: Game Design in the Classroom - Part 1 - What I learned. David Clark sur Twitter : "Getting ready for Jim Gee's fireside chat: "Assessment & Stupidity"... David Clark sur Twitter : "Listening to Greg Toppo at GLS11 #gls11 "The Game Believes In You"... Jeopardy Rocks - Jeopardy game creator for teachers. 7 Tools for Building Review Games. Why Video Games Like Mario Kart and World of Warcraft Could Be Making Their Way Into Classrooms.

Stencyl: Make iPhone, iPad, Android & Flash Games without code. Games in Education: Teacher Takeaways. Playing Games in the Classroom.