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Japan Tsunami Eartquake March 2011

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At Fukushima, radioactive cesium spikes 9,000% in 3 days, no one knows why. And no one’s covering it, as usual.

At Fukushima, radioactive cesium spikes 9,000% in 3 days, no one knows why

Fukushima: Radioactive cesium levels jump 9,000 percent in just three days, nobody knows why Wednesday, July 24, 2013 by: Jonathan Benson, staff writer (NaturalNews) Some of the highest levels of ionizing radiation yet detected since the disaster first occurred were recently recorded at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power facility in Japan, according to shocking new reports. The Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), which runs the crippled nuclear plant, says levels of radioactive cesium in a water well were 9,000 percent higher on July 8, 2013, than they were three days earlier, and nobody knows why this is the case.

The Asahi Shimbun reports that TEPCO observed the spike after testing water in a well on the seaward side of Fukushima’s No. 2 reactor. “It is unclear whether the radioactive water is leaking into the sea,” said a TEPCO official, following the discovery. [Alert] Fukushima emission to reach Tokyo area from afternoon of 3/19/2013. Posted by Mochizuki on March 18th, 2013 · 1 Comment According to the meteorological agency of Switzerland, the emission from Fukushima would reach Tokyo area by wind after 15:00 of 3/19/2013.

[Alert] Fukushima emission to reach Tokyo area from afternoon of 3/19/2013

Tepco is receiving power from Tohoku-Electric Power Co, but they are having some problems with sending it to the coolant system of SFPs. ↓ Before the blackout ↓ After the blackout. Power at Fukushima nuclear fuel ponds 'partially restored' 19 March 2013Last updated at 23:52 ET Engineers have been working for more than two years to stabilise the plant Power has been restored to all fuel pond cooling systems at the damaged Fukushima nuclear plant in Japan, operator Tepco says.

Power at Fukushima nuclear fuel ponds 'partially restored'

A power cut shut down cooling systems for four spent fuel ponds at reactors 1, 3 and 4 on Monday evening, although cooling to the reactors themselves was not affected. All cooling systems were operational by early Wednesday morning, Tepco said.

March 2013-Record radioactivity found in Fukushima fish

Tracking Fukushima aftermaths. New View from Inside Fukushima: Chaos and Uncertainty. Even in the early days of the disaster at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in March of last year, as the reactors spiraled out of control, the terse statements issued by the operator felt like an exercise in denial.

New View from Inside Fukushima: Chaos and Uncertainty

Radiation readings were “higher than the ordinary level” (about 100 times higher), and a “loud noise and white smoke” had hit the No. 4 reactor (a possible hydrogen explosion). Now, footage released by the operator from the crisis’s early days – the second set of recorded teleconferences between the command center of the tsunami-hit plant and the company’s headquarters in Tokyo – demonstrates just how little those announcements reflected the chaos and uncertainty on the ground. The gap between the initial assurances given by company and government officials, and the ultimate scale of the nuclear disaster, has helped fuel a crippling public mistrust of government.

What Twitter tought the world

Desespoir des employes de fukushima. Chernobyl and Eastern Europe Blog: Nuclear Accidents Archives. If you are one of the many people who believe that accidents at nuclear facilities are a thing of the past, think again.

Chernobyl and Eastern Europe Blog: Nuclear Accidents Archives

A friend passed along some information that France’s Tricastin nuclear facility has been temporarily closed after approximately 30 cubic meters (75 kilograms) of liquid containing unenriched uranium spilled from an overflowing reservoir. The liquid seeped into the ground and also reached the Gaffiere and Lauzon rivers. The Tricastin facility, which is operated by Areva/Socatri, is located at Bollene in the south of France, 40 km from the tourist city Avignon. Tricastin has both nuclear reactors and a radioactive waste treatment plant.

Niveau record de radiations mesuré à Fukushi

Séisme au Japon. Google lance un outil de localisation des victimes - Monde. Day 6 17th March. Day 5 16th March. Google earth animation. Explaining the sunami. Interactive map. Apple's role during the Earthquake. How to help the victims. Day 3 report. SAVE JAPAN! BBC News - Japan earthquake: Footage of moment tsunami hit. Tweets from Japan (English) Newseum front pages. Environment pollution. Day 2 reports. Google crise response. How To Help Japan: Earthquake Relief Options. Magnitude increased to 9.1. American Red Cross. Impressive pictures. Japan earthquake and tsunami: The moment mother nature engulfed a nation. Japan's aftershock attack. Devastation as Tsunami Crashes Into Japan.

Comment se forme un tsunami

Japan Struck by One of Biggest Earthquakes in Recorded History, Tsunamis Threaten Pacific Basin. This is a rush transcript.

Japan Struck by One of Biggest Earthquakes in Recorded History, Tsunamis Threaten Pacific Basin

Copy may not be in its final form. JUAN GONZALEZ: Japan has been hit with a massive 8.9-magnitude earthquake, one of the strongest earthquakes ever recorded. The quake triggered a 10-meter-high tsunami along Japan’s northern coastline. Japanese television showed cars, ships and even buildings being swept away by a vast wall of water. Widespread fires are burning out of control. AMY GOODMAN: The Japanese government declared a nuclear emergency after the earthquake. The quake struck at 2:46 p.m. local time and was followed by a series of powerful aftershocks, including a 7.4-magnitude one about 30 minutes later. We go now to Japan, where we’re joined by Louis Carlet, executive president of the Tokyo General Union. Welcome to Democracy Now! LOUIS CARLET: Yeah, Japanese media is saying that it’s actually the largest ever recorded.

Twitter effect on natural catasrophes. Latest on Fukushima nuke plant incident, click on pearltrees to access the links.

Twitter effect on natural catasrophes

It was interesting to hear yesterday during the official conference press in Japan that authorities invited population to exclusively follow official recommendations. They discouraged them from following Facebook or Twitter and warn them against chain emails. Between different views and communications. I have been following @GillesKlein “Journaliste print and online journalist in Paris/Boston” and @Martyn_Williams from Tokyo “Multimedia Ed & Tokyo bureau chief at IDG News Service. Cover Japan for PC World, Macworld etc. Lots of different information and expert explanations can be found within my pearltrees.

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A new excuse for new scams. Hawai Tsunami. NHK WORLD English. Japan earthquake. Video commented in Japanese. Cost of the Earthquake. Preparing a Tsunami. Why Japan is prone to earthquaked. Largest earthquake in recorded history in Japan. This post is part of our special coverage Japan Earthquake 2011.

Largest earthquake in recorded history in Japan

Photo from March 11 earthquake in Japan shared by @mitsu_1024 (via On Friday, March 11, 2011 at 2:46:23 p.m. local time, an 8.9-magnitude earthquake struck Japan, the largest in recorded history. Zeitonline/Japan Erdbeben. Sismos Internacional - 2011 - Página 2 - - Fórum de Meteorologia. Tsunami (Sendai) minuto30 El terremoto de 8,9 grados Richter que hoy ha sacudido el noreste de Japón ha causado un tsunami que ha alcanzado zonas de la ciudad de Sendai, donde las imágenes de la televisión local muestran como el agua ha arrastrado todo lo que se ponía por delante. El epicentro se encuentra a 130 kilómetros mar adentro de Sendai, en la isla de Honshu.

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Twitter reaction to Tsunami. Seisme historique au Japon. Twitter reacton on CNN coverage. Strong Quake Shakes Japan. Travel advice. Japan Nuclear Plant situation. Global Disaster Alert and Coordination System. News in Spanish. » Japan earthquake unleashes tsunami. Japan earthquake - live updates. Japan has been rocked by a series of earthquakes causing a major Tsunami.

Japan earthquake - live updates

Here's some details from our Japan correspondent, Justin McCurry: A series of powerful earthquakes struck north-east Japan on Friday afternoon, triggering warnings of tsunami as high as 10 metres and shaking buildings in Tokyo.The first earthquake struck at 2:46pm local time and measured magnitude-8.8, according to the US geological survey. Within 30 minutes the same region was rocked by two more big quakes of slightly lower intensity, Japanese news reports said.The first quake, Japan's biggest for seven years, struck at a depth of six miles about 80 miles of the eastern coast, according to Japan's meteorological agency.The Pacific tsunami warning centre in Hawaii said a tsunami warning was in effect for Japan, Russia, Marcus Island and the Northern Marianas.

News in French

Warnings in the Region. Text.php?id=hawaii.2011.03.11. Live video. Weather. Person finder. News in German. Audioboos from Japan detail the tragedy of the Tsunami. As with all breaking news today, social tools like Twitter are showing their strength in getting the breaking news out there about the awful events in Japan.

Audioboos from Japan detail the tragedy of the Tsunami

Just as everyone else is, I am glue to Twitter right now to see what’s happening, but reports are coming in via many other means. Citizentube's Channel. Powerful quake rocks Japan - Asia-Pacific. Hundreds of people are dead after one of the strongest earthquakes ever recorded struck Japan, triggering a devastating 10-metre-high tsunami along parts of the country's northeastern coastline. The massive 8.9-magnitude earthquake struck on Friday afternoon local time, creating gigantic waves which swept away cars, boats, homes and people as the surging water overwhelmed coastal barriers.

Widespread fires burned out of control and Japan's nuclear industry was on alert as reactors shut down automatically as a safety precaution. Millions of people are reported to be without electricity, airports are closed and public transport in Tokyo and other cities has come to a halt as Japan reels amid the twin devastations. Police said 200 to 300 bodies have been found in the northeastern coastal city of Sendai where hundreds of buildings have collapsed. Japan's NHK television said the victims appeared to have drowned. Police said another 88 were confirmed killed and 349 were missing. Recents elements tagged with 'earthquake' by all the kweepers.