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The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s was a masterpiece of timing. Apple Corps Ltd.

The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s was a masterpiece of timing.

The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band turns 50 years old this week, and to mark the occasion, Apple Records has trotted out a deluxe reissue set, the crown jewel of which is a new stereo remix of the album by Giles Martin, son of the late Sir George Martin. The younger Martin’s mix is a revelation: For Beatles obsessives and audiophiles, it accomplishes the feat of finally delivering a stereo mix that feels both sonically and spiritually true to the original mono mix. For casual Beatles fans unfamiliar with the album’s mono mix, which has been largely unavailable during the compact disc and post–compact disc eras, the experience may well be akin to hearing the album anew, with fresh ears and a revived appreciation for what all the hype was about.

Upon its release in 1967, Sgt. Sgt. Sgt. For the 40th anniversary of the Beatles’ celebrated album, Jody Rosen examined its myths and misconceptions. And no album was more instrumental than Sgt. Hear The Beatles' First Take Of 'Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds' : All Songs Considered. The Beatles during the Sgt.

Hear The Beatles' First Take Of 'Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds' : All Songs Considered

Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band sessions in 1967. Courtesy of Apple Corps Ltd. Hide caption. Cowboy Bebop OST 1 - Rain. Hear A Rare Outtake From The Beatles' 'Sgt. Pepper's' Recording Sessions : All Songs Considered. As the 50th anniversary of the greatest rock album of all time rapidly nears, Capitol Records is sharing a previously unreleased outtake from the Sgt.

Hear A Rare Outtake From The Beatles' 'Sgt. Pepper's' Recording Sessions : All Songs Considered

Pepper's recording sessions. The clip, premiered at The Guardian, is a stripped-down version of the album's opening title cut and includes some fantastic chatter between John Lennon, Paul McCartney and George Harrison. It's an unadorned and intimate version of the song that offers a glimpse into how The Beatles first imagined the track. Ennio Morricone - The Ecstasy of Gold - theremin & voice. Pudding. For example, in 1961, Bobby Lewis’s Tossin’ and Turnin’ spent 7 weeks at #1.


For all intents and purposes, Bobby Lewis was the Beyonce of 1961. Yet, have you heard of it? Do you know who Bobby Lewis is? Meanwhile, Etta James’ debut album dropped the same year, with At Last peaking on Billboard at #68. Music historians will regard Bobby Lewis as a pioneer in rock and roll and R&B, yet whatever led to Tossin’ and Turnin’s popularity in 1961 has faded over time. One hypothesis: Tossin’ and Turnin’s success had more to do than just the song...perhaps Bobby Lewis was a huge personality. But future generations don’t remember Bobby Lewis’s dancing and good looks.

And for this reason, it will be weird to hear future generations reverently listen to groups such as Nickelback – the kids only know their music, not what they culturally stood for in 2015. The Awakening by Sheila STHilaire. Disturbed - The Sound Of Silence. THE STAPLE SINGERS - I'LL TAKE YOU THERE. TV PERFORMANCE 1971. Mavis Staples Performs "I'll Take You There" at In Performance at the White House. Parker Millsap - Full Performance (Live on KEXP) Parker Millsap You Really Got a Hold On Me.

Into My Arms. Bob Dylan - Not Dark Yet. Bob Dylan - Blood In My Eyes. Louis Prima - Sing,Sing,Sing (With a Swing) A Brief History of the Minimoog Part II. The Fascinating Story of How Delia Derbyshire Created the Original Doctor Who Theme. We’ve focused a fair bit here on the work of Delia Derbyshire, pioneering electronic composer of the mid-twentieth century—featuring two documentaries on her and discussing her role in almost creating an electronic backing track for Paul McCartney’s “Yesterday.”

The Fascinating Story of How Delia Derbyshire Created the Original Doctor Who Theme

There’s good reason to devote so much attention to her: Derbyshire’s work with the BBC’s Radiophonic Workshop laid the bedrock for a good deal of the sound design we hear on TV and radio today. And, as we pointed out previously, her electronic music, recorded under her own name and with the band White Noise, influenced “most every current legend in the business—from Aphex Twin and the Chemical Brothers to Paul Hartnoll of Orbital.” Along with documentaries and high praise in the music press, the late Derbyshire now has her own Exhibition at the Coventry Music Museum, as of December 6 of last year. Waves Create Music. OSCAR PETERSON ON GUITAR – "Tristeza" – Michael Blum Quartet. OSCAR PETERSON ON GUITAR – "I Loves You, Porgy" – Michael Blum Quartet. Oscar Peterson"Round Midnight"(T.Monk),Piano Solo . Adele - Send My Love (To Your New Lover) ...The Oldest Known Melody c.1400BC! Fernquest - Eaton - Nights.

Freddie Mercury a capella. The Science Behind Why Freddie Mercury's Voice Was So Damned Compelling. Scientists have studied the voice and vocals of one of the greats of pop music, Freddie Mercury of the band Queen.

The Science Behind Why Freddie Mercury's Voice Was So Damned Compelling

And the results? 1) He used subharmonics in a way that very few people can. Other than Tuvan Throat Singers, that is: (Also, listen for the subtle melody that accompanies the low-throated growl in this clip). That subharmonic vibration also helped give him his "growl," which he used quite frequently. 2) His vocals chords simply moved faster than those of most people. 3) It's been widely reported that Mercury could sing through 4 octaves, but this study could not back that up; at 12 semitones per octave, that would be 48 semitones. 2 clicks for best Dylan covers. Getty Image On Friday, Bob Dylan released Fallen Angels, his second straight album of all covers, the first being last year’s Shadows In The Night.

2 clicks for best Dylan covers

While these albums have focused on songs recorded by Frank Sinatra, many contemporary artists have given their brilliant takes on Dylan’s work. Today, we look at 10 of the finest Dylan covers ever recorded. Of course, his songs have been performed hundreds of times, and there was a ton to choose from, so there’s naturally going to be some disagreement. Now then, onto the fun! Akira Miyagawa's Beethoven's Symphony No. 5 and Mambo No.5 Combination 宮川彬良. Dear Theodosia. Black Magic Woman/Gypsy Queen ~ Santana. Loretta Lynn - Lay Me Down (Duet with Willie Nelson) Country Joe & The Fish- Feel Like I'm Fixing To Die Rag. Skrillex: The making of a superstar. Complete interview Please sign in to use this feature.

Skrillex: The making of a superstar

Yahoo Fireball Video Player Version : Page SpaceID : 1197747616 YVAP Acct. YVAP Play Context : default Current Media Platform OS : linux. SKRILLEX - KYOTO (FT. SIRAH) 10 Things You Didn't Know About Skrillex. Adele - Remedy (Lyrics) Adele - Hello. Simply Red - Holding Back The Years. Eagles - I Can't Tell You Why [original w/ lyrics] George Benson & Earl Klugh Dreamin`

Ryuichi Sakamoto - Imagining Buffalo - The Revenant Soundtrack. Hanggai -give it 2 + minutes, seriously. Mari Boine - Uldda Nieida. Low Roar - Low Roar (Full Album) Jaco Pastorius Solo. Simon & Garfunkel Scarborough Fair. Simon & Garfunkel - The Sound Of Silence. Coldplay - Fix You. Iron and Wine - Naked As We Came (OFFICIAL VIDEO) The Seatbelts - Cowboy Bebop (Original Soundtrack 1) King'S College Choir - Samuel Barber - Agnus Dei. St. Olaf Massed Men's Chorus - Ave Maria (Biebl) Sleep - Charles Anthony SILVESTRI.

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir - 'Lux Aurumque'. Ave Maria (Franz Biebl) - Virtual Choir International Multitrack. Neil Young - Greatest Hits (Full Album) Albert's Shuffle. Blood Sweat & Tears - Child is Father to the Man (full album) (VINYL) "She's Gone" - Rob Thomas & Daryl Hall. Dragon House. Music Search, Recommendations, Videos and Reviews. Make You Feel My Love - Bob Dylan (Video Charlie Chaplin - City Light)

Adele - Rolling In The Deep. Cowboy Bebop FULL OST (Original Soundtrack) (101 Total Songs) Summertime By Ray Charles & Cleo Laine. GraphJam: Music and Pop Culture in Charts and Graphs. Let us explain them. Top 100 Acoustic Guitar... Here is a list of the best acoustic songs ever written. Acoustic music has come a long way over the years, so many are “oldies” and many are “newies.” We are basing this list off of historical album sales, the ever so objective factor of acoustic-ness, but mostly how easily they make us cry. They are mostly arranged in alphabetical order, by song – so make sure you check out the whole list! Feel free to give your input on suggestions, changes, discards, or songs we may have forgot about. Also, for those interested in a serious path to learning guitar, please see our trusted partner, Guitar Tricks: Click the links to listen to the songs.

RICHARD GROOVE HOLMES SONG FOR MY FATHER. "Groove" Holmes - "Misty" Gene Ammons - Richard "Groove" Holmes Trio Live 1961 ~ Exactly Like You. "DIDN'T I BLOW YOUR MIND" (this time) THE DELFONICS on 'soultrain' 1971. The Stylistics - You Make Me Feel Brand New. William Bell - Born Under A Bad Sign. Blues in the Bottle - Jim Kweskin and The Jug Band. The origin and history of A Whiter Shade of Pale. Soggy Bottom Boys- I Am A Man Of Constant Sorrow. Mari Boine - Guovssahasaid ájagáttis (By the source of Aurora B) Mari Boine - Bottoza Dáhtun (Give Me a Break) SKRILLEX. Japanese schoolgirl prog. piano concierto.genuine human musician.

7 Alternatives to Pandora and Last.FM. Whether you are annoyed by the ads on Pandora, the limited number of skips, or the abyss of cruel 30-second song teasers from Last.FM, many online listeners are growing weary of mainstream methods of hearing new music.

7 Alternatives to Pandora and Last.FM

While the Pandora algorithm is strong, and the Last.FM related artists tool is pretty useful, don’t fool yourself in to thinking that there aren’t other great ways to expose yourself to new music in the depths of cyberspace. Here are 7 alternatives to Pandora and Last.FM that will infuse your day with an uninterrupted stream of music that large record companies haven’t managed to squash under their thumbs yet. StumbleAudio StumbleAudio has a killer recommendation engine that works better for me than Pandora’s. Instead of “genomes”, StumbleAudio uses listeners’ favoritism as well as buying pattern data from online music stores to make suggestions. Songza. Classical on AccuRadio online radio.