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6 Free Online Interactive White Boards. An update to last April’s post about free web-based IWBs.

6 Free Online Interactive White Boards

Last April, I wrote a post about a few Online Interactive Whiteboards that I had checked out. That post remains one of my most popular posts, so obviously this is a topic of interest to a lot of people. [Note to readers: There is now an updated version of this post, with new links added, and apps that are no available removed, here: “6 Free Online Collaborative Interactive White Boards – 2012 Update“. – KW 11/5/12] I figured it was time for an update, to check out new tools, and to see if there have been any changes with the apps I reviewed last year. Below I have listed 6 web-based Interactive White Board applications, and provided a little info about each.

——————————————————————Click here for a PDF version of this article,which provides a clean, uncluttered copy for printing or e-mailing to friends and colleagues! Comparative GridHere’s a table comparing some of the features and functions of these different tools. Gooru. Community Club Home. Community Club Firefighter Level A, Community Club What happens when the fire alarm rings?

Community Club Home

Early readers will follow along with images and audio as a firefighter races to work. Librarian Librarians love to read, too, as early learners will find out in this read-along book about life at the library. Mayor. Get To Know The Universe With These Amazing Astronomy Websites. Very few of us are likely to ever make it into outer space, unless the various space tourism ventures become mainstream successes. Even then the price of being flown into space will be so high that normal, everyday folk like you and I will only be able to look on with dreams of one day affording such a once-in-a-lifetime trip. The closest most of us will ever get to the stars and planets is observing them from here on this big blue ball we call Earth. But even getting access to a telescope powerful to see things in any detail can be an expensive ordeal. Thankfully the Internet presents a solution, with a multitude of astronomy websites dedicated to astronomy and the bodies which exist outside our own planet’s atmosphere.

Be Heard. Be a VJ. – Be a publisher. Jimenez, Caridad - Outlook Web App. Home. 12 Dozen Places To Educate Yourself Online For Free. Spanish III Exercise Video Project rubric - Z58736: RCampus. Imagine, program, share.

iCreate to Educate. All Things Science. Solve For X. Webinars and videos for professionals and their communities. The Learning is in the Layers. CAPL: Culturally Authentic Pictorial Lexicon. Text Message (SMS) Polls and Voting, Audience Response System. The Interactive Whiteboard for iPad. Home. Home Activities: Adjectives & Nouns Adverbs Articles Command Forms Comparisons Conditional Tense Demonstrative Adjectives Future Tense Gustar Verbs like Gustar Interrogative Words Negative/Affirmative Words Numbers Past Participle Perfect Tenses Por vs Para Prepositions with qtvr movie Present Participle (gerund) Present Progressive Tense Present Tense Preterite Tense Preterites w/ Irregular Meanings Preterite vs Imperfect Pronouns DO Pronouns IO Pronunciation Reflexive Verbs Relative Pronouns Saber vs Conocer Ser vs Estar Sequence of Tenses Si Clauses Subjunctive Mood (present) Subjunctive mood (past) Time-¿Qué hora es?


Language Learning with Livemocha. Mobile - iPhone. Mango Languages. Online Team Collaboration. Generation ñ - Shows > Qué Pasa USA! TimeMaps - World History TimeMap. Speaking About... World Languages. The Math Dude : How to Use Math to Send Encrypted Messages. Would you believe it’s possible to send someone a secret message secured with absolutely unbreakable encryption using only a bit of simple arithmetic?

The Math Dude : How to Use Math to Send Encrypted Messages

Well, it is—the solution is surprisingly simple and was used by British, German, and American spy agencies throughout World War II. Curious to know how it works? You’re in luck because today we’re taking our first steps into the world of secret-agent math. Secret Agent Math, Part 1 Here’s the somewhat ridiculous but hopefully amusing scenario: Imagine you’re a secret agent working for your government’s top-secret espionage agency. How to Decrypt a Secret Message You pull out a small notepad that was issued to you before leaving on your trip. Okay, now that you’ve got that one figured out, all you have to do is repeat the process for each of the final two letters of your message. The One-Time Pad Method of Encryption Alright, time out. Secret Agent Math, Part 2 Now, let’s get back to the story. Education Research. You Are Your Words - AHD.

Discover the world's most endangered species. A Plethora of habitat websites and activities. Featured Post What it is: Kerpoof is one of my favorite creation tools for elementary students, it allows them to draw, create pictures, cards, books, and even movies.

A Plethora of habitat websites and activities

My original post about Kerpoof can be found here. Kerpoof has added some new features that make it worthy of another post. Students can now save their pictures, cards, stories and drawings locally (on their computers). Smithsonian Wild.