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Dr. Mercola and Dr. Wunsch on the Dangers of LED Lights. Cell Phone Radiation, Cancer and Science: Dr. Lennart Hardell Testifies at Danish Parliament. EMF EMR - How to Digitally Detox w/ Michael Schwaebe - Dr. Jay Davidson. EMF EMR - How to Digitally Detox w/ Michael Schwaebe - Dr. Jay Davidson. Re: Is It Safe To Ground Indoors With EMFs and Dirty Electricity? | EMF Minmalism.

Earthing Explained & Product Review. Earthing and Grounding Sheets. Grounding Mattress Panel -- So strong it grounds you through multiple layers of fabric! How Quickly Does Grounding Affect Your Body (Laura Koniver, M.D. The Intuition Physician) Learn DIY Earth Grounding Techniques. How to avoid EMF radiation risks from computers, microwaves, cell phones, and other household items. WiFi_A4. The effect of grounding the human body on mood. Powerwatch - Home. Magnetic Field Therapy Education -PEMF Education - Dr. Pawluk. Alzheimer's Disease and PEMF - Dr. Pawluk. Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is the most common form of dementia. There is no cure. AD worsens as it progresses, and eventually leads to death. Most often, AD is diagnosed in people over 65 years of age, although the less-prevalent early-onset Alzheimer’s can occur much earlier. In 2006, there were 26.6 million sufferers worldwide. The cause and progression of Alzheimer’s disease are not well understood.

Cause The cause for most Alzheimer’s cases is still unknown (except for 1% to 5% of cases where genetic differences have been identified). The oldest, on which most currently available drug therapies are based, is the cholinergic theory, which proposes that AD is caused by reduced formation of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. In the amyloid theory it is thought that beta-amyloid (Aβ) deposits are the fundamental cause of the disease. The tau theory is the idea that tau protein abnormalities start the disease cascade. There are several other theories that may help to explain A.D. Electromagnetic Fields and the Heart - Dr. Pawluk. William Pawluk, MD, MSc Heart disease is the number one cause of mortality in the United States and Canada. The heart is a very electrically dynamic organ. Heart disease includes many causes. These range from vascular disease, electrical conduction defects, muscle problems, valvular effects, congenital defects, infectious problems, trauma and pericardial problems, all as the direct or primary cause of the cardiac disease.

Magnetic fields have been found to significantly affect cardiac function, in addition to effects on a myriad of other body systems and problems. The purpose of this paper is to explore the interaction of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and the heart. EMFs either pass through the heart without interaction or they interact directly. Every mammalian system reacts to the influence of EMFs. The heart muscle itself, because of its electrical activity, creates its own endogenous EMFs. High frequency and high strength EMFs undoubtedly affect the cardiovascular system. For whom the cell tolls: Why your phone may (or may not) be killing you—By Nathaniel Rich. What are electromagnetic fields? New York Times Article Rebuttal by Lennart Hardell, MD, PhD and Michael Carlberg, MSc.

July 24, 2015 Ms. Margaret Sullivan, Public Editor Ms. Carol Pogas, Reporter The New York Times Regarding: Cellphone Ordinance Puts Berkeley at Forefront of Radiation Debate Published online July 21, 2015 Dear Ms. We have read this article in the New York Times with interest. The brain is the primary target organ for exposure to RF-EMF during the use of the handheld wireless phone. Since then more studies have been published that strengthen the association between use of wireless phones (mobile and cordless phones) and increased risk for brain tumours. Glioma: Meningioma: Menigioma is mostly a benign brain tumour and accounts for about 30 % of all intracranial tumours.

Acoustic neuroma: Acoustic neuroma or Vestibular Schwannoma is a rare benign tumour in the eighth cranial nerve that leads from the inner ear to the brain. Brain tumour incidence: Body Voltage Experiment. Possessing an easy, economical way to monitor the condition of the functionality (operability) of a person's bio-electric system—the collection of bio-electric phenomena present in and around a physical body that is used to assist in that body's perpetuation—might help them by affording to them a way to determine the effectiveness of any bio-electrically therapeutic efforts they may be engaged with. This page is a write up of work involved with the development of an economical technique hypothesized to enable a person to monitor the status of the functionality/operability of their bio-electric system quickly, easily and safely. The opinions section is the delineation of the experimenter's personal interpretations of the data obtained rather than a list of claims about that data.

Another words, I am saying that I believe that what I am saying is what the numbers' correlation with the physical phenomena that I was experiencing means, but this is what is true for me. iPad iPhone Laptop Wi-Fi DECT Cordless Phone Radiation and Magnetic Fields. To Parents: PLEASE... DO NOT EVER LET YOUR KIDS/TODDLERS PLAY GAMES ON AN IPAD WHICH HAS THE WI-FI BUTTON TURNED ON (even if it's not connected to a Wi-Fi network, even if there is NO Wi-Fi network available, as seen in the video). Wi-Fi enabled devices including iPad2 are designed to send radiating signals to "seek" networks. You can see from the RF meter that there is a "burst" of radiating signal every few seconds, up to 30+microwatts/cm2, continually, until the Wi-Fi button was turned off. If you absolutely need to let your kid play games or type on the iPad, TURN THE WI-FI button OFF! And TURN the AIRPLANE mode ON, so that it does not emit any wireless microwave signal. 30+microwatts/cm2 might be negligible according to Health Canada's lax-standard, but this already exceeds the national exposure limits in many countries.

The above is a demonstration of an iPad that was not connected to the internet via Wi-Fi. To Parents: PLEASE... Very low EMF infrared sauna:Radiant Health Saunas. In an infrared sauna the user sits within a couple of inches of the heaters, so if the levels of EMF are high, one doesn’t have the luxury of sitting a couple of feet away. Swedish Standards dictate that safe EMF levels are 2 milligauss or less at point of body contact. In today’s market, other infrared sauna companies claim to be low in EMF or to have special EMF shielding, but when measured with a Gaussmeter many of these infrared saunas have EMF levels that often measure in the range of 30 to 100 milligauss at point of body contact.

Radiant Health Saunas have been used by a variety of medical doctors, naturopaths, massage therapists, homeopaths, herbalists, acupuncturists, chiropractors, and other specialists since 1997. As awareness of the potential effects of EMF has grown, we have responded by bringing our EMF levels to a very low level (exceeding Swedish Standards) – averaging 0.3 milligauss at point of body contact, so that users can enjoy a healthy infrared experience. Is Wi-Fi Safe for Children?Beware of Health Risks. Manly Hall - Magnetic Fields of the Human Body and Their Functions. How To Protect Yourself from Wireless Radiation. Make Your Immune System Stronger Reduce Your Radiation Radiation Shielding Devices Kids brain cancers in Australia have already gone up 21 percent in just 10 years.

Other studies show there's 40 percent more brain tumors in Europe and the U.K., in the last 20 years. Brain cancer is now higher than leukemia as the number one cancer killer in children … what else are we waiting for to take action? There are two ways you can protect yourself or at least help your body to fix the damage. Make Your Immune System Stronger: 1. 2. 6. 9. 10. If you're not ready to completely get rid of wireless stuff, you can at least reduce your family's radiation by: • Tell your family to try to not use their cell phone: Turn your cell phone off, then just turn it on to check messages or make a quick call, then turn it back off. . • Children Should NEVER Use Cell Phones: Unless someone is dying, children should not use a cell phone, or a wireless device of any type. Radiation Shielding Devices. Dirtyelecstory.pdf. EMF Safety Store. AntennaSearch - Search for Cell Towers, Cell Reception, Hidden Antennas and more. Powerwatch - Home. Electromagnetic Reality.

Electromagnetic Reality by Patrick Quanten MD Although you may not have heard much about it, during the last twenty years there has, however, been an awful lot of research done within the fields of human energy and cellular electromagnetism. The main reason why this research does not result in headlines on our television screens is because everything that has been discovered and proven points out how far from the truth our medical authorities are, and how much they are living in a make-believe world.

None of their theories, none of their suppositions, none of their beliefs are standing up to the test of scientific evidence. So, in order to remain in control of the empire that has been built around what is turning out to be their financially rewarding fantasies, they ignore and/ or belittle the researchers. We are going to explore a small bit of that brave new world. Endogenous weak electric fields are naturally present within all living organisms. Dr Horowitz summarises it as follows. Expert Forum on Wireless Risks: “Cell Phones and Wireless Technologies: Should Safety Guidelines be Strengthened to Protect Adults, Children and Vulnerable Populations – and Should Parents, Teachers & Schools Restrict Technology Overuse Among Children?” –

Commonwealth Club of California Monday, June 22, 2015, 11:30-3:30 p.m. 555 Post Street, San Francisco, CA 94102 (new location) (415) 597-6700 ·$20 members, $30 non-members, $11 students (with valid ID)A light lunch will be at 11:00 a.m.Register Here Co-sponsored by the Commonwealth Club’s Health & Medicine, Science & Technology and Environment, Business & Leadership, & Natural Resources Member-Led Forums Organized by and Environmental Heath Trust in association with Citizens for Health, California Brain Tumor Association and American Academy of Environmental Medicine. WHO’s International Agency for Research on Cancer classified Radiofrequency Radiation emitted by cell phones and wireless devices as a Group 2B ‘Possible Carcinogen’ in 2011. Today’s program will review the science showing risk, mechanisms of action, new genetic questions, and whether the IARC warning should be upgraded to ‘Probable Carcinogen’ –or even ‘Carcinogen’.

Prof. How Does Grounding or Earthing Impact Your Health? By Dr. Mercola Do you notice you feel better when you walk barefoot on the Earth? Recent research has explained why this happens.Your immune system functions optimally when your body has an adequate supply of electrons, which are easily and naturally obtained by barefoot contact with the Earth. Research indicates that electrons from the Earth have antioxidant effects that can protect your body from inflammation and its many well-documented health consequences.

The Ultimate Antioxidant and Anti-Inflammatory Grounding or Earthing is defined as placing one's bare feet on the ground whether it be dirt, grass, sand or concrete (especially when humid or wet). How the Modern Running Shoe May be Destroying Your Health Materials such as metals are electrical conductors. How the Different Types of Electricity Impact Grounding How Your Home Electrical Connections Can Zap Your Health You Can Actually Measure How Grounding Yourself Reduces Your Voltage A meter of this kind is shown above. Chromographics Institute » Schumann resonance. By Will Hart In the early decades of the 21st century scientists, and various independent researchers, have been blazing trails into new frontiers.

The mechanical models of the universe are being sloughed off and a fresh, revolutionary vision has emerged. They are proving that we are physical, biological and electromagnetic (EM) beings, living in a tapestry of naturally generated, oscillating EM fields. Throughout the 19th and 20th centuries science mostly focused attention on the biochemical side of the human body and brain. That paradigm, however, is changing quickly and radically. There is an acknowledged, but as yet little understood, relationship between the solar wind, lightning, the ionosphere; and the Earth’s standing wave (Schumann Resonance) with human brainwaves and consciousness. In fact, an amazing, interlocking synchronicity exists between these phenomena, which clearly reveals just how interwoven the threads of life, the earth’s EM pulse, and awareness truly are. References. 2008_Gustavs_Low_EMF_Office_Environment.

Practical Ways to Reduce EMF Radiation 下载传单 Flyers Download. RedIceRadio~Sabina DeVita - Electromagnetic Pollution. Evolving Life Innovation » Research – Radiation Absorption – Simple Measurements. “To waste, to destroy our natural resources, to skin and exhaust the land instead of using it so as to increase its usefulness, will result in undermining in the days of our children the very prosperity which we ought by right to hand down to them amplified and developed.” - Theodore Roosevelt Modern wireless communication produces a widespread background radiation in the microwave region of the electromagnetic spectrum. From TV broadcasting in the UHF band from 400 MHz, all the way through the cellular bands, and up to wireless networking at 2.45 GHz, and beyond. In daily life we are constantly exposed to this electromagnetic radiation or “electro-smog”, and the potential longer-term damaging effects from it[1-14]. The major problem with these devices, is if you absorb too much of the radiation then your cellular phone will no longer work correctly, drop calls, have poor reception, or be completely non-functional. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14.

How do Dimensional Design’s SafeSpace products work? To Order Call 866-821-8122 SafeSpace products work by altering the quality of a field (rather than its quantity, or strength). How does this happen? To explain that, we need to explain a few key concepts. When particles are repatterned, the quality of a field is changed. That’s what William A. Tiller, Ph.D., professor emeritus of Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford University discovered. According to Dr. This is called the coherent polarizing field effect. Simply put, when the charged particles in an EMF are repatterned, the entire EMF field is repatterned and the ill effects are neutralized without having to weaken eliminate the field itself. Subtle energies Subtle energies are 'super-physical energies' that is, energies beyond our five physical senses. Subtle energy is considered a part of our physical world, but it is a subtler dimension than our world of solids, liquids and gases.

Energy fields interact and affect each other The most senior subtle energy. EMFs and Human Health. Every now and then, green builders are approached by clients who are worried about exposure to electromagnetic fields (EMFs). Such clients have read that EMF exposure can make them sick, and they’re interested in building a house that minimizes EMF exposure. In the modern world, EMFs are ubiquitous. Most of us are surrounded every day by weak electric and magnetic fields that are generated by electrical wires, home appliances, cell phones, and broadcasting equipment. Electric fields are governed by voltage; they are generated (for example) near wires that are plugged into an electric receptacle, even when the appliance isn’t turned on. The higher the voltage, the stronger the electric field.

Magnetic fields are governed by current; they are generated near electric wires when an appliance is turned on and current is flowing through the wires. The electric and magnetic fields from 60-cycle AC electricity are considered extremely low frequency (ELF). “EMFs can make you sick” Parallel worlds? Dr_Martha_Herbert-HESA_speaking_notes. iPads-are-they-safe-for-children-Flyer.pdf.