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Do you have an idea, a problem or just a cool picture that you quickly want to show a friend? • Anything you paint will show up for all other users in the room in real time. • One click to save a sketch as an image for embedding on forums, blogs, etc. • Runs in all common browsers without plugins or installation. • Free and without registration. • Use google maps as the background for your sketches to show directions or share trips.
DropEvent - Collaborative Photo Galleries What is DropEvent? DropEvent allows you to create photo galleries that others can contribute to without signing up. So, everyone at the party/wedding/birthday can share their photos in one place. How do I use DropEvent? Create an event, upload your photos and then send out the link. It's that easy. DropEvent - Collaborative Photo Galleries

Ed.VoiceThread - Group conversations around images, documents, and videos

Ken Tothero · University of Texas at Austin VoiceThread conversations are media-centric, which keeps the discussions focused. They also provide an opportunity to reflect, resulting in higher quality input. And finally, the system just plain works. Ken Tothero from the University of Texas at Austin shares his experience using VoiceThread (3:04 Min) Cole Complese · Penn State Ed.VoiceThread - Group conversations around images, documents, and videos
Group collaboration, business organizer, outliner: Knowcase

Group collaboration, business organizer, outliner: Knowcase

今流行っている男の娘の格好を自分もしたいと考えている方はこちらのサイトを参考にしてみてください。ここはチャットなどもできますよ。 ニューハーフやゲイ、ホモの違いについて理解していますか?
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Webspiration Classroom Service™ Designed for teachers and students in grades 5-12, Webspiration Classroom™ provides a safe and reliable online learning environment that helps students improve their writing and thinking skills. Proven visual learning methods give students a framework to brainstorm ideas, gather and organize information, build comprehension, and develop written essays, papers and reports. Educator and student resources, including lesson plan ideas and study tips, support curriculum integration, and online access facilitates peer review, collaboration and student-teacher interaction – engaging students, extending learning time and increasing achievement across the curriculum. Click here to learn more, subscribe, or sign up for a free 30-day trial of Webspiration Classroom. Webspiration: Online Visual Thinking Tool |

Webspiration: Online Visual Thinking Tool |

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Last week, Chrissy and I were invited to give our presentation from ASB Unplugged, Hardware is Not Enough: The Teacher-Facilitator Partnership, to our Headmaster, Dr. Bill Gerritz, and Deputy Headmaster, Andy Davies. Bill and Andy had heard a brief overview when we reported back about the conference, and wanted to get a deeper understanding of how Chrissy and I see the relationship between teachers and technology facilitators. Our presentation went over well, and Bill asked us to put together an article for the TIE Newspaper. Creating a Culture of Collaboration Through Technology Integrati Creating a Culture of Collaboration Through Technology Integrati
ThinkFold's structured environment helps groups collaborate on ideas, documents, presentations and plans. Put an end to endless emails, multiple document versions, unstructured wiki pages and confusing planning tools with a simple, yet powerful and flexible structured thinking tool. Using ThinkFold, your workgroup can: ThinkFold ThinkFold
100 Web Tools to Enhance Collaboration (Part 1) by Ozge Karaoglu 0 Comments January 5, 2010 By: Tech Learning Blog Staff Jan 5

100 Web Tools to Enhance Collaboration (Part 1) by Ozge Karaoglu


Edistorm "We did a strategic workshop with various stakeholders to achieve a shared understanding of the business objective and challenges. With 12 people distributed in 3 locations (New York, San Francisco and London) there was no way we could’ve done the workshop effectively without Stormboard.In addition to the great intuitive tool that requires almost no learning, Stormboard provides a superb customer service that went above and beyond to support our workshop." ~ Danny, Senior User Experience Designer "Our company was looking for a tool that was able to collaborate and organize our team’s ideas and concepts digitally. When we found Stormboard we knew it was the perfect tool for our marketing firm. It has made brainstorming efficient and green.
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