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untitled Summer Travel for Teachers Not surprisingly, summer is prime travel time for teachers. But it’s also the best opportunity for meaningful professional development. Which option should the professional educator choose? There are plenty of ways for teachers to scratch the travel itch and become better educators at the same time. Conferences Summer is the major time for educational conferences. ISTE – The largest edtech conference in the country: June 28–July 1 in PhiladelphiaSerious Play – For educators who embrace the idea that games can aid in learning: July 21–23 in PittsburghFlipCon – Centered on flipped learning, presented by the people who started the trend: July 13–15 in East Lansing, Michigan Fellowships For those interested in longer engagements, fellowships and workshops can be a great way to see the world, usually on the dime of the U.S. government or a foundation. Grant Programs If you have a specific travel opportunity in mind, try writing a grant to get it funded!

MODELADO DEL RELIEVE by Alfonso Sorbet on Prezi Zaption - Interact & Learn with Video Lessons K-5 Fundamentals: Coding and Digital Literacy It’s no secret that the need for programmers, software developers, and computer science engineers is increasing at a dizzying rate. After a decade that saw a steady decline in the number of computer science classes in American high schools, the education landscape is finally waking up with renewed vigor and offering a plethora of program options on the subject. With all the buzz about computing and, more specifically, coding, it is important to note that not all coding experiences are equal and what students take away in terms of thinking and problem-solving skills is perhaps the best measure of their success. At the forefront of this growing movement, Edmentum is proud to unveil its newest subject for EducationCity--Computing! Through the three different components of this new subject, Computing strives to help young learners become better critical thinkers and problem solvers as they develop vital science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) skills. Digital Literacy

ClassFlow — Do More with Your Flipcharts ClassFlow is the all-in-one teaching tool for creating & orchestrating interactive multi-media lessons across a connected learning environment. ClassFlow won the Tech & Learning ISTE Best of Show Award this year and received 2014 commendations from prestigious organizations such as the SIIA and The ComputED Gazette. With ClassFlow You Can... Bring Your Classroom Devices to Life Deliver interactive multi-media lessons throughout your connected classroom. Gain Real-Time Insight and Feedback Receive real-time insight into student learning and progress through rich interactive polls and formative assessments. Differentiate Instruction and Assessment Assign different content to different groups and administer self-paced, leveled assignments. Use One Single Platform for Creating and Storing Your Interactive Multi-Media Lessons See What Others Are Saying "@ClassFlow I imported sorting flipchart today. "Seriously science lesson done in 15 mins!

[6 Tips] Effective Intervention Programs Having an outstanding intervention program is a necessity for identifying struggling students and helping them to get back on track academically. However, with all of the buzzwords and trends related to intervention floating around, it can be difficult to determine what truly makes a program effective. Read on for some simple tips that apply for any kind of intervention program. 1. Leverage your data Make the most of your student data by identifying discrete, measurable objectives and monitoring them in a regular, consistent manner. 2. Within Intervention frameworks, assessments should be used to serve two different purposes: identification of students who are at-risk and to monitor student progress. 3. One of the most important aspects of any intervention program is a clearly and consistently implemented process. 4. 5. 6. At the core of every successful intervention program is scientific, evidence-based curriculum and instructional practices. An RTI Guide for Educators

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