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Simple, Collaborative Notetaking

Simple, Collaborative Notetaking
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Drawzit Stixy: For Flexible Online Creation Collaboration and Sharing Mind mapping collaboratif | Les Outils Collaboratifs est peut être l’outil de mind mapping collaboratif que nous attendions. Dans tous les cas c’est de mon point de vue un des meilleurs tableaux blancs en ligne collaboratifs sur le marché. va définitivement remplacer le grand tableau de liège derrière votre bureau. Cette version en ligne va démultiplier la puissance d’un tableau physique sur lequel on accroche ses idées pour les mémoriser et les organiser. permet d’épingler façon Pinterest sur un mur virtuel toutes vos trouvailles sur le net, ainsi que des fichiers qui peuvent se trouver sur votre bureau. Une vraie réussite pour le graphisme et l’ergonomie. Les fonctions collaboratives sont parfaitement intégrées. Une vaie réussite. Encore en version betâ, est gratuit.

The Difference Between Digital Literacy and Digital Fluency | SociaLens Blog Update 6/13/2012: We finally finished our book on this topic. It is available in print here, and in Kindle format here. You can also download a sample chapter here: here (601k PDF) Literacy and fluency* have to do with our ability to use a technology to achieve a desired outcome in a situation using the technologies that are available to us. This applies to our ability to use a hammer, nails and wood to build the house that we intend to build: ..and it applies to our ability to use digital technologies to have the intended positive effect on people and situations: Note that a literate person is perfectly capable of using the tools. *For the sake of simplicity, we have boiled all of this down to three levels of skill, and have given them what we think are easy-to-understand names. Related Posts:

Scratch-kasutusjuhend ScratchEd An online community for educators using Scratch, with stories, discussions, and resources, such as the Scratch curriculum guide. Scratch Wiki The Scratch Wiki contains a wide variety of articles by Scratchers for Scratchers, including advanced topics and tutorials. Scratch 2 Offline Editor Download the Scratch 2 offline editor. Scratch 1.4 Download Links and information on the previous version of Scratch. Scratch Statistics Explore up-to-date statistics about the Scratch online community. Scratch and the Physical World Connect your Scratch projects to the physical world with MaKey MaKey, LEGO WeDo, or PicoBoard. Scratch Logo Access the Scratch logo and other media files. Teacher Age Restrictions. You may only use the Site and Services if you are: (i) at least 13 years of age; or (ii) if you are under 13 years of age, with the consent of your teacher or a legal parent or guardian. By using the Site and Services, you hereby represent and warrant that you are at least 13 years of age or, if you are under 13 years of age, that you have the consent of your teacher, legal parent, or guardian to use the Site and Services. Verification of Identity. You acknowledge that we may choose, but are not obligated, to make any inquiries, either directly or through third parties, that we deem necessary to validate any user’s registration information, including without limitation engaging third parties to provide identity or other verification services. Socrative reserves all rights to take legal action against anyone who misrepresents personal information or is otherwise untruthful about their identity in connection with their use of the Services. Teachers and Educators. Changes.

Museum Box Homepage Products - Concept Mapping Programs Natural Mapping Interface Add and move topics just like drawing in a notebook. MindMaple® lets you place new topics creatively instead of restricting them to a preset location. Manage Your Tasks Visually integrate important task details into your maps. Additional Mapping Tools For detailed mind mapping, you can add relationships, boundaries, hyperlinks and files to the mind map. Customize Your Mind Map Personalize your mind maps with colors, images, and pictures. Export to Diverse Formats(Desktop Support Only) Export your mind maps to different file formats Import Other Files You can import Freemind files and MindManager® files into MindMaple®.

Unshelved by Gene Ambaum and Bill Barnes Multimeedia ring Scribblar - Free Interactive Online Whiteboard

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