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iPads can’t improve learning without good teaching Pt 2 – Writing. Used with permission from Debbie Ridpath Ohi at ( ) Writing and technology has been a controversial subject for many traditionalists in education. “Spell check stops children from learning to spell”. “All students do today is copy and paste from Wikipedia and Google searched articles.” ” Children need to handwrite all their drafts”. “William Shakespeare didn’t have a laptop” ( OK, i just threw that in for fun!) At the same time, of course, as a teacher I have been subjected to countless reports and stories typed in ridiculous unreadable coloured fonts, decorated with superfluous clip art and WordArt headings and thousands of “death by Powerpoints” unnecessarily printed out to hand up to me. 20 years of computers as a publishing tool has not necessarily improved the standard of students’ writing skills.

The key words in that last sentence are of course publishing and writing. Which leads me once more to the star of “Mr G Online”, the iPad. What is writing? Ipadschools - home. Send To Dropbox - Email files to your Dropbox! Essential%20iPad%20websites%20filled%20with%20Apps%20to%20Guide%20Your%20Instruction. Are We Really Evaluating the Use of iPads in Our Classroom.

One of the things we need to be doing as educators is to critically evaluate the resources and learning experiences that we provide for our students.

Are We Really Evaluating the Use of iPads in Our Classroom

This is even more important when we are spending vast sums of public money to implement new or innovative hardware devices into our schools. At the moment only short term studies have been released showing the benefits or not of using 1:1 tablet programs. There are few that are easily accessible to teachers or that outline specific strategies for implementing tablet programs. It would good to create a collection of these if people are aware of them. Send them through and I will add them to this article. Here are some of references to existing research that I found interesting. Creative Uses for iPad in the Classroom. 39 Sites For Using iPads in the Classroom.

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39 Sites For Using iPads in the Classroom

iCreate vs. iConsumption. Posted by Ginger Lewman on December 9th, 2011 Presenter: Scott MeechLocation: Chicago Suburbs, Illinois, USATwitter: @smeech Presentation Description: Many argue that the iPad is the premiere consumption device at this time but it isn’t very good at creating.

iCreate vs. iConsumption

I want to walk through some thoughts to battle that thinking. Creating on the iPad is different but it is an effective creation device. The very nature of the device itself and how we interface with it provide for a uniquely creative environment. iPod video - mp3 audio Link to presentation’s supporting documents: Additional Information: Please check out,, and to learn more about my work with technology and education. iPads in our classrooms: reflections after 2 weeks. It has been a busy few weeks in the MFL department at Berkhamsted.

iPads in our classrooms: reflections after 2 weeks

We have seen the class sets iPads arrive and everyone in the team has now used them in lessons. I thought it would be a good time to share some initial thoughts about the experience thus far! The Students Unsurprisingly, the students love them. Look Mum – No Cables! iPad2 Mirroring In The Classroom. We had a big day last week. A day when long term planning in a school and taking a measured risk paid off. Let me explain… One of the most underrated and significant developments of iOS5 has been the ability to mirror the iPad2 onto any screen via AppleTV. This development signifies a break away from the shackles of cables and allows the iPad, iPod or iPhone to become an even more natural addition to the classroom. Yet our decision to invest in this concept started many months ago, when mirroring was still a rumor. Ringwood North Primary School was allocated a new learning space as part of the ‘Building The Education Revolution’ initiative in 2010.

A new area, new teaching team and 138 students on a 1 to 1 iPad program with no projectors or displays. HOME. Internet Catalogue. I Education Apps Review - I Education Apps Review - Apple TV may revolutionize the use of a teacher iPad in the classroom!

iPads in Education. 39 Sites For Using iPads in the Classroom. iPad in Education. Lessons from an iPad Rollout. Mobile Computing | Feature Lessons from an iPad Rollout Florida's "first iPad high school" has deployed 300 iPads to its high school teachers and students.

Lessons from an iPad Rollout

Thanks to preparations on the infrastructure, training, and security fronts, the fall rollout has proved relatively snag-free. By Bridget McCrea09/21/11 In March and June, THE Journal reported on The Master's Academy and the challenges it was tackling on the way to becoming Florida's first iPad school. Preparations: Training, Bandwidth, Security "We distributed them about a week before school," said Salerno, "and the teachers and students are doing very well with the devices so far. " Campus WiFi coverage was one area that Salerno was holding his breath over when the devices were fired up Aug. 15. The approach has worked well so far. Device security was another point of concern prior to rollout, especially because students would be taking their iPads home every night. iPads in the Classroom.

iPad in Education. iPads for Education. Skype, the iPad and connected learning - misterel teaching. iPads and Tablets in Education. The iPad Classroom. After providing a few minutes to finish up homework, Juli Brown has some instructions for her students. “Here’s what I need you to have out on your desk: your literature book and your iPad,” Brown says. The Basehor-Linwood school district spent $126,000 to put an Apple iPad in the hands of every Basehor-Linwood Middle School sixth-grader this year, and on Monday those iPads were the only tool students needed in Brown’s reading class.

No notebooks, pencils or highlighters were necessary. Blog. I have been reading my fair share of blogs, wikis and other documentation as schools around the world are deploying iPads in their classroom.


It is finally our turn at the Martin J. Getting Started with iPads. Fc-ipads - home. Learning and Teaching with iPads.