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Cómo elaborar un resumen ejecutivo: 18 pasos. 2 métodos:Lo básicoEspecificaciones El resumen ejecutivo es la parte más importante de un documento de negocios.

Cómo elaborar un resumen ejecutivo: 18 pasos

Es lo primero (probablemente lo único) que verá el lector y es lo último que deberás escribir del documento. Es simplemente un resumen breve de la información, que para la gente ocupada le dará una idea de qué tanto debe leer y qué acciones probablemente se necesitarán. Guía definitiva para diseño de logotipos, 50 recomendaciones.


2003_AVE1. Inbound Marketing: Cómo calcular el ROI de tu campaña. Rentabilidad Inbound Marketing: Como medir el ROI del Inbound Marketing. Una de las cosas más importantes a la hora de implantar una estrategia de Inbound Marketing es comprobar sus resultados y medir su rentabilidad.

Rentabilidad Inbound Marketing: Como medir el ROI del Inbound Marketing

Durante los diferentes pasos del proceso hay diferentes datos que podemos tener en cuenta para saber qué es lo que esta funcionando y qué es lo que esta fallando. Cada métrica explica cosas distintas. Rentabilidad Inbound Marketing Si has obtenido resultados peores de lo que esperabas, dedica tiempo a encontrar exactamente qué métricas necesitan ser mejoradas. Por ejemplo: Si tus landing page no reciben demasiadas visitas, debes realizar cambios para generar un mayor tráfico a tu web y mejorar las llamadas a la acción.

La pregunta ahora es, ¿Como puedo saber si mi estrategia de Inbound Marketing esta siendo rentable? 1- Ingresos generados(€) ROI Calculator. Marketing Resources Library. Designing a Brand Identity. One of the most interesting projects that a graphic designer can take on is designing a logo.

Designing a Brand Identity

It can be daunting (and stressful) to come up with logo options based on market research, and stumble upon some "design magic" through the exploratory process. Narrowing it down to a final approved logo and then seeing it out in the world can be a very rewarding experience for a designer. However, most of the time, a logo is not enough. Large organizations with layers of management require a thorough brand identity system that provides a unified vision and tools that help everyone build the brand. But before we dig in, let's define the difference (and relationship) between a brand, an identity and a logo. Brand vs. A Brand (or Branding) refers to the perceived image and subsequent emotional response to a company, its products and services. Phase 1: Research, Vision & Design Brief. Cotizaciones SM. 5 Fresh Content Marketing Ideas for Presentations.

It’s no secret that presentations are a powerful content format that can significantly enhance any content marketing strategy: They are media-rich, simple to share on social media, easy to embed in articles, and SEO-driving powerhouses that make mere blogging look like a Stone Age technique.

5 Fresh Content Marketing Ideas for Presentations

Not sure where to begin? Here are five content ideas that work especially well for presentations. 1. Story-Based Storytelling is a proven way to engage your readers. As an example, take a look at this illustrated presentation, The Ethos3 Story, which was one of the winners of the SlideShare #MyStartupStory contest: 2.

Studies have shown that 65% of people are visual learners, which makes presentations an excellent place to share your knowledge with the world. For instance, here is an instructional presentation with brilliant content from Buffer, and presentation design from Ethos3: 3. Here is an example of an inspirational presentation that celebrates the planet we all call home. 4. 5. Author Bio. 32 Clever Lead Generation Ideas For Your Next Marketing Campaign. Ready to fill your pipeline with leads?

32 Clever Lead Generation Ideas For Your Next Marketing Campaign

Read on. Image source. As marketers, we spend absurd amounts of time and resources creating content and planning campaigns. For many of us, the end goal is to generate new leads that will eventually become paying customers. We know that a steady stream of leads is an essential component of keeping a business afloat – but coming up with original and effective ways to attract and convert qualified leads is easier said than done. So how about a little inspiration? Here are 32 proven and actionable ideas to energize your lead generation efforts. Optimizing Your Landing Page for Lead Generation. How to Be 5 Times More Productive. If your employees' productivity levels are flagging, it may be time to pump up their neurochemicals.

How to Be 5 Times More Productive

Fortunately that doesn't require electroshock treatment, pills, or experimental operations. All you need is to create the right environment that encourages a certain state of consciousness. Steven Kotler, a journalist, director of the Flow Genome Project, and author of The Rise of Superman: Decoding the Science of Ultimate Human Performance, writes about how businesses can tap into their productivity potential. Just like athletes and soldiers, Kotler writes in Harvard Business Review, companies can achieve a psychological state called "flow"--an "optimal state of consciousness where we feel our best and perform our best," When you achieve flow, your actions and decisions occur seamlessly.

Kotler explains the science behind flow--a flood of five neurochemicals course through your brain, tightening focus, blocking pain, increasing insight, and making you feel good. Create consequences Push. Psychology of Color [Infographic] Perhaps no choice is as vital to marketing as color.

Psychology of Color [Infographic]

Whether you are selecting the color for a product or for your email marketing campaign, color has tremendous impact on all of us. Subconsciously, we associate different colors with different things. This infographic examines the psychology of color and looks at some common associations of different colors. It shows the overall importance of color to consumers and characteristics of many individual colors, and it also helps show the connection between graphic design and psychology. The numbers are pretty fascinating!

While color can be appealing to us visually, a lot more is going on behind the scenes than just an aesthetic. A-brief-history-of-content-marketing-1024x1021.png (1024×1021)