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Earning Money as a Shutterstock Contributor is Easier Than Ever Businesses around the world need more photos, vectors, illustrations, music, and videos than ever before for marketing. Shutterstock contributors can support businesses and earn money at the same time by uploading content for businesses to download. That’s why we’ve made becoming a contributor easier than ever before. Contributors are important to Shutterstock, and it is our goal to improve opportunities for them to earn money from their photos and videos. We’ve recently made a few updates to our process to help you succeed as a Shutterstock contributor.

Net Gen and the future of social media marketing I saw Don Tapscott speak at SXSW and was inspired to read his excellent book Grown Up Digital . Through extensive research, he identified the new norms and expectations of the “Net Gens,” the first generation to grow up entirely digital. How has this changed their outlook, their lifestyle, and their expectations of society? It’s a fascinating perspective and I began to think through the implications for marketing. How to Organize Digital Information: Web sites, blogs, and more “The flood of data on the Web has reached mind-boggling proportions.” (NPR, 2010) So many websites, blogs, online newsletters … so little time.

4 Amazing Tools to Design an Invitation Maybe you’re opting for a DIY wedding, or you’re in the early stages of planning your daughter’s graduation party. No matter the occasion, you will need to design an invitation that conveys all of the necessary information and communicates the spirit of the event through its design elements. Making an invitation from scratch can seem like a difficult task if you have never dabbled in design before, but with a few online tools you can craft a wholly original invitation and step up your card-making game. Not all tools are created equally, so we’ve picked out the four of the best that will help you design an invitation in different ways.

Admin and Organization Tools - Camp Tech Location: 639 Queen Street West, 3rd Floor, Toronto Date: Mon, November 14, 2016 Time: 06:00PM - 09:00PM Instructor: Lisa Kelly This 3-hour intro workshop offers direction for improving admin tasks, streamlining systems and automating key areas to help avoid overwhelm in small business. Gain skills for simplifying workflows and learn ways to integrate the different components of your business within each other using technology. Admin doesn't have to be a disorganized, messy, scary thing! Come learn simple and effective tools and tricks that you can put into place right away, and whip your business into organizational shape. We will cover:

Three Easy Ways to Improve Your Brand's Instagram Feed Instagram has become the preferred social network for people under 30. Among a billion users, 59% in the U.S. are millennials. If this fits your target market, Instagram is a social platform that you should consider, if you haven’t already done so. As a brand, it is essential to find your visual voice and replicate your visual strategy on social media. The secret to being successful on Instagram is aesthetic — a term millennials use to describe one’s branding. 3 eCommerce Conversion Funnels: Practical Guide Conversion funnels are one of these concepts that everyone knows about and uses, but doesn’t explore in detail. Every online store has a conversion funnel in place and yet we rarely break it down to the core. Why should we? Because that’s probably the most important mechanism you use for getting sales – advertising, on-site-experience, engagement and remarketing are all parts of this process. In this article, we break down examples of eCommerce conversion funnels and show you what to look for at each stage. This way, you’ll not just detect when something breaks but catch the particular part of the funnel that’s underperforming.

7 Examples of Brands Creating Effective Long-form Content As audiences’ attention spans continue to shrink, brands daring enough to buck the trend have found surprising results by increasing the length and scope of their biggest marketing efforts. While some drastic examples are right before our eyes — like The Lego Movie, for instance — other brands have begun to target audiences directly by creating entertaining, informative, and engaging long-form content. Let’s look at some of the best cases of long-form video content done right by some of the biggest brands in the world. 1. REI — Paul’s Boots In one of the most powerful examples of engaging and emotional long-form content, REI (the outdoor apparel and equipment company) has made several spectacular grassroots videos and campaigns.

10 Tips To Hosting Better Events with Social Media Attending those great events over the last week inspired me to share few ways to use social media to spice up your own events. Read on for the goods. Spread the Word Shaherose Charania of Women 2.0 at BizTechDay Human Experience Design - Learning from Wine Tasting — IS design labs The Depths of A Wine Ritual Zooming into a wine tasting, there are a few steps are taken into account before sommeliers and everyday drinkers evaluate a bottle. Setting the background for expectations, a bottle is selected through important considerations where the vine was grown, the conditions of the soil, the climate (also referred to as the terroir), the year of growth and harvest (vintage) as well as the maturation process, aging and fermentation. In addition, nowadays, the unique wine bottle shape, label and, of course, the brand of the winery and its reputation, adds to the complexity of selection process. Excitement, expectation, intrigue are all feelings which come into play before the wine has been opened.Once uncorked, the first step in wine tasting includes the visual appearance of this fermented drink, followed by the first nose - before the wine has touch oxygen much.

Visualizing Diversity in Advertising Around the World There’s no doubt that advertising and marketing visualizes much of what we believe to be true in the world, and it has tremendous power to further influence and shape our beliefs. To that end, the visuals in campaigns representing people, society, and culture require thoughtful consideration. For the third year running, Shutterstock has commissioned a research study on the important topic of diversity in advertising and marketing campaign visuals. The research conducted by Censuswide in October 2018, surveyed more than 2,500 marketers in Australia, Brazil, Germany, the U.S., and the U.K. — which was an expansion of the 2016 (U.K.) and 2017 (Australia, U.K., U.S.) research. Marketers in the countries surveyed answered questions about their opinions on using diverse imagery in campaigns and what impacted their visual decisions for the campaigns they’ve worked on over the last year.

Access Alliance and NC Integration - The Neighbourhood Centre Dear Colleague, Access Alliance Multicultural Heath and Community Services is excited to announce that a legal agreement has been reached which will see the Neighbourhood Centre undertake an integration by asset transfer with Access Alliance effective January 1, 2017. Neighbourhood Centre was founded more than forty years ago and has a long history of collaborating with community members and organizations located in East Toronto to support people to realize their potential, direct their own lives, and improve economic and social conditions in the community.