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Competenze digitali, ecco perché sono importanti (per tutti) DigCompEdu: ecco come dev'essere il docente della scuola digitale. Abbiamo da dicembre 2017 la versione definitiva del quadro di competenza DigCompEdu il documento che descrive le competenze di cui deve essere in possesso chi insegna: un documento che è diretta espressione della Commissione Europea (che ha commissionato il lavoro al suo Centro di Ricerca – JRC, Joint Research Center), un documento che recepisce in modo maturo la conoscenza ormai patrimonio delle tante esperienze di Scuola Innovativa digitale realizzate dal mondo della Ricerca e della Scuola. La versione definitiva del framework DigCompEdu riporta tutti gli elementi distintivi descritti nell’articolo comparso su questa rivista a luglio 2017 e modifica in modo sostanziale solo un elemento, quello dell’area di competenza sull’impegno professionale del docente (Professional Engagement) da cui è stata “stornata” la competenza di “gestire dati digitali”.

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Le competenze digitali

Content Curation: A Beginner's Guide To Curating Content. Want to become a content curation pro? You’ve come to the right place. In this guide we’ll teach you how to source and share great content on social media. Content that your audience will like, comment on, and share with their followers (exposing your brand to a wider audience). But, before we get to the whys and hows of content curation… Bonus: Get the step-by-step social media strategy guide with pro tips on how to grow your social media presence. What is content curation? It’s adding your voice (and value) to a handpicked collection of content. Simple, right? Yet, many do this without a strategy.

But not you. After reading this article you’ll be more equipped (and excited) when scrolling through your content feed. Sharing is caring, right? 6 key benefits of curating content Because living in the information age demands people manage, organize, and share information with others. What we know, how we manage what we know, sharing it with others—these are all keys to the info-game. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Content curation. Content curation is the process of gathering information relevant to a particular topic or area of interest, usually with the intention of adding value[1]. Services or people that implement content curation are called curators. Curation services can be used by businesses as well as end users. Concept[edit] Museums and galleries have curators to select items for collection and display. There are also curators in the world of media, for instance DJs of radio stations tasked with selecting songs to be played over the air.

Methods[edit] Content curation can be carried out either manually or automatically or by combination of them. Collaborative filteringSemantic analysisSocial rating Collaborative filtering[edit] Collaborative filtering is a method of forecasting often used in recommendation systems. Collaborative filtering can either be based on votes and views of a given social community, as it's done on Reddit and Digg, or the end user's own prior activity, as it's done on YouTube and Amazon.

Metodologia per la ricerca e la gestione di informazioni