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Auto industry impact during coronavirus. Price is always an influential factor for auto purchasers, so it’s no surprise that current deals offered by automakers are heightening people’s interest in what’s out there.

Auto industry impact during coronavirus

Search volume for best car deals and truck deals has grown 70% globally from March 22, 2020, to March 28, 2020, versus March 15 to March 21 of the same year.6 And deals could speed the path to purchase, as auto shoppers see 0% annual percentage rate financing and cash discounts as the strongest influencers of expediting their vehicle purchase.7 Automakers have responded with financing deals like no-interest financing for 72 to 84 months, but have also moved to assist customers who need help with their payments by offering no-penalty payment deferments. For example, Hyundai had the No. 1 ad for the week of March 30, 2020, with a context-appropriate spot about Hyundai Assurance, a program that covers payments for up to six months if a buyer loses their job this year due to COVID-19.8 3. 4.

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3 Effective Ways to Use Social Media Content Aggregator

Curated Content Takes over Gymshark’s Feed. For their launch of a new clothing line, Gymshark is a company that utilized curated content that allows their customers and influencers to both be involved.

Curated Content Takes over Gymshark’s Feed

In the addition of their new Flex line, Gymshark used their paid influencers to highlight the pieces on their social media pages before the official launch. With famous fitness influencers like Whitney Simmons, KK fit, and many more females in fitness influencers, Gymshark was able to reach millions of followers, without even posting on their pages. About a week before the launch, these influencers posted about the new collection on various social media’s including Instagram and YouTube mainly. While doing their critiques of the group, the influencers go through different detail, showcasing the pros and cons of the collection, giving a candid look to the company. Gymshark also uses the pictures of these influencers with their new line as an advertisement. How I Curate a Business’ Pinterest Feed. In March of this year, I began running the Pinterest account for January Jewelry, a business owned by a local metalsmith named Melissa.

How I Curate a Business’ Pinterest Feed

After four months of working with her, she recommended me to another business, The Yellow Bird. Today, I’m going to explain how I discover, select, and present pins to our Pinterest audience in 3 steps. First off, where do I find pins? Business’ blog Business’ products Business’ Instagram or Facebook profile Instagram (search by hashtag) Automotive Marketing Ideas: 10 Surefire Ways to Boost Your Business. When it comes to marketing ideas to grow your auto repair, dealership, bodywork, auto parts and accessories, or car wash business, advertising advice that works for other enterprises may fall short.

Automotive Marketing Ideas: 10 Surefire Ways to Boost Your Business

The problem with the automotive industry is that people don’t generally tend to think about your services until they suddenly need them. So how do you make sure that yours is the first business they find when they start looking? Here are ten marketing ideas tailored specifically to the automotive sales and service industry that will help drive customers right to your door. 1. Establish and Optimize Your Web Presence This seems obvious, so why do so many auto repair shops and the like still refuse to join the party? 2. Establish relationships with others in your industry. 3. Everyone loves a freebie, even if it’s something small. 4. 5. Although it may seem tedious, go ahead and jump through the hoops necessary to become sanctioned by auto insurance companies.

Content Curation: The Ultimate Guide to Discovering and Curating Content Online. How great is the Internet!

Content Curation: The Ultimate Guide to Discovering and Curating Content Online

One of the most impactful, viral, influential services you can perform online is to read stuff and tell people what you like. It’s true! If you’re looking for a competitive edge, a way to establish your authority, a way to get more followers, one of the best, proven paths to online success is content curation. It’s both as simple and as difficult as finding great content and sharing it with your audience. The difficult part is that there is a lot that goes into a world class content curation strategy. These are fantastic questions, and they’re just the type of challenges we’d love to help you solve.

We’ll be talking a lot about great curation tools in this post. Content Curation: A Beginner's Guide To Curating Content. Content curation is a valuable strategy for all content marketers.

Content Curation: A Beginner's Guide To Curating Content

The Ultimate Guide to Content Curation (With Examples!) Saving time, making connections with influencers, building authority — these are just some of the benefits of content curation.

The Ultimate Guide to Content Curation (With Examples!)

But you might also have lots of questions like… How much time should you spend curating content versus creating great posts of your own? How can you make curated posts stand out amidst all the noise out there? What tools can you use to speed up or even automate the process? Well, here’s the good news: In this post, I’ll answer all those questions about content curation and more. If you’re new to the topic, I’ll explain exactly what content curation is and why you should do it. And the best part… Lots of real-world examples! 6 marketing ideas for custom car shops. This post was originally published on April 30, 2018, and was updated on April 16, 2020.

6 marketing ideas for custom car shops

Custom car shops are a fantastic business venture for automotive enthusiasts with an entrepreneurial flair, but like with any business, getting people in the door takes work. And promoting your business during a downturn can make getting customers more challenging. Since we can’t all be marketing experts, this area of your business may seem daunting to those unfamiliar with the practices used at the best of times — especially since trends in the industry can change pretty rapidly.