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Tom Buch, Illustrator and Designer Presenting my animation inspired by the timeless Radiohead album, 'Amnesiac'.Animation, Digital Art, Motion Graphics2013 A classic F1 portrait made for Vault49. Artwork that lead me to move to NYC.Digital Art, Illustration2013 Experimental type for SOHNDigital Art, Motion Graphics, Typography2014 Concept album artwork for M83's euphoric 'Hurry Up We're Dreaming'.Digital Art, Graphic Design, Illustration2012 Portrait of Park Geun-hye for Bloomberg finance magazine.Digital Art, Illustration, Sculpting2013 Album art and design for Carl Cox's mix, 'Pure Intec Two'.Digital Art, Graphic Design, Illustration2013 Design concept for the remix compilation of Radiohead's 'The King of Limbs'.Digital Art, Graphic Design, Illustration2012 Animation and album artwork for Chilly Gonzales' 'Solo Piano II'Animation, Digital Art, Motion Graphics2012 An Ode to Neil Armstrong.Digital Art, Illustration, Sculpting2012 Tom Buch, Illustrator and Designer



Lea Nahon - Tattoos & Paintings
“Cat Lady” Limited Edition Print I have a timed edition print currently available at 1xRun. This print features the lovely, miss Lauren WK. Plenilune This summer, my wife, Elizabeth Virginia Levesque, is starting a year of travel in search of educational opportunities and art communities starting in Asheville NC where she’ll be studying drawing under a master painter. This is, of course, not a cheap endeavor and in support i’m releasing an affordable art print.

Stuntkid » blog

Stuntkid » blog
untitled-07 - I L L U S T R A T I O N - Karolyn Andrieu
Keith Weesner - Car Culture, Kustom Kulture, Pin-up Artist