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Over 10,000 3D Scans of Everyday Objects Released by Redwood Data. Nowadays, it’s not such a rarity to see the use of 3D scanning to recreate historic artifacts or museum-worthy sculptures.

Over 10,000 3D Scans of Everyday Objects Released by Redwood Data

The British Library is utilizing a 3D scanner to capture some of their massive collection of texts and artifacts, and others are using the technology to make valuable museum pieces more accessible. But, what about the objects we see in our daily lives? From the chairs we sit in to the cars we drive, these items can oftentimes go unappreciated (as well as unscanned and unprinted). The 3D scanning database Redwood Data has recently unveiled more than 10,000 unique 3D scans of objects from our everyday reality, ranging anywhere from books, kitchen equipment, and trash bins to bicycles, grand pianos, and shoes.

MyMiniFactory - Garanti de modèle Designs 3D imprimables. 3D File Downloads. Tous les sites pour trouver des modèles 3D (à imprimer ou non) Si vous cherchez des modèles 3D à utiliser dans vos créations ou à imprimer, il existe un moteur de recherche baptisé Yobi3D qui propose des milliers de modèles super cools.

Tous les sites pour trouver des modèles 3D (à imprimer ou non)

Les filtres du moteur sont pratiques, car ils permettent de choisir le format, la présence ou non de texture et surtout la "printability", c'est à dire la facilité avec laquelle vous pourrez imprimer un modèle en 3D. Easy,ça veut dire que ça ne demande aucune modification, Medium ça va demander un peu de boulot de réadaptation et Hard ça veut dire que vous allez en baver pour sortir un truc qui ressemble à votre modèle 3D. En tout cas, très cool ce site. Il existe aussi d'autres sites pour récupérer des modèles 3D qui sont assez connus mais que je vous remets aussi ici pour la culture générale : Vente flash -20 % Disque Dur WD My Cloud 3 To à voir chez la FNAC Rejoignez les 55656 korbenautes et réveillez le bidouilleur qui est en vous Suivez KorbenUn jour ça vous sauvera la vie.. Mostly Printed CNC / MultiTool by Allted. WE WON!

Mostly Printed CNC / MultiTool by Allted

It is official July winner, in the running for the December grand prize. Thank You all for the votes and cooperation. Mostly Printed CNC / MultiTool Nice write up, explains this in more detail Here I set out to build a minimal cost CNC Machine with the goal of some basic aluminum capabilities. Hope this Hardware and printed parts available here. Printing The only special tools needed are a hacksaw, and a drill to drill 4 holes. This can be easily expanded to almost any length, width, and depth depending on rigidity required. Most woods and plastics should be no problem. You can switch the spindle out with a drag knife, laser, ect, making it a great prototyping multitool. African Fossils. 25 Cool Things to 3D Print Which Are Actually Useful. Stuck for ideas for what to 3D print?

25 Cool Things to 3D Print Which Are Actually Useful

Bored of pointless trinkets and doodads? A list of cool things to 3D print which are genuinely useful. Morphosource adds 400 monkey skulls to its bank of 9,000 3D printable fossils. Feb 20, 2016 | By Benedict Morphosource, the online fossil database which became famous for its publication of homo naledi 3D images, now contains over 9,000 3D images of more than 500 extinct species.

Morphosource adds 400 monkey skulls to its bank of 9,000 3D printable fossils

Its latest additions include 400 monkey skulls, added by Harvard scholars. In September of last year, 3Ders reported on Morphosource, an online database of fossil scans suitable for 3D printing. The most exciting items in that database were the complete set of homo naledi fossils, discovered between 2013 and 2015 during the Rising Star Expedition in Johannesburg, South Africa. Homo Naledi, a 3-million-year-old human ancestor, stood at around 1.5m tall and could have weighed up to 45kg. Digital Sundial by Mojoptix. The episode in [ENGLISH]: L'épisode en [FRANCAIS]: For those who have trouble slicing the gnomon, I ran the files through netfabb and re-uploaded them as: -- Gnomon_Southern_NETFABBED.stl -- Gnomon_Northen_NETFABBED.stl Let me know in the comments if they don't still behave nicely with your slicer.

Digital Sundial by Mojoptix

Fab3D. Free 3D Model Search Engine. Spécial Halloween : TOP 10 des citrouilles à imprimer en 3D. Les oeuvres de Banksy prennent vie grâce à l'impression 3D. Yeggi - Printable 3D Models Search Engine. La fabrique à Innovations. 3D Resources (Beta) The Search Engine for STL 3D models. □ – About chaacattac. Education collection. Ice VII structure (aka body centered cubic lattice, bcc) by Vitroid May 29, 2014 Collection Cover Remove Face-centered cubic lattice by Vitroid May 29, 2014 Dodecahedron Vertice by itnas19 3 days ago.

Education collection

Museum Pieces collection. Collection Cover Remove Mexican Girl Dying by met Jan 14, 2014 Head and Shoulders of a Sphinx of Hatshepsut by met Jun 4, 2014 Louise Brongniart by met Mar 23, 2014 Nydia, the Blind Flower Girl of Pompeii by met Jun 2, 2012.

Museum Pieces collection

Gopro collection. By alding, last updated GoPro Center Offset Mount & Adapter - For mounting center on poles by j0ckinjz Mar 11, 2015 Collection Cover Remove.

Gopro collection

The T-Rex Skull by Balrug. The T-Rex Skull Made by Balrug 16 mins ago Source Description No description provided.

The T-Rex Skull by Balrug

Liked By Top. Cults ・ Télécharger des modèles 3D gratuits ou payants pour imprimante 3D. African Fossils. Impression 3D : où chercher les fichiers gratuits ? Vous avez décidé d’acheter une imprimante 3D, vous l’installez, lisez la notice puis vous êtes prêt à l’utiliser. La question que vous allez vous poser sera alors : ok, que vais-je maintenant imprimer ? L’autre question pourrait être : où vais-je trouver les fichiers ? Voici quelques sources où vous aurez la possibilité de trouver des fichiers téléchargeables gratuitement pour tester votre imprimante 3D. Thingiverse - Digital Designs for Physical Objects.

Où trouver des fichiers 3D à imprimer ? Unprocessed American Museum of Natural History Scans by PrettySmallThings. Apatosaurus (D) – Captured from a display. Not that interesting and in need of editing. Amardillo (B) – Glyptotherium texanum from the Pliocene era. Mostly rendered but lacking detail. The tail turned out particularly well. BaliFace (F) – Sculpture in the Margaret Mead section of AMNH. BaliSculpture (B+) – Sculpture in the Margaret Mead section of AMNH. DeadDeer (B+) Stenomylus hitchcocki “narrow tooth” – Model of a group of camel skeletons buried in dune sands in Western Nebraska 22 million years ago.

Deer (F) Southern Africa. “The blesbok (Damaliscus dorcas) forms small herds of up to 30 individuals, but in the past the herds numbered in the hundreds. DinoHead (B) I don’t have any records of the type or location of this dinosaur. FelineBottle (D) “Ceramic bottle modeled in form of a standing feline, decorated with resist-painted motif. Fossil (C+) Humerus from Gomphotherium productum “club beast.” About 75% modeled. Mask (C+) Indonesian mask. Molecular collection. View More Collection Cover Remove This is the caffeine molecule, you can use it as a coffee mug placemat by ejo60 Jan 2, 2015 molecular examples for some point groups by pmueller Jan 23, 2014 Cabagin - OpenSCAD generated from chemical SDF files by taroh Feb 24, 2015 Wintergreen oil and Aspirin - OpenSCAD generated from chemical SDF files by taroh Feb 20, 2015.

6 sites pour trouver des fichiers 3D compatibles avec son imprimante.