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Michael Kutsche - Character Design/ Concept Art/ Illlustration - Alice - cheshire_cat.jpg
Michal Lisowski . com
Concept art : Farvus' illustration & concept art portfolio
[Tutorial] Tileable Textures
3D Folio

BoBo the seal? BoBo the seal? 03/02/12….. Update !!! • Well, this is an update saying an update is coming! Once Darksiders II ships, I’m going to take this entire site dawn and put up a new one. Grab whatever you might want to keep for reference while you can. The work on this site is extremely old and doesn’t showcase my current skill set.
Paul Poff Game Artist
Environment Artist with BFA in Game Art and Design Environment Artist with BFA in Game Art and Design Brief overviews of a selection of tools I’ve written over the course of my time as a tech artist. (Click for expanded information) A tool which recreates game levels in 3ds Max. Allows users to search for the the source files of art assets, and where those art assets are placed in the game world. A tool for users to search for materials by the textures used by those materials. An interface for users to quickly generate primitive or convex hull collision proxies for selected objects.
Jared Thebeau
3D & 2D Portfolio : Jesse Carpenter - 3D Environment Artist, CG Artist
STRIKER: Conceptual 3d /2d Artist
I was a character artist a long time ago, but that was way before Zbrush. So I thought I'd go ahead and dust off my character art hat just for fun and start working on a fan art project at home. So I figured since this purely for good times and there is no pressure, I'd go ahead and throw myself in the deep end with one of the awesomest most insane characters I've ever seen drawn by one of my favorite concept artists I've ever worked with...Avery Coleman's Merchant which I believe was originally created for Darksiders II. Here's a wip of where I started and Avery's concept. Art of Ben Lewis Art of Ben Lewis
Atomicfate - Online Portfolio of Adam Pitts
Matthew Lichy | 3D Artist
traviseverett3d.com - 3D Environmental Artist
DragonFly портфолио
Jonathan Fletcher - 3D Artist
Art-Machine's Online Portfolio - Digital Artist
Renaud Galand
oops, you shouldnt be here my blog has moved to http://tomparkersartdump.wordpress.com/ some progress on my sci fi chick, just started refining the clothes but got shedloads still to add and ding up, let alone the face and hair yet Quick hour speed sculpt whilst listening to Unkles – Lonely souls for an hour sneak Peek at my latest character Just been playing with the new dynamesh features in zbrush 4r2, its cool for speed sculpts but still prefer good ole base meshes Blog *NEW* « Tom Parker Blog *NEW* « Tom Parker
Born Robotic - Bal's Portfolio
Garagarape - Fred
Ange Sarric - 3D Artist
TheTombstone TheTombstone Hi,sorry for my bad English,this is a game model,i use 3dsmax,photoshop,zbrush create the concept and model , use 3dsmax scanline to render the Completed image^_^ high poly model low poly model completed image map concept Image Title: TheTombstone Lowpoly model tris:9932 map size:2048 Software Used: 3DSmax,Zbursh,Photoshop Author:Zhang ZheVuan Website:http://zhangzhevuan.blog.163.com/Thanks for your visit,have a nice day~^_^
Tamara Bakhlycheva - First-Keeper - CGHUB
Jonathan Fletcher - 3D Artist
Bogdan Gabelko - Bogdanbl4 - CGHUB
This scene was a 8 week collab with the extraordinary talented artist and friend PhilipK. The idea is here is that Humans have colonized this planetoid called Askalaphos, and are in the process of creating an atmosphere similar to planet earth by using an atmosphere processing station. The air outside is not 100% breathable yet, but it already allows for the growth of vegetation, specially in the vicinity of the station, and the stations around it, hence...

Helder Pinto | Level Artist Portfolio

Helder Pinto | Level Artist Portfolio
Noe Serrano Art
Scott Homer
Alloa's Portfolio
Sam Roberts - Environment Artist
Jeroen Maton
ichii3d.com (Richard Gardner, Environment Artist)
The art of Kevin Johnstone
Bobby Rice 3D Modeling and Texturing, World Building, Senior Environment Artist Textures High Poly - WIP Props Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 Art - Lord of the Rings: Conquest , Silent Hill 5 Bobby Rice

Bobby Rice

Jessica Dinh
My big list of portfolios
Ben Cloward

avery coleman - concept art
Barontieri Creative Designer
VYLE_ART.com >> the art of David levy
george guo's sketching~ - CGHUB Forum
The Lantern Factory
Sam Spratt | Homepage
Ryan Church - TRANSFORMERS3 - busway1.1 copy.jpg
The Art Of Jeremy Enecio
Galleries | Raynault
Do I have a soul? by ~Mar-ka on deviantART
aditya777's deviantART gallery

Gurney Journey
Moleskine Sketches By Trevor Henry
torvenius's deviantART gallery
CGPortfolio - jian guan