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Alan Van Ryzin - Freelance Game Artist - Weapons. Michael Kutsche - Character Design/ Concept Art/ Illlustration - Alice - cheshire_cat.jpg. Michal Lisowski . com. Concept art : Farvus' illustration & concept art portfolio. [Tutorial] Tileable Textures. 3D FOLIO. BoBo the seal? Paul Poff Game Artist. Environment Artist with BFA in Game Art and Design. Jared Thebeau. 3D & 2D Portfolio : Jesse Carpenter - 3D Environment Artist, CG Artist.

STRIKER: Conceptual 3d /2d Artist. M.M.Taylor. Art of Ben Lewis. Atomicfate - Online Portfolio of Adam Pitts. Matthew Lichy. - 3D Environmental Artist. DragonFly портфолио. Jonathan Fletcher - 3D Artist. CSABA MOLNAR PORTFOLIO. Art-Machine's Online Portfolio - Digital Artist. Jon-Troy Nickel. Slipgatecentral. Pior. Renaud Galand. Blog *NEW* « Tom Parker. Oops, you shouldnt be here :) my blog has moved to some progress on my sci fi chick, just started refining the clothes but got shedloads still to add and ding up, let alone the face and hair yet Quick hour speed sculpt whilst listening to Unkles – Lonely souls for an hour sneak Peek at my latest character Just been playing with the new dynamesh features in zbrush 4r2, its cool for speed sculpts but still prefer good ole base meshes Theres lots of great info about Slide London and their amazing character art studio in this months issue of ImagineFX, including an interview with myself about my time so far with Slide as a freelancer Grab it while you can!!!!!!!

Blog *NEW* « Tom Parker

A quick Concept Sketch Slow progress Bit more progress, got the gun made and the trousers are ready for seams now. Bit more cloth work, scrapped the huge horns too gives him more presence this way and also means closer renders Some progress on ma hellboy trying to get a large Mignola influence Bit more progress on my ganondorf many thanks. Born Robotic - Bal's Portfolio.

Garagarape - Fred. KAKASSE. Ange Sarric - 3D Artist. Josh Singh. TheTombstone. Hi,sorry for my bad English,this is a game model,i use 3dsmax,photoshop,zbrush create the concept and model , use 3dsmax scanline to render the Completed image^_^ high poly model low poly model completed image map concept Image Title: TheTombstone Lowpoly model tris:9932 map size:2048 Software Used: 3DSmax,Zbursh,Photoshop Author:Zhang ZheVuan Website: for your visit,have a nice day~^_^


Tamara Bakhlycheva - First-Keeper - CGHUB. The Art of Rafael Grassetti. Jonathan Fletcher - 3D Artist. PORTFOLIO BK09. Bogdan Gabelko - Bogdanbl4 - CGHUB. Level Artist Portfolio. Noe Serrano Art. Scott Homer. GoSsS's Portfolio. Orb Website.

FAFArt. Alloa's Portfolio. EzMeow. Peris. Wireframeworlds. Sam Roberts - Environment Artist. P O R T F O L I O - Art of Marc-Antoine Hamelin, Environment Artist. Hellboy. Jeroen Maton. (Richard Gardner, Environment Artist) The portfolio of Eric Kozlowsky. Meshcrafter- Portfolio of Nathanial Castronovo. ARTEM VOLCHIK. The art of Kevin Johnstone. Ilya Nedyal Portfolio. Bobby Rice. PHILIPK.NET.

Jessica Dinh. My big list of portfolios. Ben Cloward. I helped to develop our company's particle effects editor by giving design specs, feedback, bug testing, etc.

Ben Cloward

You can see examples of my particle effects in my particle effects demo reel. Particle Effects Demo Reel (34.4 MB WMV) Particle Reel Credit Sheet (Word Format) Recently I've been in charge of creating training videos to help artists both inside and outside the studio learn how to use our game engine. I've created a series of 40+ videos on setting up and exporting characters, creating materials in the engine, and creating particle effects. 2D/Traditionnal. Avery coleman - concept art. *Buy a new .COM, get one new .INFO for FREE for 1st year only. Not valid on renewals or transfers. Plus ICANN fee of 18¢ per domain per year. † Good for one 1-year registration of any available .COM, .US, .BIZ, .INFO, .NET or .ORG **New .COs, first year only.

Offer ends 6/30/2012. ‡ Annual discounts available on NEW purchases only. is the world's No. 1 ICANN-accredited domain name registrar for .COM, .NET, .ORG, .INFO, .BIZ and .US domain extensions. Barontieri Creative Designer. >> the art of David levy. George guo's sketching~ - CGHUB Forum. The Lantern Factory. - The Online Operations of Paul Richards. Pinup Research & Development. Feng Zhu Design. MASSIVE BLACK. Sam Spratt. Ryan Church - TRANSFORMERS3 - busway1.1 copy.jpg. Laurie Lipton Official Website. Igor Kieryluk - Gallery.

The Art Of Jeremy Enecio. I recently ran into a stunning portfolio of art by Jeremy Enecio, a Phillipines born illustrator who migrated to the US when he was four.

The Art Of Jeremy Enecio

His work is absolutely beautiful, and even when he works digitally his work retains an incredibly painterly feel. I encourage you guys to check out eight more of his works after the break. With the exception of the Street Fighter piece above, I find a lot of his other work to be surreal, haunting and incredibly beautiful. As a heads up, there might be some NSFW content after the break. Galleries. Voidart. Do I have a soul? by ~Mar-ka on deviantART. Aditya777's deviantART gallery. 2D. A young artist. Gurney Journey. Blog reader Christoph Heuer visited an exhibition of paintings from the Düsseldorf Academy that recently closed at the Museum Kunstpalast in Düsseldorf, Germany.

Gurney Journey

In an email he described the show to me, and it was so interesting that I asked if he'd be willing to share it with GurneyJourney readers. So here is Christoph's report: "The exhibition covered the history of the Düsseldorf Academy of Arts from 1819 until 1919 and how it influenced the artists in many other parts of the world.

It concentrated heavily on the times of Wilhelm von Schadow who led the academy from 1826 to his death in 1862. "He built up a system of teaching, marketing and selling that was unprecedented in Germany and also shows the growing wealth of the citizens on the lower Rhine at the time. "One highlight in that section was the Emanuel Leutze painting "Conquest of the Teocalli Temple by Cortez and his troops" from 1848 (above). Moleskine Sketches By Trevor Henry. Daniel - Digital Art by Daniel Lieske - Sketchbook. Sketches are a very important instrument for me.

Daniel - Digital Art by Daniel Lieske - Sketchbook

The sketch often is the fastest way to visualize and record an idea. Yet, sketches are also very precise and with a little bit of extra effort they can quickly contain detailed information on texture, material and shading of the subject. But perhaps the most important point is, that sketching is fun! Torvenius's deviantART gallery. J e f f S i m p s o n A r t. CGPortfolio - jian guan. Concept Root - Concept Art, Concept Artists from the Games and Movie Industry.