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Matte painting

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3D Matte Painting. Tutorial nuke camera mapping projection matte painting - Recherche Google. Lighting and Rendering with V-Ray for NUKE. V-Ray is a powerful rendering engine in today’s world of visual effects.

Lighting and Rendering with V-Ray for NUKE

For the first time, compositors now have access to its suite of tools directly inside NUKE. Pluralsight – 360 VR Compositing in NUKE. You might have heard of a new little thing called virtual reality (VR).

Pluralsight – 360 VR Compositing in NUKE

If you have, and you’re curious about VR, then this course, 360 VR Compositing in NUKE, is the perfect course for you because it will introduce you to this new filmmaking medium. First, you’ll explore the foundations of a VR workflow and how it’s different from a standard stereoscopic project. Next, you’ll jump into Maya and set up your own VR stereo rig. Pluralsight – NUKE Fundamentals. Have you ever wondered how fantastic the Hollywood FX make there way onto the silver screen?

Pluralsight – NUKE Fundamentals

If so, this is the perfect course for you. In this course, NUKE Fundamentals, you’ll learn the compositing package used by every major Hollywood studio. First, you’ll be introduced to nodes, node based compositing, and fundamental techniques like concatenation in NUKE. Next, you’ll learn all the fundamental aspects of NUKE as a tool to create your art. Finally, you’ll walk through a simple composite from beginning to end, where you’ll build a 3D render of Earth. Download Links:- Pluralsight_-_NUKE_Fundamentals.part1.rarPluralsight_-_NUKE_Fundamentals.part2.rarPluralsight_-_NUKE_Fundamentals.part3.rar Mirror :- Pluralsight – NUKE Fundamentals.part1.rarPluralsight – NUKE Fundamentals.part2.rarPluralsight – NUKE Fundamentals.part3.rar Related Pluralsight - NUKE Channel Fundamentals Have you ever struggled with compositing, not knowing what node to use or how to achieve a more elegant solution?

Matte Painting Basics and the Static Camera Shot. Pluralsight – Matte Painting Basics and the Static Camera Shot Duration 2h 19m With Project Files MP4 Title: Pluralsight – Matte Painting Basics and the Static Camera Shot.

Matte Painting Basics and the Static Camera Shot

Learning and Tutorials. Digital Tutors – Animating a Mountain Scene Matte Painting in Photoshop and NUKE. 3D Concept Art with Anthony Eftekhari. Created for intermediate to advanced artists that want to take their work to a higher level.

3D Concept Art with Anthony Eftekhari

This video series takes you through my process of creating a quick 3D base together with photos to create a clean and cohesive piece. How long is it? – 6.5 hours of lectures covering 2 paintings What do I get? Concept Art for Production by Anthony Eftekhari. Intended for beginning to intermediate painters, this video tutorial will take you through the entire painting process from designing a shot all the way through to the final painting.

Concept Art for Production by Anthony Eftekhari

I discuss composition and design and the principles that create strong focal areas by leading the viewers eye and micro-composition from master artists to gathering reference for study and use in your painting. I demonstrate many techniques I use to create successful matte paintings and concept art, from photo manipulation, color correction and hand painting techniques. You’ll learn how to stylize your painting, create depth and mood through lighting and atmosphere and create drama in your shots. Advanced 3D Matte Painting Techniques. 4.13 GB | Project Files: Included | Software used: Autodesk Maya, The Foundry Nuke, The Foundry Mari In this DVD, Garrett Fry demonstrates the entire process of how to create a 3D matte painted and projected environment, including modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering, painting, projecting and compositing.

Advanced 3D Matte Painting Techniques

Garrett thoroughly discusses how to approach, problem solve and plan complex 3D projection based Matte Paintings using Maya, Nuke and Mari. Photoreal Matte Painting Part 1. Intermediate | 7.52 GB | Project Files: Included | Software used: Photoshop CS5 or above Blizzard Entertainment’s David Luong returns to CGWorkshops with an updated Matte Painting workshop.

Photoreal Matte Painting Part 1

The workshop will be in two 8 week semesters (the first class prepares you for the second, but you don’t need to take both.) In Part 1, David will work with you to prepare photoreal matte paintings. In Part 2, you will learn to setup 2.5D and 3D camera moves to your matte paintings and learn how to composite them. In Part 1, David says, “I’ll be leading students through the process of creating a photo real matte painting for film or high end animation such as realistic and invisible right through to Sci-Fi and fantasy landscapes and cityscapes.

3D Matte Painting for Production. In this video tutorial we go through the entire process of the 3D matte painting workflow.

3D Matte Painting for Production

I begin with designing a composition and then get into creating a mood through lighting design. We then go into the modeling process covering how to model the scene keeping in mind that texturing painting will help us achieve most of our look so we don’t over-model our scene unnecessarily.We’ll then go into scene layout and blocking in our scene using our concept as a guide. Creating all our elements and populating the scene with vegetation, people, props and lights. Topics Covered: Gathering Reference Modelling Architecture Texturing and Shader creation using Max and Photoshop Creating Trees and water Lighting in Max and Vray Volumetric fog and atmosphere Lighting and render passes for painting Final high quality production painting techniques in Photoshop Software used: 3D Max/Maya, Vray, Photoshop 5 Hours of lectures it is not sped up like other tutorials where you have no idea what’s going on.

Master Class by Anthony Eftekhari. This is my 8 Week CGMA Matte Painting Master Class available now as a bundle!

Master Class by Anthony Eftekhari

Each week takes you through different lighting conditions with an assignment and my Demo PSD. We cover Overcast, Directional Sunlight, Night time, Sunset as well as Cityscape Matte painting. Tuto Vue_ Create CG Clouds, Skies and Atmospheres. Welcome in this course you will learn the techniques to create clouds, skies and Atmospheres in Vue.

I will explain the types of clouds, which is necessary if you want your work to be realistic. We will go through the interface of Vue, The Atmosphere parameters showing you how to make a clear blue sky or a hazy dark post-apocalyptic scene You will learn cloud parameters to create several types of cloud layers at different altitudes How to limit the cloud layer to a specific area in your scene how to shape an individual cloud and of course render settings relevant for clouds.


How to create a 3D Terrain with Google Maps and height maps in Photoshop - 3D Map Generator Terrain. Terrain_world_machine. Bonjour et Bienvenue, vous allez apprendre:- comment créer une chaînes de montagnes avec un emplacement et distribution réalistes- comment créer un volcan avec un cratère réaliste- vous allez apprendre a mieux utiliser la node Advanced Perlin- les astuces dans World Machine- vous allez apprendre a créer un terrain a partir d'une image- Je vais vous montrer ou trouver des images du Satellite, comment les importer et comment recréer et changer ces terrains dans World Machine- Le Texturing dans World Machine avec la node Color Generator, et comment l'utiliser pour varier les résultats- Une nouvelle technique de texturing qui vous donnes une richesse d'option et un niveau de contrôle incomparable tout en utilisant des images réelles de la nature- et vous allez apprendre a importer des terrains avec textures dans n'importe quel logiciel 3D: dans 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Houdini, Maya, Terragen, Vue, et dans World Machine.

TUTO Concept Art - La 3D facile sous Photoshop et ses nouveaux outils avec Photoshop CC sur