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Self-Balancing PT (homemade Segway) This Instructable is intended to share my hobbyist project: a Self-Balancing Personal Transportation (SBPT), also known as "Homemade Segway".

Self-Balancing PT (homemade Segway)

It is an interesting project requiring a minimal knowledge in electronics and some handcraft skills. All the components can be bought in internet and the mechanical parts assembly can be done in your home workshop. The SBPT consists in a platform to stand on vertically with 2 side electrical motors powered by batteries. The controller algorithm ensure the balanced position to no fall forward or backward. Easy Build Burning Laser For Less Than $20. In this Instructable I will show you how I built my own burning laser, including the driver circuit, the laser is able to burn through electrical tape, black plastic, and light matches with Sharpie on them (I'll let you figure out what happens to the Sharpies on your own) I diode I used is a 400mW 650nM laser diode, for those of you who don't know what that means, 400mW means 400 thousands of a Watt is the peak power for this specific diode and 650nM is short for 650 nano meters this is referring to the wavelength of the radiation (in this case light) coming from the laser diode 650nM happens to be red.

Easy Build Burning Laser For Less Than $20

**The $20 estimate is assuming you don't get everything from Radio Shack** I would like to thank Maximilian Collins, who sold me the diodes and module, he tracked down the schematic and gave me some advice, If I can't answer a question, he can. Email: 3 Steps & Most EFFECTIVE Way to Insulate your Garage Door. Homemade go kart. Hot Wire Foam Factory - Lost Foam Metal Casting. Back to Industrial.

Hot Wire Foam Factory - Lost Foam Metal Casting

Desk Clamp Lamp. Lace-Up Chair. Build an Effortless Mirror TV! : Display and Enjoy! Big Bad Vader Log Burner. DIY Magic Mirror. Ev3dev. Beautiful acetone lamp from reused materials. : First test. LEDFACIL Espejo LED 3D infinit mirror. Index. TJZOIDE-Users-Manual-D15. Science for Kids: Balancing Robot (FREE Printable) Here’s a super fun science activity that really gets kids thinking!

Science for Kids: Balancing Robot (FREE Printable)

Children will explore balance and center of gravity by creating a balancing robot! Follow our Science for Kids Pinterest board! *This activity was originally published on June 1, 2014 and has since been updated. This balancing robot science exploration has always been a huge favorite among my students! In this science activity kids will place two pennies in various locations on a paper robot until they’ve discovered how to make the robot balance. Materials for Balancing Robot Science Activity How to Make the Balancing Robot Print out the free printable on a sheet of white card stock, and color the robots if you’d like.

Kami-Robo. Electric Microkart with Independent Suspension. This Instructable provides an overview of the design and construction of a small electric go-kart or microkart with brushless motors, lithium batteries, independent suspension and a composite deck chassis, built from new components for under $1500.

Electric Microkart with Independent Suspension

By keeping the design as light as possible, this microkart maximises performance from 6.5hp and its tiny size exaggerates the 40mph top speed. SKIP TO BUILD STEP 1 - DRIVE TRAIN or continue reading below for more background info about the project. The Goal My overall goal was to produce an electric go kart for under $1500 that showcases current motor and battery technology, is suited to on or off road use, great to drive and challenges a few of the standard approaches to kart design along the way.

Approach Some friends are building electric gokarts by taking a sprint kart (fixed gear racing gokart) and replacing the 2 stroke engine with an electric drive train. So on with the build.... Popsicle Stick Butterfly Knife : Tricks. Open Pad Locks and Combination Locks With A Soda Can. Viking Era, (800-1050) Padlock. Building a 1:1 Scale Portal Gun with Lights : Making the Shells. How to design and build a go kart. Hello everyone this Instructable is a collaboration of nine year 10 engineering students work.

How to design and build a go kart.

Their task is to work as a team to research, design and build a go kart, using sound engineering principals. As this is a student project the frame must be kept as simple as possible, so that students can build the kart with minimal tools, and with in the time frame allocated. This Instructable has lots of photos with notes, just run your cursor over the box on most photos to make the text pop up. Water Powered Flashlight (v2) Concrete Garden Lighting. Pasta para Esmerilar Cristal, crema para esmerilar cristal, Pasta fosqueante para vidrio, Pasta fosqueante para cristal, Ácido para grabar vidrio o cristales,ácido para marcar cristales o vidrio,grabado de cristales al ácido,grabado de vidrio al ácido,cre. • Inhalación accidental: Retirar al afectado a un lugar con aire fresco.

Pasta para Esmerilar Cristal, crema para esmerilar cristal, Pasta fosqueante para vidrio, Pasta fosqueante para cristal, Ácido para grabar vidrio o cristales,ácido para marcar cristales o vidrio,grabado de cristales al ácido,grabado de vidrio al ácido,cre

Si es necesario, administre respiración artificial para mantener las funciones vitales. Paper Record Player. Mechanical iris v2.0. PAGE 1: PULSE ARC WELDER. I also designed an electronic board with two Pulse width modulated relay driver circuits to operate the two solenoids.


This board has a microprocessor that will determine when the electrode touches the work piece to energize the argon solenoid and pull the electrode back. I can hear everyone asking, why a relay driver circuit and why do you need a processor to energize these solenoids? Why can't you just do it with a switch? The pulse width relay driver circuit is just to limit the current and also save some money on big heat sinks and components getting hot and burning out etc. Leonardo Da Vinci's Inventions » The Inventions of the Greatest Mind that has ever walked the Earth.

Sculpt Nouveau - Patinas and Metal Finishes. Marble Machine 4.0. This is the fourth design of my marble machines.

Marble Machine 4.0

This was a collaboration between busted bricks and myself, he originally came up with the design and I have modified, improved and added a motor to it. The machine is cut from 3.2mm laser mdf,I sell the kits through my own website and I share most of my files on thingiverse. This instructable will take you through the complete process of assembling this little marble machine. Any comments, questions, clarifications and improvements will then be shared with the world and hopefully save myself a lot of effort in the future. Wooden Rug. After fiddling around with different configurations, I decided to go with a staggered, brick-like pattern for interest and movement.

Wooden Rug

I would be using a strong 1/2 inch cotton rope to hold the blocks together, but since I wanted the top of the rug to be smooth, I would need to drill into the sides of the blocks, thread the rope through these holes, for a flawless rug surface. Since my blocks were 5 inches wide, I would drill two holes into the sides of the blocks, both at the 1 inch mark of each side.

This way the staggered configuration could hold strong. I used a drill press to make the holes, and a drill bit that was slightly larger in diameter than my rope. False Bottom Wooden Crate. The Original Amazing 3D Hole In Paper Drawing Timelapse. NXT Dog Sled Team. Lego turret. Magnetic / Ball bearing Gaussian Gun. Ball magnet on copper rail. MAGNETIC JUMPING FROG - TAMIL - 17MB.wmv. GENERATOR FROM MOTOR - HINDI - 23MB.wmv. COOL WOOL - ENGLISH - 17MB.wmv. Perpetual Cross & Spring Engine. "Avian Persuit" Kinetic Sculpture by Bob Potts. Cat Toy Dispenser. A selection of Mechanical confections. Welcome to Fullscreen QTVR (Quicktime Virtual Reality) Watch free documentary films online. Documentary Den.

First to purchase will own this one of a kind asset 1,538 Customers shopping on HugeDomains right now! 73% of all domains registered on the Web are .coms. The reason is simple: .com is the where most of Web traffic happens. Todos los cortos online. Experience Human Flight. Experience Zero Gravity. Slimtime. Splitscreen: A Love Story.