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Primary Age and Young Learners

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Run a Pre-Mortem to Improve Your Strategic Planning – Tom Barrett's Blog. If you're new here, you may want to subscribe to my weekly newsletter.

Run a Pre-Mortem to Improve Your Strategic Planning – Tom Barrett's Blog

Thanks for visiting! A Pre-Mortem is a strategic planning activity that imagines a project has failed. This type of thinking helps to identify and mitigate risks early on in the planning phase. Exploring the worst-case scenario is traced to great Stoic philosophers, like Seneca, who called it the premeditation of evils, “premeditatio malorum”. “What is quite unlooked for is more crushing in its effect, and unexpectedness adds to the weight of a disaster. Technology/Useful Classroom Applications. A.I. DUET.

The Suggested for parents and students. Shelf. National Geographic Kids Reviews. Kindersite Reviews. Funschool Reviews. Discovery Education Reviews. Discovery Education offers a breadth and depth of digital media content that is immersive, engaging and brings the world into the classroom to give every student a chance to experience fascinating people, places, and events. All content is aligned to state standards, can be aligned to custom curriculum, and supports classroom instruction regardless of the technology platform. Whether looking for a digital media library service, an implementation to help you transition your classroom to a 21st century environment or to move completely to replace textbooks with digital resources, Discovery Education offers a continuum of solutions to meet your district's specific needs.

In addition, we offer real-time assessment services and a variety of professional development to ensure effective implementation in the classroom. Learning Games For Kids Reviews. Easy and fun learning for children. Mathematics for Primary Children. Knowmia - Technology for Teaching. Made Simple. TinyTube - Kid Friendly Videos Online. Film Education - Movies lesson plans. Kideos - Safe Videos for Children. Game based tools. Flip books. - Create puzzles and other diversions. 10 Websites for Reading Children's Stories Online. For children, stories are the window to the outside world.

10 Websites for Reading Children's Stories Online

Stories continue to tell generations that the world outside is filled with great adventures, heroic princes and beautiful princesses. It also has ogres and monsters that we must battle to keep it that way. I bet all of us have our own favorite stories from childhood. Most of us also have fond memories of hours spent in storytelling. The digital avalanche may have hit the generations that have followed us. Hollywood and Disney may also be coloring TV and the movies.

Storyline Online Do you act out the stories to your child? Mrs. The magic of stories is in its storytelling. Storynory There’s nothing like a good audio story played back for your child before he or she drifts to sleep. Story Cove (Classroom) Story Cove brings you stories from around the world arranged under the names of the continents. International Children’s Digital Library Smories EPubBud This site gives you shelves of books you can download or read in your browser. Draw Your Own Greeting Card and Save Drawing Process as Time-Lapse Animation -, Next Generation Greeting Service. Games Pre-K to Kindergarten. Myths and legends teachers' resources. We regret to inform you that from 20/07/18 due to technical changes the Storycreator2 service will no longer be available.

Myths and legends teachers' resources

If you are a paying subscriber we will be in touch shortly. All data held on the Storycreator2 application and associated registration data will be destroyed. E2BN would like to thank everyone who has used MuseumBox for their contributions and wishes you well with your future projects. This section provides access to a range of resources created or recommended by teachers for use in lessons. Home - I'll tell you a story. 10 Websites for Reading Children's Stories Online. Select Your Region. Early Years Foundation Stage Activities : Using Books The Doorbell Rang is a lovely book to share with children and will provoke some interesting mathematical discussionsDOWNLOAD HERE.

Early Years Foundation Stage Activities :

Socks Placing a number of socks in the environment can encourage conversations about capacity, sorting and matchingDOWNLOAD HERE. Dressing Up This activity encourages children to think mathematically as they play with dressing-up clothesDOWNLOAD HERE. Dice Children often enjoy rolling large dice so take a look at these challengesDownload. Early Years Books Publishing information about books we have referenced (and others that have been recommended to us by you). How can you help us develop these resources? Send us some real examples of the activities in action To make these resources even more useful we’d love to have: • photographs of children engaging with these tasks • examples of what they say • examples of what they create • examples of the mathematics that you created together. Everything from one photo upwards is very welcome. Send us your feedback. Math Playground - Hundreds of Math Games & Instructional Videos. Math Playground is a great website containing hundreds of mathematics games appropriate for K-8 students.

Math Playground - Hundreds of Math Games & Instructional Videos

I first reviewed the site back in 2008. Whenever I have returned to it since then, more games and other helpful features have been added to it. Math Playground offers a huge variety of math games for students. You can locate games according to suggested grade level, by topic, or by question type. Students who need a refresher on a skill, can probably find one in Math Playground's video library.

Thinking Blocks is one of the most popular features on Math Playground. If the Ship Sinks, We Have the Survival Kit! Practical Steps to Foster 21st Century Skills With Your Young Students. As an educator, I’m always looking for tools to support students reading and writing skills.

Practical Steps to Foster 21st Century Skills With Your Young Students

It’s important to foster students skills that 21st Century learners must develop including how to research, analyze, synthesize, collaborate, and produce work to share with a wider community. I was really excited to discover a learning tool that really supports these skills. WriteReader is a K-4 web tool that works well both as ELA and ELL. This year my Special Monthly Synergy Club for K, 1st, and 2nd Graders at our school in North Carolina quickly learned how to use WriteReader.