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Asian Recipes

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Skinny Panda Express Chow Mein Recipe - How to Make Panda Express Chow Mein. Baked General Tso Chicken Recipe (Video) - Pickled Plum. Baked general Tso chicken – Make dinner fun and healthy with this easy baked general Tso chicken recipe!

Baked General Tso Chicken Recipe (Video) - Pickled Plum

We don’t have cable in our house. It’s something we decided to sacrifice in exchange for a nice apartment located on a quiet block tree-lined with brownstones – something that comes at a high price in Brooklyn these days. But you know what? We don’t miss it. Just like many of our friends in NYC who also don’t have cable, it doesn’t take long to forget it ever existed. The Best General Tso's Chicken Recipe.

If the British can proudly call Chicken Tikka Masala their national dish, then surely it's time that General Tso got his chicken in our national spotlight.

The Best General Tso's Chicken Recipe

Everybody knows the candy-sweet take-out joint version, but I firmly believe that it has the potential to be so much more than that. How great would a homemade version of General Tso's, with a flavor that shows some real complexity and a texture that takes that crisp-crust-juicy-center balance to the extreme be? Our version does just that. Why this recipe works: A balanced sauce has plenty of vinegary kick to balance out the cloying sweetness that most restaurant versions have.Cooking the aromatics for the sauce at a lower temperature lets their flavors develop without having to superheat your wok or skillet.We add vodka to our chicken coating.

Note: Shaoxing wine can be found in most Asian markets. Beef and Cabbage Stir Fry. A few weeks ago I got an email from Angela touting the deliciousness of a dish called “Crack Slaw“.

Beef and Cabbage Stir Fry

With such an interesting name, I had to check it out. It’s basically a quick stir fry made with cabbage and beef (or pork or turkey) that is so good that it’s supposed to be insanely addictive. Wouldn’t you know it, I saw two more recipes for this “crack slaw” on the same day that Angela emailed me! So, I took it as a sign from the blogging gods that this addictive beef and cabbage stir fry just had to make its way onto Budget Bytes.

I happened have a half pound of beef in my freezer leftover from my Baked Beef and Black Bean Tacos, so I used that as the meat component for the stir fry. I also added some shredded carrot and sliced green onion for color. Spicy, Peanutty Udon with Kale Recipe on Food52. Cooking is more fun with friends.

Spicy, Peanutty Udon with Kale Recipe on Food52

Find your friends who are already on Food52, and invite others who aren't to join. Let's GoLearn more Join Our Community Follow amazing home cooks. Collect recipes and articles. Sign Up ♦ 715  Save ▴ Shrimp Summer Rolls with Peanut Hoisin Dipping Sauce. Love the colors in these FRESH homemade Vietnamese style spring rolls!

Shrimp Summer Rolls with Peanut Hoisin Dipping Sauce

They are simple to make at home and can be filled with any type of protein and veggies you like. Typically they are also filled with glass noodles, but I left them out (not a fan) and used more veggies instead. The peanut dipping sauce is the real star of the show – to-die-for! To save time, I bought beautiful cooked shrimp from costco and pre-shredded carrots. The only tricky part is wrapping the rice paper, but after you do one, you get the hang of it (lots of you-tube videos out there). 5 Secrets to Making Fabulous Fried Rice. Leftovers come together beautifully in a delicious bowl of fried rice.

5 Secrets to Making Fabulous Fried Rice

SNAP PEA AND RADISH RICE NOODLES WITH PEANUT PESTO. Serves 4-6 1 pound snap peas, stringed and chopped into ½ inch pieces 1 bunch radishes, cut into matchsticks 2 medium carrots, cut into matchsticks.


Beef Noodles & Pak Choi. Beef with pak choi, mushrooms and noodles In a delicious, hearty Asian broth Thanks for voting.

Beef Noodles & Pak Choi

Why not leave a comment. Thai Coconut Curry Shrimp. Here’s another shrimp dish with the sweetness of coconut milk which compliments the spiciness of the red curry paste in this simple dish.

Thai Coconut Curry Shrimp

Serve this over jasmine rice for a complete meal. If you’ve never used fish sauce before, don’t let the smell fool you. It blends with the other flavors and really adds to this dish. Red Thai Coconut Curry Shrimp Gina’s Weight Watcher Recipes Servings: 4 • Serving Size: 1/4th • Points +: 3 pts • Smart Points: 3 Calories: 135 • Fat: 4.4 g • Protein: 18.5 g • Carb: 4.7 g • Fiber: 0.9 g Ingredients: 1 tsp oil4 scallions, whites and greens separated, chopped1 tbsp Thai red curry paste2 cloves garlic, minced 1 lb shrimp, peeled and deveined 6 oz light coconut milk2 tsp fish sauce1/4 cup fresh cilantro, choppedsalt to taste Directions: In a large nonstick skillet, heat oil on medium-high. And sauté one minute. And mix well. Asian Chicken Lettuce Wrap Chopped Salad.

You know those yummy Asian Chicken Lettuce wraps often served as appetizers?

Asian Chicken Lettuce Wrap Chopped Salad

Classic Chinese Dumplings (Jiaozi) — Lunar New Year Recipes from Danielle Chang. In Chinese homes, dumplings (or jiaozi in Mandarin) are a traditional must-eat food on New Year's Eve; families wrap them up and eat them as the clock strikes midnight. Dumplings symbolize longevity and wealth; their shape resembles gold shoe-shaped ingots, an early form of Chinese currency. From Polish pierogito to Italian raviolito to pan-fried Japanese gyoza, dumplings are universal comfort food. Even though there are as many variations as there are eaters, the classic Chinese dumpling is filled with a pork and garlic chive base to which cabbage, scallions, and black mushrooms can be added.