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Anteckningar från studier och undervisning i biologi, kemi, naturkunskap: Kände du till den här funktionen i Google Drive? Trädet över växter och djur ovan är gjort ett dynamiskt diagram i Google Spreadsheet.

Anteckningar från studier och undervisning i biologi, kemi, naturkunskap: Kände du till den här funktionen i Google Drive?

Google Spreadsheet är en del av Google Drive och är ganska likt Excel. Uppdateras databasen så uppdateras trädet automatiskt. Verktyget är kanske meningen att användas för att visa en hierarkisk struktur i ett företag. Jag tror också att det kan användas som ett hållbart, ickelinjärt och flexibelt sätt att studera: Fotosyntes. Rolf Larsen - Miracle of life. Natursidan. Fåglar Sveriges fåglar i bilder, filmer, läten och beskrivningar.


Det är vad som presenteras under den här rubriken. Artlistan uppdateras fortlöpande och du kan använda sökfunktionen till höger för att snabbt hitta artiklar om en viss art. Isabellastenskvätta i Sverige Igår eftermiddag upptäckte Calle Ljungberg en isabellastenskvätta i Lilla sinnerstad i Hultsfreds kommun i Småland. Sveriges bästa fågelupplevelser Det finns mängder av fantastiska fågelupplevelser i Sverige som alla naturvänner förtjänar att uppleva. Ännu en god nyhet för hotade skedsnäppor.

The Human Body (stop-motion!) Body_Chart.pdf. Kroppen del 3 ,hjärtat och blodet. SMART MED MAT – En pedagogisk webbplats om mat och matavfall från Va Syd. Tema kroppen.

No Kroppen. Kompisarna Knoppisarna -bild.pdf. Corkboard Connections: Hands-on Water Cycle Fun! Now that I'm retired, I often miss working with children; children are my inspiration and the classroom is my laboratory!

Corkboard Connections: Hands-on Water Cycle Fun!

Recently I accepted a position at a local school to work with kids during their year round intersession program, and I had the pleasure of teaching science to 5th graders for 3 days. I had a wonderful time teaching them about the water cycle and weather, especially since I was able to incorporate a hands-on activity and an exciting demonstration into our lessons. One activity was adapted from a terrific idea shared with me by Pat Calfee, a former elementary teacher who is now an educational consultant. When Pat was teaching 2nd grade, she used plastic rotisserie chicken containers to have her students create mini water cycles. Because 5th graders need to know the full water cycle including transpiration and run-off, we modified our mini water cycles slightly.

Kalakotkas. Kalakotkas 2. Så har du aldrig sett människan bli till tidigare. Detta måste du bara se. FragaChans. Live från holken – tjuvkika på fåglarnas hemliga liv. Grabbing a Bite to Eat. In this activity, students will perform an experiment that replicates the dilemma faced by birds in acquiring food from a confined area.

Grabbing a Bite to Eat

Students will be given a variety of objects to use as “tools” and explore various ways of extracting the food item from an enclosed shoebox without directly using their hands. Students will compare and contrast which tools worked best and use problem-solving skills to design and develop unique methods for extracting the food item from the shoebox. Grade Level: 6th - 8th Grade National Standards: NS.5-8.1, NS.5-8.3 Crows Use Tools To Capture A Fatty Snack New Caledonian crows are among only a handful of species on Earth that have been shown to use tools. Birds normally rely on their beaks to help them capture and consume prey. Activity Materials Pencils – one for each pair of students Scissors – one pair for each pair of students Ziploc bags for “food” Shoeboxes (with lids) – one for each pair of students Clay – a small piece for each shoebox.

Once upon a time there was a pterodactyl… Adapting the steps of the scientific method can help students write about science in a vivid and creative way.

Once upon a time there was a pterodactyl…

Today, scientists need more than top-class research skills. They need to have good writing and communication skills too: after all, what good is a discovery if you can’t communicate it to others? One way to develop this skill is to adapt the long-established scientific method to encourage excellence in writing creatively about science. Just like writing, the scientific method starts with an idea and ends with a publication. The basic idea of writing creative non-fiction is storytelling: finding a narrative way to share factually accurate scientific knowledge in a captivating and vivid manner.

To see how the writing process can replicate the step-by-step process that scientists use in their normal work, let’s look first at the two processes side by side, and then at the writing process in more detail. Material. Lek_ekologi_Bi_lagan_nr_3_2012_s_29.pdf. Laborationer i biologi. Gnm_skolor_studiematerial_liv i sjo. _skolor_studiematerial_liv i lov. Bilagan1 2007 mossguide. Animal Life Cycle Coloring Pages. Loading...

Animal Life Cycle Coloring Pages

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