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Eco-home. Sustainable/Low Cost Homes. Components for Microhydro Systems Man powers his home from local stream with DIY micro-hydro plant. A man named Manfred Mornhinweg found the modern world too "noisy and hectic", so he decided to build himself a house on a quiet 40 hectare piece of land in Chile.

Man powers his home from local stream with DIY micro-hydro plant

Part of his project involved building a micro-hydro plant to generate electricity for his dream home, and he documented the DIY adventure on his (very old-school) website. I found it interesting, and though that you might enjoy it too. Unfortunately, there's no single photo that gives an overview of the whole micro-hydro plant, but this generic drawing gives a good idea of the concept: United States Department of Energy/Public Domain Here are a few photos from the project: © Ludens This is the outflow from the turbine, where the "poor, tired water" (said tongue-in-cheek, of course -- the water's fine) comes out after doing the hard work of spinning the turbine that generates the electricity. For the whole thing, visit Ludens. 20 Amazing DIY Recyling Ideas. Urasa, una casa de verano de los Yakuts del sur de Siberia, Rusia. Civilization Starter Kit DVD v0.01.

Architecture and Vision - 073. Get Involved. Product. Affordable Drip Irrigation for Small-Plot Farmers Driptech has created the best drip irrigation system for small-plot famers - affordable, high quality, and easy-to-use.


Without the need for expensive and complex emitters, Driptech systems are priced at least 50% lower than the nearest competition. Architecture and Vision - 073. Manual práctico de Compostaje 2. NEW VIPUKIRVES LEVERAXE 2 - Vipukirves Web Store. NEW VIPUKIRVES Leveraxe 2: - Innovative and efficient design. - Lighter and faster. - Very hard stainless steel (Duplex). - Latest methods in manufacturing.

NEW VIPUKIRVES LEVERAXE 2 - Vipukirves Web Store

Heikki Vipukirves – Leveraxe was born almost 10 years ago. Physics-exploiting axe splits wood in record time -Interesting Engineering. A new axe design has taken full advantage of known physics to chop the time it takes to split up a log of wood.

Physics-exploiting axe splits wood in record time -Interesting Engineering

Finnish inventor Heikki Kärnä is the man behind the Vipukirves Leveraxe and his aim was to redesign the axe using simple principles of physics to make it more efficient and safer. [Image Courtesy of Heikki Kärnä] This 1.9kg is more than a unique personal item, they are actually for sale but they do come at a price – €193.12. So what is it about this axe that would convince you to spend the little extra over a traditional design. Aerogenerador Bornay 1500. Los Aerogeneradores Bornay, son pioneros en aprovechar la energía del viento, en llevar luz donde no la hay.

Aerogenerador Bornay 1500

El aerogenerador Bornay 1500 ha sido concebido para trabajar en conjunto con instalaciones solares. CONTACT - MEKA WORLD. What would our homes look like if designed around how we use them? It's probably no secret that the American home is a bit of a porker.

What would our homes look like if designed around how we use them?

In 2013, the median and average new, single family house was 2,478 and 2,662 square feet respectively--higher than previous, 2007 pre- bubble figures. Compare this to 1950, when the average new home was a mere 983 square feet. And that's not all. Fewer people are living in today's home; average household sizes have shrunk from about 3.37 in 1950 to 2.55 today. And we are all probably familiar with the environmental implications of these bigger, less occupied homes: they require more resources to build and maintain, they lead to sprawl, requiring more resources to get to and from, yada, yada, yada. But somehow the McMansion pill would be a bit easier to swallow if these big homes were used.

Permies: a big crowd of permaculture goofballs. Top 6 inventos con energía solar. MicroHouse 4 - Open Source Ecology. Una mini-vivienda inteligente para estudiantes. Email 4803 13+ 17Email Estas mini-viviendas, fueron ideadas por Tengbom Architects.

Una mini-vivienda inteligente para estudiantes

Sanitarios secos, como no gastar agua y ayudar al Medio Ambiente. Introducción.

Sanitarios secos, como no gastar agua y ayudar al Medio Ambiente

Racks Dinámicos - Metalservice. The Humanure Handbook - Table of Contents. OUR BEST SELLING TITLE!

The Humanure Handbook - Table of Contents

OVER 60,000 SOLD. 3rd edition published September 2005, 255 pages, 19 photos, 42 tables and charts, 55 drawings, indexed, and signed by the author! Muebles transformables: todo lo necesario, cuando hace falta. El mobiliario transformable aumenta la versatilidad de espacios reducidos, permitiendo que se superpongan usos en función del usuario, la actividad o la hora del día.

Muebles transformables: todo lo necesario, cuando hace falta

Una nueva generación de mobiliario versátil (conocido como "transformable", "convertible" o, usando el término inglés, "transformer") extrae el potencial de hasta el último centímetro cuadrado. Yuanda Grupo. *faircompanies - videos, information & tools on simple living, sustainability. Self-feeding, Self-watering Pot (Video) Arboretum PDC. 12 cosas que cualquier jardinero urbano primerizo debería saber.

Si por primera vez tienes un piso (o una casa, si eres afortunado) con un trocito de patio o terraza estarás pensando en aprovecharlo. Ahora bien, nunca has cultivado nada y la simple idea de crear tu propio jardín resulta, como poco, imponente. Aun así, tenemos buenas noticias: no es tan complejo como tú piensas. Y también malas… es más difícil de lo que crees. The Victorian Stumpery Meets Hugelkultur: Timeless Matchmaking With Permaculture. The Inspirational Stumpery by Jane-Ann Liddle I’m crazy about hugelkultur.

I love the concept of burying old fallen and felled trees to provide years of slow-release compost for crops to come. I love using waste material for something useful. I love not having to turn or move compost about. I love the chance to sculpt a really raised bed, something behemoth — hulking if you will — that makes a beautifully bountiful mound of vegetables. Sitting in our common area on the farm one afternoon, my wife Emma stumbled upon a friend’s Facebook post. MyEarthwork. Ciencia, inventos y experimentos en casa: Circuitos Útiles. 05. Fuente de laboratorio 0-30V 4A. Una herramienta imprescindible en el laboratorio o taller de electrónica es una fuente de alimentación que nos proporcione distintos voltajes con la cual podemos hacer muchos trabajos.

La otra opción es utilizar pilas y/o baterías, opción que puede valer ocasionalmente para salir del paso, pero muy engorrosa (y cara) a largo plazo. Fuentes hay de muchas clases, con más o menos prestaciones. Esta fuente que propongo no es de las más evolucionadas, pero tampoco es de las más básicas. Digamos que está a medio camino. Tippy-Tap: An Outdoor Hand-washing Device. ‘Mukombe’ Tippy-Tap Every year, 3.5 million children die from diarrhea and acute respiratory infection in developing countries. A simple act of washing hands with soap can prevent these illnesses and save 1.2 million of these children.

The solution lies in a simple hands-free device called Tippy-Tap. Permaculturists and gardeners can use it as a good outdoor hand-washing device, but for thousands of volunteers and NGOs working in developing countries, this could be a very handy and effective device to improve hygiene. (via Bowooss Bionic Pavilion) Bowooss Bionic Pavilion. cL terminada. ESTUCOS Y BOVEDAS / La cal. Riego por goteo desde depósito por gravedad y automatizado. El objetivo de este artículo es el de crear un sistema de riego por goteo casero, desde depósito, que tan de moda se está poniendo en pequeños huertos, huertos urbanos y jardines privados. Selected Works. Bone Sauce: A Tool for Deterring Browsing.

Bone sauce is a product of the destructive distillation of bones — a process which separates the volatile organic components (aka bone sauce, or Dippel’s oil) from the inorganic components (aka bone char — mostly calcium, carbon and phosphorous compounds). Bone sauce has a potent smell, somewhere between wood-creosote and rancid meat. When applied to the bole, branches, and shoots of dormant woody perennials it deters browsing by a range of herbivores. From wild animals like deer, elk and moose, to domestic stock such as sheep and cattle. Keep in mind that bone sauce is proven to be effective with herbivore’s and not with generalists/omnivores such as a pigs or rodents. For those working on a large scale, bone sauce is a fast, natural and highly economical way of protecting trees from browsing when compared with individual tree protection tubes or fencing.

We have seen no evidence that species, genus, or family has any effect on the success of the bone sauce. Open Source Ecology. GB 300.01 Compressed Earth Brick Machine Design and Build Workshop. Permies: a big crowd of permaculture goofballs. Rocket Mass Heaters - Permaculture Tools. September 2012. Photo: Sticky white rice growing in a streamside taro patch on Oahu, photo courtesy Hunter Heaivilin. After years working overseas in the Solomon Islands, Fiji, and now Vanuatu, ADRA Country Director David Cram refers to white rice as 'the scourge of the Pacific', and for good reason.

Polynesian cultures brought many of their sustenance plants with them as they migrated - the so-called canoe plants - and their cultivation practices both evolved with and shaped their lands. Photo: Taro under wet cultivation at Reppu's Farm in Waiahole Valley, Oahu (Hawaii) [photo credit: Pete Hodgson]. Taro, yams, and sweet potatoes were the staple crops of these peoples, supplemented by animal proteins from fish, fowl & pigs. White rice, although popular with modern polynesian cultures, was never a part of the traditional polynesian diet. Photo: Courtesy of Natural building and design. Bread Studio - Project - Shanghai EXPO INBAR. The objective of the “Bamboo and Rattan Product” international competition is to explore innovative ideas and for the Bamboo and Rattan as a material in Building and Product design.

It was exhibited in Madrid Pavilion in the Shanghai EXPO 2010. Our proposal is a building form created from sole expression for the elastic characteristic of the material itself. As an abundant and conventional industrial material in Chinese culture, the construction of it is relatively familiar and simple for a layman. Also the connection of the Bamboo is by cable which implies it can be easily dissembled and assembled.

That said, the material and connection can be recycled that the design expressed the sustainability nature of the material. The design of the proposal is meant to be flexible to adjust. Bamboo and Rattan Network - INBAR. Keeping Cool Without Air Conditioning, Part I: The Cool Pool. Staying cool without an air conditioner is possible. It is easier in hot, dry areas. Secret Stash. MittiCool. Remedio Casero contra la resaca. This site is dedicated to the do it yourselfer who is looking for info and resources to aid in the construction of a homemade gasifier based on the fema gasifier, check out our helpful video tutorials and many other helpful articles t.

Biogas - Biomass Energy. Biomass Gasification and Pellet Mills. Biomass Gasification and Pellet Mills. STAK-10K Stratified Downdraft Gasifier Do you want to learn to create your own electricity, your own vehicle fuel, or reduce your home heating/cooling costs? What would you do if a energy crisis began today? Downdraft gasification is an alternative energy technology that converts biomass materials such as wood into energy.

Biomass is mainly composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. When these elements meet in a controlled high temperature state, they combine together to become hydrogen gas, methane, and carbon monoxide. This site is dedicated to the do it yourselfer who is looking for info and resources to aid in the construction of a homemade gasifier based on the fema gasifier, check out our helpful video tutorials and many other helpful articles t. This site is dedicated to the do it yourselfer who is looking for info and resources to aid in the construction of a homemade gasifier based on the fema gasifier, check out our helpful video tutorials and many other helpful articles t.

Gasifier. Permaculture Projects: Chop and Drop Mulching. I almost chose not to write this quick article, but there are so many people that visit my site who are brand new to Permaculture, that I thought it would be worthwhile. Chop and Drop Mulching could be considered a basic core skill for Permaculturists. It is a little complicated, so I will do my best to explain it in a step-wise manner: Find a plant which could be mulched.Chop the plant down, or chop the leaves off the plant.Drop the plant or leaves to the ground.Walk away.

I hope I did not make it too difficult. (insert smiley face here!) All joking aside, Chop and Drop Mulching really is this easy. Nendo Dango: El sistema de agricultura Natural del Dr. Masanobu Fukuoka (mi sensei) « Hombres de Maíz. The Sustainable Organic Gardening Guide for Self-Sufficient People.

Red Euro Americana de Desarrollo Sostenible CREADESS

Tierra, Agua y Sol. Una Granja para el Futuro. Infografías de métodos de germinación. A visit to Melliodora with David Holmgren. Solar charger - search Instructables. Fun-Panel - Cocina Solar. Simple Homemade Solar Cookers for Easy Solar Cooking. Solar Cooker Solarkocher Cuiseur Solaire Cocina Solar Primrose Handbuch - Manual - Instrucciones - Instructions. CooKit. +Permacultura - Página Jimdo de coloidales. Una marmita de ideas. Red Estatal de Entidades Locales por el Compostaje Doméstico y Comunitario. Una marmita de ideas. Cable a Huerta. Vermi-Fertilization & Watering System. Farmstead Meatsmith: Meat Cookery (an e-book) Maderitas Dormitorios infantiles y juveniles. Primitive Technology, Traditional Skills and Hand-Made Tools. Search the Plan Catalog. Puente en Arunachal Pradesh, India. Evolución verde. Atmospheric Water Generators.

Kondenskompressor. Un horno solar, para hacer agua potable. Como diferenciar los diferentes tipos de plásticos reciclados. WASTE LAND.

Manualidades reciclaje

Green Plastics: the new science of bioplastic. Make your own bioplastic (extended version) Reciclaje - Plástico vegetal. Readapta 2.0. GiraDora. Lavadora y secadora a pedal. LED Tattoo. EL MUNDO DEL RECICLAJE.