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Project Videos If you appreciate the free content of this site, please thank our sponsors. If you appreciate the free content of this site, please thank our sponsors. An 8020 Bench - talkFestool My new 8020 workbench, 58 by 30.5 inches, 32 inches high. Part 1 - Legs and Frame All of the talk around here about making benches reminded me that I've planning to build one. The game plan was to use one of my lower kitchen cabinets when I build the new ones. That cabinet project has been on hold for a while and could be for another 6 months so I decided it was time to move on with the workbench. vanilla scented soy candles I don't consider myself the crafty type, but attempting to make my own candles was a project I decided to take on for my monthly clean living column in clean eating magazine. It actually turned out to be pretty easy and you can make 6 candles for $5 each! what you need: glue gun 6 pre-tabbed naturally coated cotton wicks

An 8020 Work Bench I have the details and lots of pictures posted here at talkFestool. No use posting it twice. Actually, I've been unsuccessful trying to join there because what is believed to be blocking twice now by my ISP for the registration confirmation email, and as a result cannot view the pictures you've got over there. Has anybody else had this problem registering at TalkFestool? My ISP is Bell Sympatico. I just sent them another "Contact Email" at TF describing this problem, further explaining that I had received the second attempt to receive the confirmation email on my BlackBerry only where they should be showing up on my Desktop PC as well, but the site won't allow me to confirm from the BlackBerry.

- StumbleUpon Whether you’re an employer trying to research a sketchy job candidate, someone suspicious of the show-off date they found online, or trying to research sex offenders in your area, there are a number of free internet tools to turn you into an amateur private eye. Check out our list of 50 totally free services that will let you dig up the dirt on anyone. All-in-One Services and Public Records Search Searching through public records is easy when you turn to these free sites that connect you to internet databases of court records, jail records, corporate records, and more. Free Public Records Finder: Search free public records by state, view corporate records, court records, criminal records and more on this Search by state to look up court records on almost anyone. Criminal Background Checks

17 Incredibly Useful DIY Projects With PVC Pipes - Top Inspirations PVC pipes are not only for waterways, you can also use them to make some incredibly useful DIY projects. Some of these PVC pipe projects include a PVC pipe sunburst mirror, wine storage, toothbrush holders, flower vases, wall decorative detail, etc. These DIY ideas will help you stay organized and decorate your home in a new and unique way. How to Build Your Own Workbench/Storage Shelf Out of all the virtually unlimited projects you can make with Kee Klamp fittings, the workbench/storage shelf is undoubtedly one of the most versatile. You can use it in your garage to hold your tools, in your living area to display knick knacks, or in your bathroom to hold towels and toiletries. This combination workbench/shelf can also function quite well in a nursery, bedroom, kitchen, pantry, foyer, game room, or any other nook and cranny around your home. Admitting that this piece was a winner for all of our customers was a given. However, our challenge with this undertaking was to make it as cost-effective as we could, since the wood alone could add hundreds of dollars to the project. In the effort to illustrate that a low-cost alternative could be easily accomplished, we tackled the project with a $200 budget.

How to Finish Drywall: 18 Steps to Smooth Joints There are few home improvement tasks greeted with more dread than finishing drywall. If you're like most people, you hope that you've already done your last finishing job. Unfortunately, if you enjoy working on your home, you are bound to be confronted by this task again. Instead Of Throwing Empty Bottles Away, She Transforms Them Into Something I NEED In My Home It seems that day after day, the price of most things is going up. Sometimes pinching your pennies is wise, especially when it comes to small decorations. With so much knowledge at our fingertips, making our own beautiful creations is extremely easy. Here are a bunch of ideas that not only save money, but also re-use some bottles you may have laying around.

Building a Garden Bench Cut the three (3) leg frame parts for each side out of the 4x4s. Each 4x4 will yeild one leg frame. See the diagrams and pictures below. 50 Things You Should Stop Buying & Start Making Published with permission from Natural Living Ideas You might be realizing that most of the products out there that aren’t made organically or naturally contain a lot of toxic chemicals. Not only that, many of these products can be harmful to our environment in a number of ways.

10 Websites To Learn Photoshop Online Photoshop is hard. There are all kinds of commands, actions, effects, and tools that you’ve got to figure out, and the learning curve is one of the steepest you’ll ever encounter. (But it’s still better than the alternatives!) Fortunately, the web is chock-full of amazing resources that you can use to catapult yourself past the dreaded newbie/intermediate phases. With deliberate practice, you’ll be a Photoshop ninja in no time and your confidence will shoot through the roof. Here are 10 such resources for learning Photoshop on the web. Homemade Glue Recipe During their childhood, kids use a large amount of glue. Most of them are chemical mixtures with no ingredients listed on the packaging. You can only imagine what’s in there. Preschoolers love pasting and collage, as well as tasting anything that comes close to their mouths. Besides the awful taste, shop bought glue might not be the perfect substance for their tummies. School kids have (hopefully) learned not to lick the glue, but having it on their skin and, occasionally, all over them, isn’t good either as we know that our skin absorbs anything that’s put on it.