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Library Annual Reports & Goals

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One million clicks for libraries. It’s been a year since we announced that physical collections of library books have started showing up in the knowledge panel in Google.

One million clicks for libraries

In that time, a lot has changed. (Both the understatement and the can’t-be-said-enough-truth of 2020). The biggest change is that most of us are online more now, even those of us who were online a lot before. School, meetings, knitting clubs, book clubs, dance classes – those are all online now. Whether or not your library is open to the public, library services have changed to be more hands-off, while remaining relevant to the needs of your community. The big question, of course, is what does this all mean? The hardest part is that we don’t have all (or even most) of the answers yet. Your readers, finding your library on Google. Noticed anything the last time you searched for a book in Google?

Your readers, finding your library on Google

Check out Becoming, by Michelle Obama (and read it, if you haven’t!). Over on the right side of the page, you'll see the what's called the knowledge panel. In that knowledge panel are the book jacket and information on where to purchase the book. Plus now you'll also see where to borrow the book in different formats. Library collections show up in that knowledge panel when they subscribe to NoveList's Linked Library Service. You’re probably used to seeing the retail sources like Amazon and Barnes and Noble, but this is the first time that physical collections owned by libraries are now also displayed as options.

Facts and Figures - About - FIU Libraries at Florida International University. Grants & Contracts In the past 5 years (2014/15-2019/20), the FIU Libraries’ GIS Center, Digital Collection Center, Sound and Imagery department, in collaboration with other academic units and institutions, have secured a direct total of over $2.1 million in external funding.

Facts and Figures - About - FIU Libraries at Florida International University

Funding agencies included the USAID, the South Florida Water Management District, the National Park Service, the National Science Foundation (NSF), National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) the Miami-Dade Transportation Planning Organization (TPO), LYRASIS, Southeast Florida Library Information Network (SELFIN), Latin Grammy Cultural Foundation, City of Miami Beach, the City of Coral Gables, etc. Coral Gables’ Virtual History, the web GIS-based Sea Level Rise Impact Tool, and the Transportation Outreach Planner are examples of innovative applications of digital libraries and/or geo-spatial tools in disseminating community’s cultural heritage and intellectual properties, as well as in engaging community planning.

Library school infographic. Channeling Your Inner School Librarian Superhero through Annual Reports. Faster than a laser barcode scanner, More powerful than a superhero, Able to leap tall shelves in a single bound, Look, over in the library!

Channeling Your Inner School Librarian Superhero through Annual Reports

It’s a teacher! It’s a leader! 2018 LINDSEY ANNUAL REPORT 2018. MHS Library 2015-2016. Smore Newsletters for Education. 2017-18 - Waggener High School Library Annual Reports - LibGuides at Jefferson County Public Schools (KY) Annual Reports – It’s That Time of Year. By Kathryn Roots Lewis As a library supervisor, I love school library program annual reports.

Annual Reports – It’s That Time of Year

They are succinct, providing thoughtful refection and glimpses of the future. For site librarians, annual reports provide a wonderful opportunity to advocate and lay the groundwork for the future. A way to tell your library story! Annual reports can be used with many audiences. Using a visual format is appealing and lets the audience get a look at your program in a quick, inviting way. Consider a blend of the following: PicturesStatisticsQuotesProgram highlightsAnecdotal accountsGraphics Information to include: While statistics are important, consider them carefully. Make an appointment with your principal to discuss your report. There are literally dozens of ways to collect evidence to help you analyze your program and plan goals. Valenza, Joyce Kasman. Like this: Like Loading... Categories: Advocacy/Leadership, Blog Topics, Community/Teacher Collaboration, Supervisor's Corner.

Annual Reports - PA School Library Project - LibGuides at PSLA. Lindsey Library Plan 2016-2017.docx. 2018 LINDSEY ANNUAL REPORT 2018. Smore Newsletters for Education. Edward Harris, Jr.

Smore Newsletters for Education

Middle School Presenting databases and Sacramento Public Library homework support to our students and their parents at Parent University in SeptemberCelebrating Banned Book Week and promoting reading with studentsCollaborating with Sacramento Public Librarian, Elsie Mak Teaching students to use Google Drive and Noodle ToolsBook Tasting with Mr.

The MTHS/EHMS Library continues to be a hub of learning and activity. This year we welcomed the return of library technicians. With two more adults in the building, the library was able to offer more assistance to students and more events as well as tackle some much needed projects. Annual report. What difference has your library and its services made to student learning? What were the year’s highlights and which areas need future development? How do you know? For each area of content you include in your report, you'll need evidence gathered over the course of the year. Explain how this evidence shows positive outcomes for your students, staff and school community. Keep your intended audience in mind while you’re writing the report.

The following topics are a guide. RIYL Libraries - Annual Library Report. Palisades High School Library Annual report 2017 2018. 2017-18 - Waggener High School Library Annual Reports - LibGuides at Jefferson County Public Schools (KY) Smore Newsletters for Education. Smore Newsletters for Education. 2016 First Semester Library Report. MHS Library 2015-2016. 2016-17 End of Year Report. 2016 First Semester Library Report.

2017-2018 End of Year Report Copy. - Fall 2017 Library Report. MHS Fall Library Update. Dumplin' by Julie Murphy--(Coming to Netflix Dec. 2018) Willowdean's Mom runs the annual Teen Blue Bonnet pageant.

MHS Fall Library Update

Willowdean decides to compete despite being a plus size girl. Through her journey, she learns more about herself and being content with her size. Speak: the Graphic Novel by Laurie Halse Anderson and Emily Carroll--This critically acclaimed 1999 novel on a young girls experience with aftermath of a sexual assault has found a new audience with the graphic novel version. Halse-Anderson's story comes to life with Carroll's artwork that draws the reader into Melinda's life as a silent victim struggling to find her voice. From Twinkle with Love by Sandhya Menon--Written as journal entries, letters to famous filmmakers, text messages and emails, Twinkle Mehra takes the reader on a romantic comedy adventure with high school crushes, navigating friendships and film-making with the twin brother of her crush. Channeling Your Inner School Librarian Superhero through Annual Reports.

Channeling Your Inner School Librarian Superhero through Annual Reports.