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Please explore how school librarians have shared/reported evidence of their impact. (I'll be happy to post on your behalf if you like.)

Annual Reports - NYC School Librarian Guidebook (Dr. V) Bruce-Guadalupe Community School Library Annual Report 2018-19 (Caroline) King School Library Biennial Report (Meg) Jane Lofton's Mira Costa H.S. Library Annual Report (Eden) I officially began my summer vacation on Friday, but I was determined to get an annual report for my library finished before trying to relax.

Jane Lofton's Mira Costa H.S. Library Annual Report (Eden)

Here it is. It includes positives, as well as a few challenges I hope my administrators will consider. Please share any comments and anything I may have left out. For better viewing, go to this direct link. In case you are interested in how I made this, I created the graphics in, one of my favorite graphics tools. Have wonderful summer! Library Annual Report 2017 2018 (Amber) PHSLibrary Made for State of Schools (Dori) Smith Middle School Library Annual Report 2012-13 (Lauren) Library Media Center Annual Report - by Ms. Jenkins (LuAnn) 2011-2012 End of Year Report by Tiffany Whitehead (Tamara) Falmouth Elementary School. University High School Library Annual Report 2012-13/FY2013 I. Unit Narrative.

This report is not flashy, but really detailed and informative. It does a good job of in-depth analysis of all the library's activities and delivery on goals. – mfuchs

Carolina Friends School Lower School Library Annual Report 2014-15. Weston High School Library Annual Report ; Shared By: Amanda Carey. Library End of the Year Report - Flathead High School (Ana Sanchez) 2013-14 - Eastern High School Library Annual Report - LibGuides at Jefferson County Public Schools (KY) (Fran Kyrtatas) Annual Report for the Library Media Center 2013-14 School Year Statistics Circulation statistics: 7812 OPAC Activity: 2162.

2013-14 - Eastern High School Library Annual Report - LibGuides at Jefferson County Public Schools (KY) (Fran Kyrtatas)

Lincoln End of Year Report 2018-2019 (Jessica) End of the School Year Report (Chrissy) Nevada Middle School Library Another year has come and gone...

End of the School Year Report (Chrissy)

My 15th year at Nevada Middle School has come and gone. If it's even possible, I think each year gets better and better. As the library media specialist, I know that much of my work is behind the scenes, so I like to take a minute to reflect on the past year to look at the accomplishments and look ahead to make some goals for the coming year. My Personal Accomplishments Attended Adaptive Schools Training (highly recommend everyone to attend)Authored a Tuesday Tech Tidbit newsletter that averaged around 80 views each week from all across the country.Presented Power Hour sessions at several Professional Development Days in the districtAttended CTA executive committee, technology committee, curriculum council, and reading restructuring committee meetingsPresented a workshop at MORENET Conference in St.

I'm always trying to improve the NMS library. Thank you so much for your support. Christopher Lainson - Media Center - IMC / Circulation Statistic Reports. Skip to Main Content District Home Sign In Translate Select a School Jackson Memorial.

Christopher Lainson - Media Center - IMC / Circulation Statistic Reports

(Haley James) 2015-2016 - Indian Hill School Library Annual Report - LibGuides at Omaha Public Schools. We start out the year with some long range grade level goals.

(Haley James) 2015-2016 - Indian Hill School Library Annual Report - LibGuides at Omaha Public Schools

We infuse these goals with the concepts being taught in the classroom by using the pacing guides. Here is a brief summary of what we accomplished this year in grades K and 1st: August: Expectations/procedures/rhyming books September: Authors/illustrators/begin Golden Sower books/author websites October: Informational text, (print resource); table of contents, headings, labels/ Fiction: beginning, middle, end. November: Informational text, (online resource), PebbleGo, navigating this database and using its tools.Continue Golden Sower. December: Continue Golden Sower/ sequencing January: Finish Golden Sower/ Biographies, Martin Luther King, Jr.

February: Biography, print resource, George Washington./ Prepare for author visit, Jodi Moore March: Dr. April: School wide focus on anto bullying, How Full is Your Bucket. May: Imagery, through poetry and Kevin Henkes' book, Waiting. Springfield Township High School Annual Report, June 2011 by Joyce Valenza (Ariel)

This is just so comprehensive! Images, hyperlinks,'s all here with an accompanying narrative reviewing the year's events. – arichvalsky

Library Media Center Annual Report - by Ms. Jenkins (Ariel)

I find the visual nature of this infographic appealing and accessible. It gives circulation statistics and program information in a quick, easy-to-read format. – arichvalsky

South Portland High School Learning Commons (Margi) (Holly) Schlosser 15 Annual Report 2014. NDMS Media Center. Skokie Public Library 2018 Year in Review. Creekview HS, The Unquiet Library Annual Report 2011, Part 1 (Christina B). I’m happy to share with you the first part of my annual library report that I created in Microsoft Word.

Creekview HS, The Unquiet Library Annual Report 2011, Part 1 (Christina B).

Each media center in our district is mandated to submit an annual report; in the past, we shared program highlights related to each of the four roles under Information Power, but I’m excited that we have transitioned to the five roles from Empowering Learners for this year’s report. I always struggle with finding a balance in the information and data I include as I don’t want to have so much that it overwhelms a reader—it is easy to go overboard on charts/graphs/quotes—but of the four annual reports I’ve written, I think I’m happiest with this year’s edition. I think I’ve improved the narratives and organization this year as well as the use of graphics and media; I also love the Word template I selected to create the report because it looks clean and streamlined yet professional. Bruce Guadalupe Community School 2017-2018 Library Annual Report (Jill B.) School Libraries and the Development of Intellectual Agency (Christina W.) This paper presents selected key findings of the first phase of a multiphase research study commissioned by the New Jersey Association of School Librarians (NJASL) in 2009 and undertaken by the Center for International Scholarship in School Libraries (CISSL) at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey.

School Libraries and the Development of Intellectual Agency (Christina W.)

The overall research agenda seeks: (a) to construct a picture of the status of New Jersey's school libraries and the work of school librarians in the educational landscape of New Jersey, (b) to understand the contribution of quality school libraries to education in New Jersey, (c) to understand the contextual and professional dynamics that inhibit and enable school libraries to contribute significantly to educational agendas, and (d) to make recommendations to key stakeholders to develop a sustained and long-term program of capacity-building and evidence-based continuous improvement of school libraries in New Jersey.

School Library Research (Christina W.) Schlosser 15 Annual Report (Christina C. ) Librarian Growth Rubric Informal Evaluation Form (Christina C.) 2012 Kaegebein Elementary School Library Annual Report (Kathleen B) MCHS Library 2014-2015 Annual Report (Amy) Mgms annual report 2010 11 (Amy) Library Annual Report 2018-19 (Kathryn B) Flushing High School School Library June 2018 Instituted a new "Entrepreneurship Collection" of resources for students, through a Cooperative Collection Development Grant from the NYC School LIbrary Services.

Library Annual Report 2018-19 (Kathryn B)

This collection reflects student interest in developing start ups and will complement the Business concentration core curriculum. The collection includes $2000 worth of new materials and will grow by $500 each year.Awarded a Reading in Action Grant, over $600 worth of resources added to our collection to inspire our students to make a difference.Increased our Ebook collection to continue to support homework completion, research projects, and digital literacy skills. Jefferson County Public Schools (KY) 2017-2018 Annual Report (Susan B) Palisades High School Library Annual report 2017 2018 (Mary Kate) BOE Assessment Report Sept 24 2018 (Richelle)

2017-2018 - Eastern High School Library Annual Report - (Karen) Library Media Center Annual Report - by Ms. Jenkins (M. Aluotto) Smore Newsletters for Education. Edward Harris, Jr.

Click on the link to view this in a new tab. The preview doesn't show off all of the data, videos, pictures, links, and hard work that went into this annual report. The most intriguing section was the professional accomplishments because the whole report highlighted all of their professional accomplishments; however, this section showcased some of their personal projects and achievements throughout the year. – mbsieminski

Middle School Presenting databases and Sacramento Public Library homework support to our students and their parents at Parent University in SeptemberCelebrating Banned Book Week and promoting reading with studentsCollaborating with Sacramento Public Librarian, Elsie Mak Teaching students to use Google Drive and Noodle ToolsBook Tasting with Mr.

Smore Newsletters for Education

The MTHS/EHMS Library continues to be a hub of learning and activity. This year we welcomed the return of library technicians. With two more adults in the building, the library was able to offer more assistance to students and more events as well as tackle some much needed projects. Collaboration for Student Research All 7th-grade students participated in a library orientation through their English Language Arts classes. This year I visited some classrooms to conduct research lessons on Chrome books. Jennifer Jenkins and Amy Cima invited me into their classrooms to assist with lessons conducted on Chrome books.

Mr. Schlosser 15 Annual Report 2014 (Jenna M.) MJS Library News (from our own Karen!) Thank you!

MJS Library News (from our own Karen!)

Your involvement and support of our library and its activities have helped get the 2018-19 school year off to an energetic start. September & October 2018 -- What's new? Check out this newsletter for information in the following categories:Classes in the LibraryPlanning for collaborationSharing your reading lifeSigning up for the libraryBuilding your classroom libraryLibrary Circulation Ideas for Collaboration Not sure how to collaborate? Let me know if you want to try any of these ideas for taking learning beyond the four walls of our classroom. Ready to plan? PDHS 2016-2017 end of year report (Rebecca B.) More information PDHS 2016-17 EOY Library Report | Piktochart Infographic Editor Find this Pin and more on End of Year Library Reports by Sedgwick Library. Tags End Of Year Library Ideas. 2016-17 - Shacklette Elementary Library Annual Report (Maria) Annual report from New Zealand National Library (Maria)

What difference has your library and its services made to student learning? What were the year’s highlights and which areas need future development? How do you know? For each area of content you include in your report, you'll need evidence gathered over the course of the year. Schlosser 15 Annual Report 2014 (Maria) Williamson Middle School Library submitted by Mary-Catherine Jenkins. Jazz: 2017-18 - Waggener High School Library Annual Reports. Library Media Center Annual Report - by Ms. Jenkins (Marissa)

(Anina) 2012libraryannual report new. Home - Tejeda MS Library Annual Report 2016-2017 - NEISD Library Services at North East ISD.

I added this before but it seemed to have disappeared! I chose this report because it included past years showing the changes throughout those years, as well as images, statistics, "technology integration," and other items that would be useful for different stakeholders to be aware of. – laurenjames3

Schlosser 15 Annual Report 2014. School Library Annual Reports: Connecting the Dots Between Your Library And Student Learning (Shared by Allison) My last principal used to call May "the month of mayhem. " And for good reason. In the northern hemisphere anyway, May means warmer weather, antsy students (and teachers), testing, testing (and more testing), and a rapidly approaching end to yet another school year. For me, however, May also meant the creation of my annual report.

Annual reports were never required in my district or by my principal, but after seeing the work of other librarians whose districts did require these types of reflections, I knew I wanted to make completing one for my library a part of my year end routine. Lisa S. Library Report 2016.

If you click on the image, it will take you to the Weston High School Library's annual report. I wanted to include this report as well because it is a different approach, and because I am inspired by a lot of what Alida Hanson does. My other example is detailed, and presents a more narrative description of the year in newsletter form. This presentation is short, sweet, and clear. I think she made good, strategic choices in terms of what to include in the report. I also think it is visually appealing, and that people who view the presentation will likely retain what she has presented. – lsteel715

Lisa S. Claymont Library Year End Review. Future Ready Librarians This past summer at the ISTE and ALA annual conferences, Future Ready Schools announced a new framework for Future Ready Librarians.

There are a few reasons why I chose this annual report as an example. First, I like her use of the Future Ready Librarians framework to review her year. I would like to think about how to incorporate both FRL and the AASL standards when reflecting on the year (perhaps using the Wisconsin School Libraries prompts to help). I also really like a lot of what she accomplished! I especially liked her mention of her newsletter's success, and how she added the "book the librarian" feature to encourage teachers to come to the library. Finally, I will take to heart her suggestion that teachers are more likely to try technology and blended learning strategies with their students if the students are already familiar with the tools. I will have to think about how to make that happen, because I agree. It might seem a lot less daunting of a task to try something new if it isn't totally new to everyone in the room. Not all teachers (or students) are comfortable with the whole, "Let's all learn together!" approach. – lsteel715

Led by Bill Bass and continuing the work started by Dr. Marty's commitment to Parkway Schools becoming Future Ready, the Parkway librarians' professional development for the past year has focused on how to apply this initiative to drive the direction of our libraries. Smith Middle School Library Annual Report 2012-13 (Jenna J.) 9 REASONS TO READ MORE. AASL's Guidelines for School Library Programs recognize that a basic tenet of the school library program is to promote reading. This infographic summarizes the many supported benefits of encouraging students to read (Sylvia D) 2018 Annual Report for website (sylvia d)

In this report CHPL provides an in depth report analyzing access to innovative technologies and a wide-range of programs. Important items addressed in the report stated a brief review of 2018, Event Highlights, partnership with the Cherry Hill Public Library, Donations and Fundraising, Gifts, Grants. (sylvia d) – sdynak