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Banned Books Week

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A history of Harry Potter books being burned — and J.K. Rowling’s perfect responses. Harry Potter author J.K.

A history of Harry Potter books being burned — and J.K. Rowling’s perfect responses

Rowling has earned the scorn of Donald Trump supporters over the past few months, but recently, readers who don’t align with Rowling’s political views have taken it one step further by burning her books. After publicly condemning Trump’s immigration ban on citizens from seven Muslim-majority countries, Rowling was faced with angry tweets from few readers who were “disgusted” with her response. Rowling then blurred out the names, pictures and handles of a few readers and reposted the messages, offering her thoughts on each. They can be seen below. Rowling’s responses are a little more straightforward than they usually are when people take issue with her political views, but the concept of burning Harry Potter books as retaliation isn’t new. “I have met thousands of children now, and not even one time has a child come up to me and said, “Ms. Rowling also reportedly lost out on the Presidential Medal of Freedom under George W. Harry Potter author J.K. 15 Classic Books That Were Banned for the Most Ridiculous Reasons.

The history of banned books might easily be misconstrued as a history of important books — so many organizations, private and public, have targeted influential books for censorship that it may seem as though a book must be banned to make it onto a list of classic literature.

15 Classic Books That Were Banned for the Most Ridiculous Reasons

Luckily, the bans are mostly ineffective and limited in their longevity. Books people tried to ban from schools and libraries in 2018 - Insider. The American Library Association released a list of the top 11 most challenged books of 2018.

Books people tried to ban from schools and libraries in 2018 - Insider

"George" — by Alex Gino about a transgender girl — was the most challenged book.A majority of books on the list contain LGBTQ themes.Visit for more stories. Every year, the American Library Association (ALA) tracks challenges to books in schools and libraries from concerned readers who want them censored, removed, or banned altogether. Diverse Banned Books - Banned Books Week - LibGuides at University of North Florida. ONE OF TIME'S TEN MOST IMPORTANT NONFICTION BOOKS OF THE TWENTIETH CENTURY With its first great victory in the landmark Supreme Court decision Brown v.

Diverse Banned Books - Banned Books Week - LibGuides at University of North Florida

Board of Education in 1954, the civil rights movement gained the powerful momentum it needed to sweep forward into its crucial decade, the 1960s. As voices of protest and change rose above the din of history and false promises, one voice sounded more urgently, more passionately, than the rest. Frequently Challenged Books. ALA's Office for Intellectual Freedom (OIF) receives reports from libraries, schools, and the media on attempts to ban books in communities across the country. We compile lists of challenged books in order to inform the public about censorship efforts that affect libraries and schools. Peruse the following pages to explore banned and challenged books by topic, genre, time, and audience. Banned Books 2019 - Author - Marshall Libraries. 19 Banned Books If They Were Made Appropriate.

Top Banned Books - Banned Books - LibGuides at Arizona State University. Children’s Books: A common reason given for challenging a book is “unsuited/inappropriate for age group.”

Top Banned Books - Banned Books - LibGuides at Arizona State University

Authors such as Alvin Schwartz, Mildred D. Taylor and Roald Dahl are listed more than once on this list of 130 frequently challenged children’s books. Harry Potter banned: Nashville Catholic school bans "Harry Potter" book series, citing risk of "conjuring evil spirits" A Catholic school in Nashville, Tennessee has banned the "Harry Potter" series because a reverend at the school claims the books include both good and evil magic, as well as spells, which, if read by a human can conjure "evil spirits," according to the Tennessean.

Harry Potter banned: Nashville Catholic school bans "Harry Potter" book series, citing risk of "conjuring evil spirits"

The publication obtained an email from Rev. Dan Reehil, a pastor at Saint Edwards Catholic School parish, which was sent to parents. In the email, Reehil explains in the email that he has consulted several exorcists in the U.S. and Rome, and it was recommended that the school remove the books, the Tennessean reports. "These books present magic as both good and evil, which is not true, but in fact a clever deception," Rev. Reehil said of the seven-part "Harry Potter" book series. CBS News has reached out to the school district for comment. The pastor made the decision after receiving an inquiry from a parent, Hammel told the Tennessean. Spotlight on Censorship: 'Eleanor and Park' By: Kristin Pekoll Published in 2013, Eleanor & Park is a young adult novel of first love, acceptance, and self-image.

Spotlight on Censorship: 'Eleanor and Park'

For the first time, this New York Times bestseller is listed on ALA’s Top Ten Challenged Books list, clocking in at No. 10. While there are a number of discussions and debates about the problematic depiction of race and abuse in the book, the reason most consistently reported to ALA for parental complaints is offensive language. In an interview with The Toast, author Rainbow Rowell talks about the irony of these objections. “Eleanor and Park themselves almost never swear … I use profanity in the book to show how vulgar and sometimes violent the characters’ worlds are.” On the first page, Park is pressing his headphones into his ears. Spotlight on Censorship: 'Eleanor and Park'

11 Challenged and Banned Books. The American Library Associations Office for Intellectual Freedom compiles an annual list of the most challenged and banned books.

11 Challenged and Banned Books

Normally, that list is only ten titles long, but this year’s list includes eleven titles, some of which were even burned by censors! Let’s take a look… George by Alex Gino. Orange City book-burning case continues. ORANGE CITY—A 63-year-old Ocheyedan man who burned LGBTQ-themed library books last year has requested that the charge against him be dismissed.

Orange City book-burning case continues

Paul Robert Dorr has pleaded not guilty to one count of fifth-degree criminal mischief, a simple misdemeanor, for burning four Orange City Public Library children’s books on Oct. 19. According to the complaint filed by the Orange City Police Department, Dorr went to the library on Oct. 6 and checked out four books: “Two Boys Kissing,” “This Day in June,” “Morris Micklewhite and the Tangerine Dress” and “Families, Families, Families.” Dorr, of the Rescuing the Perishing religious group, recorded a Facebook Live video on Oct. 19 — during the three-day OC Pride festival in Orange City — of himself burning the library books, damaging them beyond use.

A jury trial in the case has been scheduled for 9 a.m. Aug. 6 at the Sioux County Courthouse in Orange City. According to Dorr’s motion to dismiss, the claims against him should be dismissed: OIF Infographic June Page 2 0. Top 10 Censored Rock Songs. Rock 'n' roll has always been about breaking rules and pushing boundaries.

Top 10 Censored Rock Songs

So, it’s not a surprise that every entry in our list of the Top 10 Censored Rock Songs is an all-out classic. The songs were either altered or banned completely from radio, television, department stores and even the singles charts. 11 Challenged and Banned Books. Orange City book-burning case continues. Media Center / Banned Books Week Sept 2019. Local Pastors Attempt to Ban Books from Banned Books Display at Maine Public Library - National Coalition Against Censorship. Don’t Leave Students in the Dark. Celebrate Banned Books Week, September 22-28, 2019 By: Jamie Gregory Censorship leaves us in the dark. Keep the light on. Dear Banned Author Letter-Writing Campaign. About l Get Involved l Postcards l Author Mailing Addresses l DBA Drawing & Prize Tips for Hosting a Program l Tips for Tweeting l Promotional Tools for Libraries About Dear Banned Author is a letter-writing campaign hosted by the American Library Association’s Office for Intellectual Freedom.

During Banned Books Week (September 22-28), readers are encouraged to write (or tweet) to banned or challenged authors, sharing what their stories meant to them. The goal of the campaign is to not only raise awareness of books that are threatened with censorship and support authors, but also encourage thoughtful discussions about the power of words and how essential it is to have access to a variety of viewpoints in libraries. Harry Potter banned: Nashville Catholic school bans "Harry Potter" book series, citing risk of "conjuring evil spirits" Banned Books breakout box.