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Installer Didapages. Mise à jour juin 2015 Informations et téléchargement Conditions d’utilisation : Didapages est gratuit pour un usage personnel et non commercial.

Installer Didapages

Il peut également être librement installé dans les écoles pour un usage par les enseignants et les élèves.Il permet de créer très simplement des livres multimédias et interactifs composés de textes, images, sons et vidéos ainsi que de QCM et exercices divers. La particularité de ces livres réside surtout dans le fait que les élèves ont la possibilité d’effectuer les exercices sur ce même livre puis d’y visualiser les corrections. Fiche technique :Version : 1.2 (en français) - Éditeur : Association Fruits du Savoir - Date : 02/07/2010 - Taille : 3.8 Mo - Système : Windows 9x/ME/2000/XP/7 - Langue : Français Télécharger Didapage au format zipLe Site Dydasystem Installation L’installation de Didapages ne pose pas de problèmes particuliers.

En fin d’installation une icône est créée sur votre bureau permettant le lancement de Didapages. 20 practical ways to use Google Forms in class, school. Google Forms gives educators a powerful data collection tool.

20 practical ways to use Google Forms in class, school

Check out these 20 ways to harness its power in school. (Google Forms logo used under fair use) Everyone wants data. Schools want it to track student performance. Companies want it to learn about their customers. We track data in our own personal lives (fitness data, banking data, even social media data). Teachers and students have their own data gathering and tracking tool that’s free and easy to learn — Google Forms. Google Forms lets you create a survey with lots of different kinds of questions: Short answerLong answerMultiple choiceCheck boxesDrop-down menu … and more.

Teachers have used Google Forms to do quizzes and assessments for a while. Inventory of ICT tools. - Collect great content. Anki - friendly, intelligent flashcards. Information is Beautiful.

Audio / video

Makers / generators. Drawing / graphic tools. Glogster: Multimedia Posters. Gérer les échanges de fichier avec les élèves. Create a hotspot with your mobile phone. Scrumblr. Your World of Text. Créer un forum gratuit - Learning tools & flashcards, for free.

Classifying digital resources for teaching. Scratch - Imagine, Program, Share. Framalab. Evernote: organize your work.

Create a seating chart for the classroom

Creating virtual notice boards. Popplet. Write On Plastic Pocket Charts. Check out this cool idea a reader submitted.

Write On Plastic Pocket Charts

It’s simple, but genius! If you use a pocket chart to hold vocabulary words, you can diagram them right on the pocket! Use an overhead marker or a whiteboard marker to diagram words onto the clear front pocket of the chart! This way, you can leave it up for the week while you’re focusing on a specific principle, and you don’t have to write on the word strip. Have any other great ideas?

Like this: Like Loading... Related Effective Bulletin Boards for Your Classroom I saw this idea in an upper grade classroom and thought it was pretty cool. In "Bulletin Boards/Walls" Classroom Journal Tips Keeping journals is a great way to help students keep new information recorded and stored in a neat and useful way. In "Management" Sight Words Tic-Tac-Toe I recently read a blog post on all the fun ways you can modify tic-tac-toe to make it more educational.

In "Language Arts" LanguageTool Style and Grammar Check. EDpuzzle. Memrise. Dyapos. Audience Response Systems. Création et traitement d'images. Collins English Dictionary.

Collins English Thesaurus. Prezi.