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Political Art. Carl-Johan Paulin. Miguel Vallinas — Fotógrafo Profesional. A Brief History of Photography ~ As Told by Elizabeth Waldie. Alfred Stieglitz. 5 PHOTOGRAPHY COMPOSITION TIPS, including 70+ examples with Michelle Doherty Photography. Youtube. 1/2 Albert Watson - What Do Artists Do All Day ? Entering New Worlds Through Photography. The Adventure of Photography // Portraitists. Lighting Tips: How to Capture that ‘National Geographic Style’ National Geographic Live! - The Power of Photography to Prove. National Geographic Live! - The Power of Photography to Witness. National Geographic Live! - The Power of Photography to Reveal. The Power of Photography to Relate. Alison Wright: Portraits of the Human Spirit. Helena Christensen & Portrait Photographer Mary Ellen Mark. Alfred Stieglitz. Richard Avedon- Darkness and Light. Great photographers. Photography Composition. Photography Composition.

Photography Composition. Photography Composition. Sub-Framing In Visual Composition. Rhythm in Visual Composition. Simplification and Negative Space. Photography Composition. Contemporary Trends in Photography. Art Movements Through Photography. History of Photography. A Quick History of Photography. What is Photography? Double Mona Lisa Peanut Butter Jelly, After Warhol Series by Vik Muniz on artnet.

Exhibitions - Head On Photo Festival - William Yang, Andrew Quilty, Ingvar Kenne & Roberto Duran - maunsell wickes. Daughter of Art History by Yasumasa Morimura. Ελληνικά CLICK ON IMAGE to view Yasumasa Morimura in Luhring Augustine Gallery Yasumasa Morimura is a special case in the artistic scene of the last twenty years for various reasons.

Daughter of Art History by Yasumasa Morimura

His artworks constitute photographic works as well as performances, the roles he performs become challenges for the artistic representation of the human body and he uses media of many different types. From the beginning of his career, he turned to the appropriation of western iconography and not to the “original” artistic creation. To him the art of the past is a source of inspiration, which could possibly become a testimony of contemporary era and a pre-icon of future.

Daughter of Art History is a series Morimura dedicated to paintings of the past. In his photographs he impersonates various roles identifying at the same time with women as well as with men. The final result provokes multiple questions. He confesses that he is interested in the procedure of looking and being looked at. Amazing bavaria, germany photo. Is Your Red The Same as my Red? The First Woman Photographer - Anna Atkins - Films not dead. - F.N.D. Anna Atkins is said to had been the first woman to create a photograph.

The First Woman Photographer - Anna Atkins - Films not dead. - F.N.D

Initially she was trained as an English Botanist and discovered photography as a means to document botanical specimens for a scientific reference book, entitled ‘British Algae: Cyanotype Impressions’. This book subsequently became considered to be the first book to demonstrate light-senstive materials in a publication. As well as this, Aktin’s decided to use the Cyanotype process further by printing her hand-written text and illustrations through the means of this photographic process rather than using traditional letter pressing. In 1843 Atkins printed and published Part I of ‘British Algae’, which in turn established photography as an accurate medium for scientific illustration.

Anna Atkins was born in Tunbridge, Kent, England in 1799. From 1843 to 1853 she worked constantly to document her large collection of seaweed, which were then released as a 12-part series. The First Woman Photographer - Anna Atkins - Films not dead. - F.N.D. Celebrating cerebration, curiosity and femininity. Susanna is for me the perfect example of a dreamer.

Celebrating cerebration, curiosity and femininity

She created the blog Girl Meets NYC in 2008, to document her Summer in New York City. Here, she has written many poetic, dreamy tales combined with amazing photos. It feels like reading someones diary and being allowed into the world of her dreams. Because the photographs (taken by both established and up-and-coming photographers) are so well chosen, they seem to be taken specifically to accompany the written words. Today, Susanna is in the process of writing two books and has travelled through nearly all of Asia, which she’s documented in both words and pictures. Nonconformist and nomad, adventurer and raconteur, sculptor of words. I’ve asked Susanna a few questions about her life, work and inspirations.

Self-portrait by Susanna-Cole King Tells us a bit about the place you grew up. Untitled by Susanna-Cole King, Baltimore, 35mm film. World of EOS Australia - Photography Community. Get tips, tutorials & inspiration. These consist of: the General Terms and Conditions, which cover each of the World of EOS competitions, promotion or program, as well as the specific Terms and Conditions for each competition, promotion or program, so please take note of all the relevant Terms and Conditions that apply to you.

World of EOS Australia - Photography Community. Get tips, tutorials & inspiration.

World of EOS General Terms and Conditions – AUSTRALIA/NEW ZEALAND 1. These terms and conditions govern the Promoter’s use of any entry and other information for any competition, promotion or program on the Promoter’s World of EOS microsite, which is located on a domain belonging to the following URL: or or any other URL linked from or as advised by the Promoter (“Program”) and should be read in conjunction with any other information, terms and conditions for this World of EOS Program. Eligible Participants 2.


Bill Henson - Untitled, 1987 - 1988. Bill Viola: The Passions. Bill Viola: The Passions 29 July – 6 November 2005 Introduction | The Passions | Viola by night – ART-TALKS-FILMS-MUSIC Dolorosa 2000 video diptych on two freestanding hinged LCD flat panels Collection of the artist © Bill Viola, Photograph: Kira Perov more detail The National Gallery of Australia presents Bill Viola: The Passions, a mesmerising exhibition of recent works by the internationally-renowned American video and sound installation artist.

Bill Viola: The Passions

Organised by the J Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles – then shown in London and Madrid – Bill Viola: The Passions is on display in Canberra only, until 6 November. Welcome to the official BILL VIOLA website. New contemporary galleries. Bill Viola, stills from Observance 2002 and Memoria 2002.

New contemporary galleries

John Kaldor Family Collection at the Art Gallery of NSW © Bill Viola USA, b1951A pioneer in video as art, Viola has commented that, after years of working with the medium, he experiences time as a ‘palpable substance’.

Darkroom Processes

Photoshop. Compositional Devices. Tips + Techniques. Camera Functions. Critical Analysis. History. Film Studies. HSC Self directed Body of Work. Max Dupain. Edward Weston. Ansel Adams. Portraiture. Still life. Landscape. The History of Photography in 5 Minutes.