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Chuck Close. 'The Beat of the Grid' 'James' with close-up detail (2004) Screenprint (62"x48") Close experimented with the effect of the grid in his art, sometimes applying it horizontally, sometimes diagonally and sometimes rotating it around a point.

Chuck Close

He employs it as an important compositional device to structure his image and not merely as a method for scaling up his photographic source material. Its scale and placement in relation to the image is crucial as he searches for what he calls 'the beat of the grid' - the configuration of increments that breaks up the image in the most interesting manner. In general, the size of his grids have increased over time resulting in a lower resolution image but amplifying the abstract qualities of color and pattern. Although Close's early black and white heads worked on different levels, you had to take an imaginative leap to engage with alternative readings of the image. David Bailey 7 Images That Changed Fashion Photography. Fame, Fashion, Photography: Bailey's 70s. Njideka Akunyili Crosby. Half-Drag Portraits Show the Before & After Transformations of NYC Drag Queens. Ed van der Elsken: Dutch Photography’s Enfant Terrible. Van der Elsken (1925 – 1990) was born in Amsterdam but his life was to be one of travel and exploration.

Ed van der Elsken: Dutch Photography’s Enfant Terrible

An artist at his core, in 1937, he learned the skill of stone cutting at Amsterdam's Van Tetterode Steenhouwerij, with the dream of becoming a sculptor. But, with the onslaught of World War II, these dreams had to be postponed. After studying at Instituut voor Kunstnijverheidsonderwijs, in 1944 der Elsken enrolled in the professional sculpture programme, which he was forced to abandon to escape Nazi forced labour.

In 1947, following the end of the war, he found work in photo sales and attempted a correspondence course with the Fotovakschool in Den Haag, after developing an interest in photography that would soon take over his life – he failed the final examination. However, following this disappointment, der Elsken gained membership of the GKf (the photographer's section of the Dutch federation of practitioners of the applied arts). Amsterdam! Unit 5: Color Theory & Portraits. Drawing & Painting 2 » Unit 5: Color Theory & Portraits Unit 5: Color Theory & Portraits.

Unit 5: Color Theory & Portraits

Elizabeth Peyton at Regen Projects. For some Elizabeth Peyton is an acquired taste.

Elizabeth Peyton at Regen Projects

She has a remarkable skill set, an unapologetic desire for beauty and romance and a general retro sense of genre loyalty. These elements make her paintings and drawings a difficult proposition in a Fine Art landscape of “ism’s” and conceptual practice. The paintings are indeed lush. They have been for the last 15+ years. Her career was etched in stone at a fascinating Projects exhibition at MoMA in the summer of 1997. Art Lessons: Chuck Close Grid Drawings. Home. Be sure to visit the page “What’s New” to catch all that is happening!


Shown top right: CLOSE, 8’x7’ 7000 + plastic bottle caps, 2011 New Work shown bottom right: “Larry”, 31x41, plastic bottle caps. Mary Ellen Croteau is an artist whose work directly addresses the absurdities of social norms, and lays bare the underlying bias and sexist assumptions on which our culture is constructed. She lives and works in Chicago, IL Any inquiries about the work on this website can be directed to: Photographer Bill Gekas Shoots Portraits of his Daughter in the Style of Classic Paintings. GG: portraits: still-life portraits: gretchen garner (self portrait) - Gretchen Garner (self portrait) - Between 1983 and 1990 I was actively working on issues of portraiture.

GG: portraits: still-life portraits: gretchen garner (self portrait)

Following the Vanitas still-life project, I was very interested in what objects could express. The still-life portraits, collaborations between the subjects and me, followed in 1983-1984. In 1983, as a participant at a summer seminar on portraiture sponsored by the National Endowment for the Humanities, I made collaborative portraits of my colleagues in the seminar who were, most of them --like me-- away from home. They were asked to pick out a setting in New York they found especially resonant, and also to write a personal statement. Between 1985-90, I continued to produce portraits, mostly of friends and professional colleagues -- trying to create a concept and design a format unique to each individual. For more, see "Are Portraits Possible? " Tips from a Pro: Brian Harkin Environmental Portrait Photography.

The Assignment Portrait Photography Tutorial. 10 Inspirational Portrait Photography Techniques. Tips by Brett Harkness 21inShare Portrait photography is something we have all attempted at some level or another.

10 Inspirational Portrait Photography Techniques

Sometimes it takes just a few tips to take your photography to the next level. Below are 10 tips that should help do just that. How To Photograph Portraits - Photo Continental. Creative photography - portrait tutorial. Environmental Portraits. A Post By: Darren Rowse Note: this post is an extract from our Essential Portrait Photography Tips E-book – Grab Your Copy Today!

Environmental Portraits

On the birth of our first child we were given by a friend a gift certificate for a photographic family portrait. The deal included one photo shoot in a studio and some prints. While I had taken thousands of shots of our baby I thought it’d be fun to go in for our photo shoot – after all it was free and I’m always interested to see how other photographers work. There is a lot that I could say about the shoot and the photographer (I’ll refrain from getting too picky) but one of the main things I came away reflecting upon is how much more I prefer location oriented (or environmental) portrait photography than studio based photography. How to Take a Great Portrait. Portrait Photography Tips by Bambi Cantrell. How to Take Great Portrait Photos.

Seeing the Light - Photography Tutorial. Rembrandt style artistic portrait photography - light and colour photoshop tips. Photographer of the Year 2012 - Round 1: Portraits results.