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Impress Templates

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LibreOffice. Are you looking for a title slide in an innovative and trendy design to directly capture attention? These high-quality PowerPoint title slides will provide you with visually impressive designs to start your presentation. This category also includes professional designs and backgrounds for various areas and topics like education, business, computer, IT, internet, architecture, wellness, travel, finance or industry. Find templates with puzzle, world maps in 3D, people illustrations, corporate buildings, nature designs such as beach, palm trees, sky or water drops.

You can also create your presentation with PowerPoint slides from business, marketing, hospital, success, team meeting, advice or Global IT. By using our graphs, flowcharts, timelines, pyramids, 3D cubes, 3D spheres, stairs and more you will convince with a perfect business presentation. Impress Templates. Published: 2005-10-12 Updated: 2009-09-01 License: Creative Commons License Introduction I have been using Impress exclusively and extensively for creating presentations for four years. Impress Templates

I feel very comfortable with Impress and believe that it is as easy to use and as flexible as Microsoft PowerPoint. However, unlike Microsoft PowerPoint, Impress does not come with a set of good templates. The templates Below are some of my Impress templates, in both OpenDocument Presentation Template (otp) and StarOffice Presentation Template (sti) formats. Feel free to use or modify them under the terms and conditions of Creative Commons License. Note. Tokyo Midtown 1,2 and 3 (2009-09-01) I visited Tokyo Midtown in summer 2008 and found it a very interesting place. Download: tokyo-midtown-3.otp or tokyo-midtown-3.sti Xuhai 2 (2008-09-30) Xuhai (Hsu-hai) is a very remote village in southern Taiwan. Download: xuhai2.otp or xuhai2.sti Wide Screen TV (2006-05-07) Panavision (2006-05-07)

Index.html. Ooo templates by sean. I have created a few templates, some of which aren't terrible.

ooo templates by sean

I intend to continue creating more templates to make this at least a decent template collection. Right now this package contains 18 templates (11 ooimpress, 1 oodraw, 4 oowriter, 2 oocalc), but I intend to add more within the next month. This collection will not grow super fast, but I intend to make up for it with creativity and (hopefully) quality. Some of my templates have already been included with other sets, but I was not terribly pleased with how they were packaged.

Version 0.2.0 contains the following: ooimpress apothecaryBottlesBTCChalkboardcircularcompladientsgrapefruitLetterpressOOo Professionalorangebooksquarestechnology oowriter LAFBusinessLetterpersonalCoverLetterpersonalReferencespersonalResume oodraw Origami_Paper_CD_Cover oocalc. Modern Impress Templates. Professional Template Pack II - English. Warning message This extension was not updated recently.

Professional Template Pack II - English

It might not work with latest versions of OpenOffice. Download extension Compatible with OpenOffice 4: Unknown User feedback:Compatible with OpenOffice 4.x? Do you want to enhance the quality of your created documents or want to create professional and stunning looking presentations? With these professionally designed document templates and presentations it is a simple task. More than 120 templates for Writer, Calc, and Impress Template Pack II includes Business correspondence templates in six different layoutsBudget and project plan templatesEvent posters in six different layoutsInvoices, notes, minutes, press release templates in six different layoutsPresentation templatesA dozen formal and personal letter templatesBusiness card templates A German version of the Template Pack II is also available.

Once you have installed this Extension, you will find the templates under File - New – Templates and Documents. Impress templates - Miłek.