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iPad ePub Template. A few people have asked about an ePub template, so I’m posting what I got done from making a test version for the iPad.

iPad ePub Template

It was a test of full fixed-sized pages where the content doesn’t flow onto other screens. I spent a long time with measuring different widths and heights, so this file contains specifically that. You’d need to modify for whatever you want to do. You can download an ePub reader for Firefox or Chrome and view the files, or download the link above from an iPad/iPhone and it will pull it into iBooks.

Take the ePub file, make a copy and change the extension to .zip. Now, the other way around. I’m not going to go over everything, rather just the sticky parts, or things you might not find elsewhere. The main thing to keep in mind is that everything needs to be explicitly “registered” in content.opf and toc.ncx. When updating, periodically ZIP and EPUB things up and check with an online ePub validator.

On the HTML pages, I put a viewport meta tag. Happy publishing! Consulter le sujet - Templates EPUB. Si ça en intéresse certains, des templates sont dispos sur mon site : Logiquement, ça devrait plutôt intéresser ceux qui publient de la non-fiction m'enfin bon.

Consulter le sujet - Templates EPUB

(Je souhaitais d'ailleurs virer deux templates parce que pas satisfait à 100% mais il s'avère que ce sont les plus "populaires" niveau DL et si je les vire, je vais me faire engueuler Bon bref, sont gratos, même pour les livres payants (une petite mention dans le livre sera appréciée, mais si elle se trouve dans la CSS, c'est déjà pas mal). Par contre, ils sont prévus pour fabrication en HTML/CSS (là, j'y peux pas grand chose, Sigil bug avec les polices + il y a une gestion complexe de page-breaks dans les templates pour faire quelque chose de propre).

Donc, soit vous partez du template et vous changez l'UUID dans content.opf (détails dans la page FAQ), soit vous dézippez l'EPUB et vous chopez ce qui vous intéresse (Styles.css, fonts, etc.) pour l'importer dans votre projet. À noter que logiquement, ils tournent partout. Notes. Paul Salvette in Bangkok: EPUB Template - eBook Formatting. Blank Book — A Free, Fixed-Layout, Read Aloud ePUB Template – Jason Hibbs Jason Mervyn Hibbs. Introduction If you don’t care much for my story, download Blank Book here.

Blank Book — A Free, Fixed-Layout, Read Aloud ePUB Template – Jason Hibbs Jason Mervyn Hibbs

I have recently been digging up all the dirt I can on eBooks for children’s picture-books for a research project I shall be assisting on from next month. We intend to make a few books to encourage independent reading with iPads in special education, so I was quite happy to find that iBooks in fact supports some very useful features for our needs. However, it has not been an easy ride learning all I’ve learned. Nobody seems to be helping anybody build a complete publication, or nobody actually cares about making a complete publication, I’m not certain. Okay, sure, there are books you can buy but they are covering old ground for those familiar with XHTML, or those who don’t need to learn how to create a flowing ePUB, and you have to buy them.

Fixed Layout The breakthrough for me was in reading How to Create Fixed-Layout iBooks from a gent named R. Read Aloud That understood, recording audio came next. How to Create Fixed-Layout iBooks, Part 1. With the new iBooks Author application only available for Mac users, the vast majority of us are left to fend for ourselves when it comes to making fixed-layout ebooks.

How to Create Fixed-Layout iBooks, Part 1

This is probably just as well if you're at all like me and prefer to do things yourself and have complete control over the end result, although it's not all that difficult if you take it step by step and have a fair amount of patience (and good attention to details). While iBooks Author looks like it has some nice features, it requires a trade off in rights to the final product that I'm not willing to make just yet, particularly when there are other options available.

For the past few months I've been working out how to build fixed layout ebooks for the iBooks platform in order to replicate the layout I've created for my illustrated novel project, The Ring Saga. Before we begin, here are some useful ePub resources you might consult: When it comes to fixed-layout iBooks specifically, the resources are more scarce: Downloads - epub-samples - EPUB 3 Sample Documents.

EPUB Templates. Comment les media-queries vont révolutionner l’ebook design. Consulter le sujet - Templates EPUB.