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Word Templates. 100+ Best Microsoft Word Templates. Nothing impresses your readers more than a well-written and perfectly formatted document that’s high on readability and rich on visuals. But creating such documents takes a lot of time and effort. If you begin with a blank page, you’ll likely spend precious minutes just deciding on what you’ll use as a background, or which fonts will appeal to your audience. Good thing there are free Microsoft Word templates that can make your job a lot easier. However, there are literally thousands of these templates offered by many providers, and finding the one you need can be very tedious.

Newsletters This business newsletter template uses a blue and green theme Newsletters should keep everyone up-to-date about the important things that are happening in their organizations. Letterheads Stocklayouts has many letterheads to choose from. Formal letters are still relevant, regardless of the fact that we increasingly use social networks to communicate. Reports & Company Profile Sheets Business Proposals. Free Cover and Title Page Samples for Word / OpenOffice. Make a cover for proposal, term paper, project report, financial report, exam assignments, or a book Although there is a saying not to judge the book by its cover when it comes to a research project, term paper, assignment, report, a book or a class assignment, the cover makes the first impression. The cover page, also called the title page, is the front most page of a document and it specifies what the whole document is about.

The cover page is of absolute significance since it holds the title of the document. This part of your document must be designed in a way that whoever holds the publication can quickly understand what it is about and who it is intended for. A well designed and properly formatted page catches the attention of the reader and gives professional look to your document.

The Cover Page of a document or a book should be designed in such a way that: It reflects a concise insight of the document.It grabs the attention of the person for whom it is written. Academic documents. Themes - Templates Exchange. If you came to this page looking for legalese, you might be disappointed; sadly, this can all be easily read by an average English-speaking human. Please read the following paragraphs, as there are some important details about licensing and copyright, among other things, that will affect how you use Unless otherwise noted, the free templates offered on this site are offered in the public domain, and are free for both non-commercial and commercial use. Elements used in the templates may fall under other licences, in which case the terms of those licences would apply to those elements.

Template authors are welcome to specify other licences if they wish, providing that those licences allow for the free distribution and (at a minimum) non-commercial use of the template. Examples of such licences include (but are not restricted to) Creative Commons licences. Template authors are responsible for the content of their templates. Business Mix Set. Skill with Style Business Mix Set is a suite of professional templates for Apple’s Pages. It offers 146 stylish templates, from brochures and newsletters to meeting minutes and project status reports. Some templates contain multiple sections, so the collection supplies over 300 layouts in total.

Most importantly, these designs were created specifically with business needs in mind. New Template Types Besides the ample assortment of new designs in familiar categories, such as business cards or brochures, Business Mix Set contains a handful of completely fresh templates to help you organize your work more efficiently. Created for Editing Every object in these document templates can be effortlessly reshaped, moved, or removed, and colors can easily be changed.

Book Palette. Free Apple iWork Templates and Themes or Pages and Keynote. KeynotePro: Keynote Themes for Professionals. iWorkCommunity | Templates Exchange. 38 Attractive & Versatile Templates for Pages. I’ve long been a fan of iWork and Pages, and enjoy the design aesthetics of the templates included with the app. I recently went on the hunt for some third party templates that could make the Pages experience even better. Some are free, others are commercial, but hopefully they will help to make Pages more versatile and powerful than ever before! Jumsoft Pages Templates This is a commercial package that includes over 100 Pages themes for $39. It’s a good price for the different styles on offer, and well worth investigating further. Here are twelve examples from the Jumsoft collection: Kickbox Great Interiors Brochure Photo Album Photographer’s Portolio Menu Black and White Album Green Newsletter Book Stripy Newsletter Various Posters Various Advertisements StockLayouts Pages Templates These templates are commercial, and come in with a fairly hefty fee.

Tanning Salon Natural Health Spa Insurance Agent Senior Living Community Education Foundation Landscape Design Nutritionist & Dietician Private Bank Architect. Pages for Mac - Free Templates for Pages for Mac ‹ DailyAppShow | SmartPhone Reviews and Video App ReviewsDailyAppShow. Pages for Mac is a great resource for creating business marketing materials. Apple has done a great job at including a basic list of templates that you can use to create great looking documents with ease. Templates can be downloaded and imported into Pages and can be used alongside the Apple templates. We have complied a list of very useful free templates, and some paid templates, so you can quickly create your presentation and get your business done. iWorkCommunity iWork is built around the use of templates – and the templates provided by Apple are great!

StockLayouts – Free Templates Create great-looking business marketing materials quickly and affordably with StockLayouts design templates. Jumsoft – Inspiration Set Inspiration Set presents a fine kit of 250 templates for Apple’s Pages, from business cards and posters to brochures and books. StockLayouts – Paid Templates.