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Snowflake Templates

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Make Star Wars Snowflakes (Free Templates Included) Chewbacca snowflake. ❆ Snowflakes Paper Patterns & Tutorials ❅ How to Make a 3D Paper Snowflake: 11 Steps. Tested by: wikiHow Video Team wikiHow is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors.

How to Make a 3D Paper Snowflake: 11 Steps

To create this article, 255 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 8,072,035 times. Co-authors: 255 Updated: May 6, 2021 Views: 8,072,035 Article SummaryX To make a 3D paper snowflake, you’ll need 6 square pieces of paper that are all the same size, scissors, and clear tape. Did this summary help you? Obsession. Crocheted Snowflakes. Enlarge the snowflake template to 150 percent.

Crocheted Snowflakes

Cut it out, then glue to a 6-inch square of cardboard. Cover cardboard with clear packing tape; set aside. Pour fabric stiffener (available at crafts stores) into a bowl. Soak snowflake in stiffener, 1 minute. Remove with tweezers; pat dry with paper towels. Paper Snowflakes - Math2033. From Math2033 Other pages relating to this topic: Analysing Symmetries & Patterns, Symmetry in Society, Symmetry Walk, Symmetry = History It is likely that the art of making paper snowflakes originated in the Victorian era.

Paper Snowflakes - Math2033

Around the turn of the twentieth century, paper production was mechanized, allowing for numerous paper-based activities such as keeping notebooks in school, journaling and decorative arts.Paper Snowflakes are a staple holiday decoration and craft. Paper snowflakes are an inexpensive and placed everywhere from windows to stages where they tumble down on dancers as stand-ins for real snow. Make Your Own! Paper Snowflakes are easy and fun to make. After you fold the paper: Keep your paper folded1.Draw your design that you would like: With the lead pencil, draw simple shapes along all three edges of the wedge-shaped piece of paper or draw a jagged line. 2.Using scissors cut the jagged line or shapes you drew 3. The snowflake is now complete! There's More to Geeky Snowflakes Than Star Wars. StarTerk Stuff - Nitin Gautam. Dr. Who Nerdflake and other snowflakes: Age of the geek, baby!

Since it snowed last night I thought I'd do another snowflake post, just in case this one and this one didn't bore you to tears already..

Dr. Who Nerdflake and other snowflakes: Age of the geek, baby!

I know a few people who are Dr. Who obsessed. When I started looking for other sci-fi snowflake patterns (lots of Star Wars, Star Trek, and Who Firefly, what gives?) I found a lot of really creative fans of the Dr. So if you really want a tardis or cyberman snowflake of your own, visit these sites and try your hand at making one for yourself. (also has TONS of other Dr. I tried my hand at the last one and here is my result... My coworker in charge of decorating asked me to make more snowflakes to put up around the office. Or of course you can follow my nephew's lead (Sir Happy Pants) and grab your snowboots and head outside to enjoy the snow before it melts away. Templates for my original Doctor Who ... ¡The AntiCraft! Sonic Snowflake concept and preliminary design by Raeven Alvarez design tweaks by Zabet Stewart excellent snowflake skillz by Anthony Ascione Suggested Entertainment Difficulty Boy Scout Burnout Click here for definitions of difficulty levels.

¡The AntiCraft!

Finished Measurements ~8"/20cm square Download. My Obession of the Moment. First pack of downloadable and printable Whoflake... Someone on DoctorWhoCrafts asked if there was a... Faux Sneaux Flakes. As a person who always seems to get scammed out of a good birthday (November 20th) with one of those combined birthday/Christmas gifts, I know how poor Thanksgiving feels to be overlooked every year.

Faux Sneaux Flakes

But this year, I have to say "Sorry Sucka!!!! " to Thanksgiving (well, the decorating part at least) to make way for some fun, wintry Christmas decor. That's right kiddos, I'm startin' early. And what's the best kind of seasonal decor? The FREE kind. Last year I showed you how to make 6 point and (those non-anatomically correct) 8 point snowflakes, and I'm back again with a more detailed tutorial.

Take a plain ol piece of printer paper (8.5x11") ...and fold it in half. On the folded side, find your center mark... folding it in half again and pinching the bottom corner. Just pinch the corner, like this (see on the lower right?)... I drew a little line so you can see where the center mark is... Press down to create a fold. Then do the same with your lower left corner. Then fold that in half. Snowflake patterns 12-23 by whitneylunt on deviantART. Vintage Junky - Vintage Home Style & Decor Shopping, Blog, & more! Vintage Junky - Vintage Home Style & Decor Shopping, Blog, & more! Doctor Who Snowflakes.

Christmas is finally looking like it might be welcome at my house.

Doctor Who Snowflakes

The school duties are slowing as the semester draws to a close (not a moment too soon!) , which is giving me a little time to decorate. Please don't misunderstand, I don't NEED the decorations for Christmas to be considered a success. However, I love to decorate for Christmas and the fact that this year I was too overworked to care was an indicator that I needed to take a couple days off, relax, and do a craft project to unwind. So while the kindergartener was working on something for her school, I sat down and dug out the Doctor Who Snowflake patterns I've been saving for a long time now. If you're interested in making a set of your own, here's where I got them: Oodly Crafting You might need to fold them a bit off-center since I believe these were made for A4, which is similar to, but not quite, letter size. Just for fun, we made some other snowflakes as well.

Let me know if you try any of these and how they turned out! Doctor Who thing of the day: make your own Doctor Who snowflakes. 30 Free Printables of Star Wars Snowflake Templates.