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Intellectual Magazines

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Australia: Quadrant. Australia: The Monthly. Brazil: piauí. Canada: The LRC. Canada: this Magazine. Canada: Maisonneuve Magazine. Netherlands: Vrij Nederland. Serbia: NIN. UK: Wired. Ed Moore The Master Screenwriter Who Transforms Your Favorite Comics Into Movies You’re a fan of Kick-Ass.

UK: Wired

You’re a fan of X-Men (First Class, not X3 or the Wolverine dreck). You might not know it, but that means you’re a fan of Jane Goldman. UK: The Drouth. UK: LRB. UK: Monocle. UK: The Liberal. UK: The Oldie. UK: Spectator. USA. USA: MotherJones.

USA: Harper's Magazine. USA: TheNYRB. USA: UTNE.