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General News Magazines

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Brazil: veja. Brazil: IstoÉ. Brazil: Época. Canada: Canada: Alberta Views. Canada: L'actualité. China: Beijing Review. Colombia: Semana. Czech Republic: Týden. France: L'Express. France: Le Point. France: Le Nouvel Observateur. Germany: Spiegel.

Germany: Stern. Germany: Intl. Spiegel. Germany: Focus. India: The Week. India: Outlook. India: India Today. Indonesia: Tempo. Italy: L'Espresso. Italy: Panorama.

Ireland: Village. Mexico: Proceso. Netherlands: Elsevier. Pakistan: Newsline. Russia: Ogoniok. Syria: Forward Syria. UK: Prospect Magazine. UK: Private Eye. UK: STANDPOINT. UK: NewStatesman. USA: TIME. USA: NYT Magazine. USA: the Atlantic. USA: Newsweek. USA: The Daily Beast.