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L'actualité - Informations politique, monde, économie, société, environnement, santé, science et culture.

L'actualité - Informations politique, monde, économie, société, environnement, santé, science et culture.

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Omahyra Mota par Ellen Von Unwerth pour Casadei 50e anniversaire dominicanfashionmodels Share this: Like this: - Teacher Accountability for Tech Proficiency? 0 Comments April 22, 2012 By: Jenith Mishne Apr 22 Written by: 4/22/2012 3:15 PM ShareThis The Work of Edward Tufte and Graphics Press Edward Tufte is a statistician and artist, and Professor Emeritus of Political Science, Statistics, and Computer Science at Yale University. He wrote, designed, and self-published 4 classic books on data visualization. The New York Times described ET as the "Leonardo da Vinci of data," and Business Week as the "Galileo of graphics." He is now writing a book/film The Thinking Eye and constructing a 234-acre tree farm and sculpture park in northwest Connecticut, which will show his artworks and remain open space in perpetuity. He founded Graphics Press, ET Modern gallery/studio, and Hogpen Hill Farms LLC.

Why Amazon Should Smile at Losing E-Book Market Share Media reports on Tuesday seized on staggering numbers from Credit Suisse, predicting that Amazon's (AMZN) current 90% share of the e-book market will plummet to 35% over the next five years. At face value, that sounds rather alarming. But look a little closer, and the prediction may really be a cause for celebration -- even for Amazon.Credit Suisse expects Amazon's share in the e-book market to drop to 72% by the end of this year, due largely to Apple (AAPL) and Google (GOOG). "Near term, we suspect that the iPad and the new eBook agency pricing model, which requires that Amazon increase retail prices to be more consistent with Apple's pricing, will provide Kindle with the most market share headwind," analyst Spencer Wang wrote in the report. "Going forward, we can envision a scenario where Apple, Amazon, and Google eventually split the market."

Claudia Galanti par Roberto Rocco pour Formen 2010 best-topmodel Share this: Like this: Leave a Reply Follow behavior management Picture source Teachers' one of the biggest problem is teaching to problematic learners,attention seekers and shy learners.Teaching to well-behaved learners is easy.The difficult part of the teaching profession is to be able to teach problematic, bullying and shy learners and also make them behave well and attract their attention. We shouldn't forget that the learners especially the young ones see us as the role models.Therefore, we , as the teachers should support positive behaviours to be good models for them.

Blog Design 101 When you have a blog, you can either hire a blog designer or tweak your design yourself. Either way, you’re potentially dealing with a lot of uncertainty. I mean, do you know how to code from scratch? Or worse, do you know how to evaluate a blog designer before you hire them? Probably not. Google Shakes Up the E-Book Market components/article_pagination.html not found (No such file or directory) It's finally here—now what? On December 6, Google launched its long-awaited, cloud-based e-book program, Google eBooks. And while industry-watchers parse consumers' first impressions of the actual product (early reviews so far have been lukewarm), Google's program represents a milestone in e-book history, giving consumers more choice and adding another well-funded, innovative player—with a competing platform—to a surging e-book market.

Daisy Lowe by Max Farago for Paradis Magazine unusualyoung Share this: Like this: Like Loading... Related LOVE Advent 2012 Day 19 -In "fashion" Teachers learn to integrate technology into curriculum “Our students are digital natives, and the teachers are digital immigrants,” said Joy Long, a teacher for 17 years. “With this training, we will be better equipped. We’ll be able to apply the apps to learning. . . . I now know how to use Angry Birds for science.” Verizon partnered with the International Society for Technology in Education to provide the training to demonstrate to teachers how to use various free applications, including polling.

Top WordPress themes on Google riddled with spamlinks and obfuscated code Siobhan Ambrose went looking for a WordPress theme; of the top ten free WordPress theme sites listed on Google, eight had hidden, obfuscated, or encrypted code buried in them that rendered spammy keyword links that were part of a deceptive search engine optimization scheme; in some cases, Siobhan couldn't figure out what the offending code did and speculates that it might contain malware. Of the remaining two, one hosted themes that didn't validate. The remaining site,, is the only site in the first ten Google results for "free wordpress theme" whose themes don't contain deceptive backlinks, obfuscated code, or non-validating themes. Exploit scanner came up with 17 severe warnings for this theme.

Top Ten U.S. Book Publishers for 2009 Every month, I review a set of market share reports prepared by one of our internal analysts. While the data behind these reports are not perfect, I do believe they represent the best view of the book publishing market currently available. As a result, even though it’s been almost two years since I posted a high-level summary of the data, I thought it would provide you with some insight into our industry. eiffel64 - Fashion, Glam & Music - scottmorganphotography Share this: Like this: Related Scott Morgan Photography In "Photography" Scott Morgan Photography In "Photography"

» Why I Hated Meredith’s First Grade Teacher: An Open Letter to America’s Teachers Kylene Beers When my first born headed off to first grade, 21 years ago, she held my hand as we walked down the hallway of Will Rogers Elementary School in the Houston Independent School District. We walked into Ms. Miner’s room and Meredith’s steps grew more hesitant. This wasn’t the University of Houston Child Care Center, the place she had gone for years while I was a doctoral student at UH. This place looked different – bigger, more official. There were big-kid desks pushed together in clusters.

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