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Watch Over 600 Videos Hand-Picked to Change the World. Fearless, Independent News and Opinion. DIASPORA* Teambox - Collaboration Software. Delete Older Facebook Apps. If you have a Facebook page, you’ve probably added quite a few apps.

Delete Older Facebook Apps

If you’ve linked your YouTube account, New York Times account, or just about any mobile app to your Facebook profile, you’ve also installed their app — and you’re sharing your personal information with those companies. But here’s the kicker: older Facebook apps appear to also have an all-you-can-eat buffet of access to your friends’ personal data, while newer apps have much more limited access.

This may be old news to some, but a non-scientific survey of some Internet-saavy colleagues indicates that many of us are still using outdated Facebook apps. The developers of these older applications required you to hand over your entire digital identity, and often have access to all of your personal data–including things like marital status, personal photos and videos. Take for instance, the “Send Cupcakes” app.

YES! Magazine — Powerful Ideas, Practical Actions. 80 Ways To Use Twitter As A SMB Owner. It’s pretty common.

80 Ways To Use Twitter As A SMB Owner

A small business owner comes to us looking for help promoting his or her business. We suggest using Twitter as a way to find new leads, build relationships and as an overall way to cost effectively market their business. The small business owner then turns around, tilts their head and responds, “Twitter? What can Twitter do for me?”