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The Standard for Online and Internet Influence

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How to Manage Instagram in 20 Minutes a Day Between managing Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, your blog, and your email newsletter, time is tight at work. You don’t have very much space in that schedule for Instagram. And maybe your boss isn’t even convinced yet that the world’s most popular image network can deliver business results. But you are. And you need to find a way to make it work efficiently.

Comet Waterproof Binoculars Description Ideal for bird watching, hunting, site seeing, sailing, concerts, sports watching, and exploring, you'll love these Comet Waterproof Binoculars! In addition to 10x magnification with a 25 mm objective lens, these compact and lightweight HD high-powered binoculars feature XMC Technology with BAK4 prism for superior resolution and crystal clear vision, even in weak light conditions. The durable magnesium chassis provides a comfortable grip, and the waterproof and dustproof design ensures optimum operation in the most rugged environments. The portable Comet Binoculars even come with a right eyepiece diopter adjustment knob to compensate for vision differences between your left and right eyes.

55+ Most Wanted WordPress Tips, Tricks, and Hacks There are times when you come across a feature in a blog, and you just start thinking to yourself: How can I get this in my WordPress blog/site as well. Everybody have experienced this feeling. Sometimes you know you want it, and don’t know where to look for, or even what to look for. In this article we will be sharing some of the most wanted WordPress Tips, Tricks, and Hacks that you will definitely find useful.

48 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools Go to the updated version of this post:54 Free Social Media Monitoring Tools [Update 2012] If you want to know what’s happening in the social web you need monitoring tools. Before you get out your credit card and start to spend money try out some of the free social media monitoring services. This way you get a taste of what is available and if you need paid services. I have collected 48 free social media monitoring tools. Life in a Technology Embedded Classroom: Science I teach in an inquiry, project-based, technology embedded classroom. A mouthful, I know. So what does that mean? It means I lecture less, and my students explore more.

How to Master Social Marketing Quickly and Effectively The Internet is making meaningful and paradigm-shifting inroads into the way we live our lives. Did you know that in the last three years, one in six marriages were the culmination of relationships started online? “Four out of every five corporations in America are now leveraging social media to help expand their client base and build relationships with customers,” writes Sujan Patel, author of 100 Days of Growth. As a small business owner, what do you need to know to make social media work for your business? What do you need to do? Here’s a crash course in social media marketing.

TCredits - 20 pack Description TripleClicks TCredits are ESSENTIAL for taking full advantage of the services available to Zing Network members. You can use your TCredits for to bid on Astro Auctions, play Eager Zebra games, make purchases, and more. You can choose from among seven different "TCredit Packs": * A single credit is just $1.99. * Buy a 10-Pack of TCredits (as low as 56 cents each). Vitrue: We make brands social Oracle Social Relationship Management delivers the first, unified solution for social monitoring, marketing, applications, engagement and analysis, and it fully integrates products from Vitrue including Publisher, Tabs, Shops, Games, Open Graph Object and Analytics.

Social Media Monitoring and Analysis with SM2 from Techrigy (Alterian SM2) Do you know the process your customers take to buy and connect with you? Their journey is often filled with many steps, stops and starts. What you do to help them along the way makes all the difference in gaining a competitive foothold. Taking action to improve the experiences your customers have within that journey can convert them from shoppers to customers, and then to advocates. Too often customers don’t ask for what they want, and rarely do they behave in the way you expect them to; however, they are telling others directly in social media. Taking a walk in your customer’s shoes isn’t necessarily a walk in the park, but it can provide a rich and contextual view into exactly where the customer is in their journey.

Seriously, It’s Time To Manage Your Online Reputation [Infographic] 10 Ways To Become A Better Online Learner 9.06K Views 0 Likes There are some quick and easy ways to become a better online learner. Whether you're taking a class or just researching, here are the DOs and DON'Ts. A Quick and Dirty Guide to 10 Social Media Platforms for the Newbie So you say you want to use social media, but you don’t know where to start. Here’s a quick and dirty guide to the major platforms, including a few new-ish ones: everything you need to know about how they work, how you should use them, and why you might avoid them. Keep this bookmarked should you ever need to make your social media case to the C-Suite or convince a social media virgin to adopt. The thing to keep in mind about platforms is that one isn’t inherently better than others for everyone. You must make your platform choice based on your brand’s personality and needs, as well as your audience’s proclivities and your own personal comfort level. There’s no need to go whole hog on all the major platforms at once.

The Natural Toilet Bowl Cleaner - Quart You can receive a refund for your purchase of a phyical product within 30 days from the date of purchase. Physical products must be returned within 30 days from the date of purchase for a refund of your purchase amount, minus a 15% restocking fee. <b>IMPORTANT!</b> Refunds for orders paid with Bitcoin will be made with a gift certificate or equivalent item. Shipping costs cannot be refunded. Digital products (i.e., TCredits, etc.) are not eligible for refunds. Web Polls Maker, Create Poll Software ProProfs Poll Maker offers businesses, instructors, educators and organizations advanced options for creating effective online polls in minutes. With ProProfs, anyone can create different kinds of polls using multiple choice, check-boxes and essay question types. Users can create text-based polls, image-based polls and even polls with a combination of text, images and videos. Advanced customization options allow users to create polls using different themes, adding comment sections, shuffling answers and even adding expiry dates to the polls. ProProfs also offers powerful security features for blocking repeat voting and creating password-protected polls. Users get detailed reports for their polls too.

Overtone - Beyond Social Media Monitoring Scalable to growth. Adaptable to change. Leveraging SOA and your existing technology The KANA Enterprise platform leverages your existing technology investments by integrating with your enterprise data, applications and messaging systems.

Simple way to see if you are creating influence or have any impact with your social media. Not an actual definitive definer but if you ahve just started with socail media a way to see the needle move. by ryanwiniarski Feb 28

I do not give much importance to Klout. The criteria are vague and changing. it's just an ide among other. by vincentlavandier Nov 18

Sorry, but I'm probably leaving Klout : It does'nt give me logical information from 4 weeks... by lepage Nov 18

Thanks, I decided to sign up despite reading mixed articles on the real impact and benefit of ones Klout score? How much of an emphasis would you recommended on increasing my Klout score? by sa3roman Nov 18

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