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Movie worksheet: The King's Speech. Elementary. Pre-Intermediate Grammar. Pre-Intermediate Grammar. Formation of questions exercise. Make interrogative sentences. 1. ...........................

Formation of questions exercise

James play cricket? 2. .................................... Alice speak French? 3. ..................................... heat expand bodies? 4. 5. 6. ..................................... they play well yesterday? 7. ................................... he go to office by train? 8. ..................................... the doctor coming to see her? 9. ................................. the tablets bitter? 10. 11. .................................... 12. Answers 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Word Formation - Online Exercises - English Grammar and Vocabulary. Anglais. Il y a quelque semaines, je vous proposais sur le blog une séquence d’anglais réalisée sous Genially et destinée à être réalisée à distance (confinement oblige).


Cette séquence construite autour de l’album « Where’s Spot ? » est disponible ici. Suite à cela, j’ai partagé ma trame avec une collègue qui a réalisé, elle aussi une séquence d’anglais à distance construite autour d’un autre album : « Winnie the witch ». C‘est avec son accord que je partage ici le travail de Marie Marchal autour de ce sympathique album et j’en profite pour la remercier chaleureusement pour son partage.

Poems and songs - LET'S BLOG! One day in NYC ! Mrs Jollit – English Pages. 5e PMC : William the Conqueror in Hastings CE GUillaume le conquerant People who lived in the castle diapo people who lived in the castle knights_wordsearch.

Mrs Jollit – English Pages

Follow the white rabbit. Dans cette séquence, nous apprenons à organiser une manifestation : une fête d’anniversaire, une soirée pyjama ou un après-midi de jeux, … Le but de cette séquence est de proposer des idées pour organiser la semaine des langues qui aura lieu au collège du 19 au 23 novembre : jeux, lectures de poèmes, chansons,… – Poems A nonsense poem : On the Ning Nang Nong by Spike Milligan Listen to this poem.

Follow the white rabbit

ESL Worksheets for Everyday English: Slang, Informal Expressions, & Everyday Dialogue. Reading Comprehension Resources for EFL and ESL Learners. Good Morning Miss! - An ESL teacher's blog. The color vowel chart teachers guide. Untitled. Untitled. The Big Challenge!


Coming soon … The Big Challenge! Le jeu-concours aura lieu cette année le jeudi 4 mai 2017 (durée: 45min) Vous pouvez vous inscrire dès à présent auprès de votre professeur d’anglais. Ce jeu concerne tous les niveaux du collège. Tous les musées et parcours en ville réunis en une seule appli. Create dynamic images, videos & 360° Macmillan Readers. To celebrate 150 years of Alice in Wonderland in 2015, Macmillan Education published two new Macmillan English Explorers: Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass.

Macmillan Readers

Comparative and superlative - Interactive worksheet. One-minute World News. Untitled. Adapted from BBC Alice is an ordinary girl, until the day she meets a talking rabbit and enters a Wonderland of adventures… NarratorHello.


This is the story of an ordinary girl called Alice. Our story begins on an ordinary summer’s day. The Newspaper Clipping Generator - Create your own fun newspaper. Travel Brochure Templates. Les incroyables superhéros. Table manners matching. What should ou shouldn't they do? Table manners. School Radio - Victorians Audio Clips. Pharrell Williams - Happy (Traduit par Google en français / Google Translated to French) TORONTO. Bars & Melody - Simon Cowell's Golden Buzzer act. The Happy New Year Game. Englisch Lernen mit Spaß und Erfolg myfuture. Resolutions. This year will be different from the last I’m gonna quit every bad habit and improve on my past Right all the wrongs and change my evil ways And I’ll get it all done in three hundred and sixty-five days This year I’ll get serious about exercise Wake up every morning and hit the gym I’ll shrink my waist, tone my arms, never compromise Be so fit not even Michael Phelps could take me in a competition.


Can & Can't with Action Verbs 6: "WHAT CAN YOU DO?" Fun English Cartoon by ESL RAP SONG "Do you like it?" Isabelle Boresy. Bear Hunt2012. Portail:Enseignement de l'anglais. Book2 Lesson 2. NathanNewBridges. D.I.Y Inspiration from Make faces. Enjoy6. L'ordre des adjectifs dans une description.

Rvisez le programme d anglais de 6me a1521. The body. Al4an51tewb0212 sequence 12. PRESENT SIMPLE/ PERFECT / BE+VING/ PERFECT BE+ING. Un seul présent en français, 4 en anglais!!!!


Comment s'y retrouver? En comprenant 3 notions simples : le permanent, le temporaire, la durée. On dit le plus souvent qu'il exprime l'habitude,la fréquence, la vérité générale, l'état. Il exprime quelquechose qui est permanent et toujours vrai. He works here. He smokes a cigarette after dinner. PRESENT SIMPLE/ PERFECT / BE+VING/ PERFECT BE+ING. English cartoons against school. Britain s other eye 1. S%C3%A9quence coll%C3%A8ge growing up A. Belleville 2. Place la phrase à côté du dessin correspondant. Attention aux intrus ! Famous People. Indiquer un chemin ou une direction en anglais. Apprendre l'anglais par l'image et le jeu Navigation de recherche Navigation Taille de la police Augmenter.Réinitialiser.Diminuer Recherche Si vous ne savez pas comment me remercier pour les heures de travail que je fais à votre place : Offrez-moi donc une tasse de thé !

indiquer un chemin ou une direction en anglais

Bridget's English pages. 137 FREE Going to Worksheets. Palier 2 – L’ici et l’ailleurs - Langues vivantes - Éduscol. Relative pronouns and the USA. How America Elects: General Election Day. REACT. 9/11 and the American Dream. Given the erosion of civil liberties since 9/11, is coming to America still worth the journey? In a way the dust cloud from the destroyed World Trade Center a decade ago hasn't fully settled. It continues to veil our nation's once blue and gracious sky. Dear Cousin D., Is coming to America still worth the journey? In a way the dust cloud from the destroyed World Trade Center a decade ago hasn’t fully settled. First and foremost is the erosion of civil liberties. Documented immigrants too face unfair treatments. But the erosion of rights is not limited only to immigrants; it extends to all citizens as well. My real fear, however, is that it’s the country itself that has become a kind of mega-airport. While America once stood for freedom and democracy, it is not clear what the nation stands for these days.

The country is willing to override law in the name of security, and nowhere is this more atrocious than the holding of suspects at Guantánamo. Method-idaho-advert-food.pdf. New Sequence - Immigration to the US. December 9 2009 4 09 /12 /December /2009 13:23 Hey, today we started a new sequence on immigration to the US and you first had to read a text in your books and report about the main information. We organised the information in a temporal spidergram (in the past / today / consequences / reasons). 4-conclusion-picture.pdf. S%C3%A9quence___voyages___l_ici_et_l_ailleurs_palier_2_C_LIAIGRE.pdf. Cartoon. New Sequence - Immigration to the US. Mary Black - Discography. Songwriter(s): Noel Brazil Lyrics From the corner of my eye I see a tear rolling down At the time I couldn't tell whose tear it was If it was mine I should be glad That I still function in this cage But if it's yours it only makes me more lost To see a tear rolling down To see a tear rolling down This is the last call for Ellis Island These are the last words I'm ever gonna hear you say So goodbye, babe Goodbye, babe.

I hear sweethearts whisper their undying love Above the noise on the quay their voices rise They must have something so strong in the face of such change That they can promise and promise all night Oh, their undying love, hear their undying love This is the last call for Ellis Island These are the last words I'm ever gonna hear you say So goodbye, babe Goodbye, babe.

9/11 and the American Dream.

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3ieme. Civi. 4ieme. Séquence. 6ieme. School trip.