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10 Herbs to help lower your STRESS and ANXIETY levels. Expertly Blended - ZEN BLEND HERBS. Sifu Mathew Carver, Master Herbalist and Wellness Architect for Zen Blend Herbs, is a Certified Herbalist with the American Herbalist Guild and Author of "The Five Chinese Elements and the Lost Art of Change" and "Zen Recovery Path Workbook". Sifu Carver is the founder of Zen Recovery Path and has studied and trained in external and internal martial/healing arts with over 25 years experience as a certified instructor for Qigong, Tai Chi, Chinese Medicine and Taoist Philosophy, Meditation and Kung Fu by the state of California.

Our Standards Zen Blend Herbs has been a goal for a very long time. I was initiated into herbal medicine by Master Hung Wu Tsim of Lau Kune Do Temple. I also learned about traditional Chinese poultices, dit da jow, and topical medicines. It was at this stage in my learning I decided to formulate some herbal remedies for those suffering from addiction and the common side effects of addiction. Online Food Menu Ordering Systems: Store Management. SushiMachine TOP Co.,Ltd. in Japan | Distributor Wanted. Sushi Machines - Quality Sushi Making Equipment for Catering Business. Swedish company looking for distributor. Producer of mobile car wash steam. Steam car wash producer. Steam cleaner producer | Fortador. Mobile or stationary steam cleaner for Professionals. The first 16 Bar or 232 PSI machine which allows 3 operators to work independently.

All-In-One device with high end technology. It Cleans and Washes Upholstery, disinfects and delivers two detergents of your choice with the steam. Order the newest 5th generation machine! - Lamborghini Diesel 36 kW engine – 16 BAR, usage only 0,5-0.6L/h - Multifunction touch display 7” - Anti-freeze system and non-chemical descale system Dear Customers, please be informed that due to National Holiday, Fortador EU office will be closed from 1st of May till 7th of May. We apology for all inconveniences Extraction steam cleaner with a dry-wet vacuum.

InstaVid - Video Sales & Marketing Tool. Oesterreich.ahk. Suppst® - Digitale Kundenkommunikation - Telefonsekretariat - Kostenloser Kundensupport für Ihre Kunden. Igetnow - Smartphone und Tablet Bestellsystem für Gäste. RFID-Etiketten mit Sicherheitsschutz | smart-LABEL. Smart Label – selbstklebende RFID Etiketten | identytag® Qwilr. Amazon. Aufbau und Ausbildungsplan - Akademie der Naturheilkunde. SocialXpand | Social Media Software | Online Reviews | Social Media Marketing | Management. SmapOne | Der neue Maßstab für Business-Apps. Typeform Pricing, Features, Reviews & Comparison of Alternatives. Key Features of Typeform Build beautiful, cross-device online forms, surveys & moreFREE plan with unlimited questions & responsesDesign your own themes or use a templateWide choice of pop-up & embed optionsSplit-device metricsData export (.xls)128-bit SSL encryptionFree access to data APIConnect your typeforms with over 250+ services using ZapierAnswer piping Fully customizable self-notifications (emails)Fully customizable respondent notifications (emails)Logic JumpHidden FieldsCollect payments with StripeCalculator for scoring & pricingPro fonts (coming soon)Noun project icon library (coming soon)Generate typeforms on the fly with Build API (coming soon)Pro reports (coming soon) Benefits SEDUCE Draw your users in when it comes to answering your questions online by offering them a seamless experience and interface across devices and platforms.

ENGAGE Stimulated, inspired, excited, happy respondents boost completion rates. FAQs for Typeform Q. Typeform offers the following features: Q. Q. Q. Field Services mobile forms for smartphones and tablets | ProntoForms. Resources. Institut für Kaffee Experten Ausbildung. iPhone Reparatur und Samsung Reparatur von Reparando. Pivothead Wearable Imaging Eyewear. Funktion. Popcorn Würzig – Corny Poppers. SlideAwesome | Easy to use, awesome looking image slider and gallery for your website. Hunter Fan - HunterConnects. Podio Workflow Automation with GlobiFlow for Podio made Easy. Linkpack - Save, read and share your links. ThriveStash - Curated tech tools for independent hustlers. Snaprecruit - Summarize your job needs. Snaprecruit for recruiters makes it easy to market, post jobs and manage applicants, candidates. ANKR Smart Tracker. BP Simulator - Process Simulator ► Simulador de procesos ► Симулятор процессов.

Brief Reference Add element: Click or drag the icon element in the Design Control panel section. Edit element: Double-click on the element. The name of the element can be changed directly on the model, the other properties are available on the Details tab at the Control Panel. Move element: Drag an element to the relevant position on the model. Delete element: Double-click on the element. Link elements: Double-click on the element.

Unlink elements: Double-click on the element. Deactivate element: Click anywhere on the model. Notation Allocation rule «AND» Allocation rule «XOR» T-Shirt Percko for men – Skin | Percko. Fruit Dashboard | Startup stats on your new tab. Own-Mailbox, the first 100% confidential Mailbox. Test | Sketchboard. Talentoday: World's Largest People Analytics Solution | Talentoday. Elementum I Supply chain made simple. Elementum I Supply chain made simple. EiKard GmbH - Über uns. The free global bike sharing. Borrow a bike - BikeSharing. Ecommerce Software, Creating cloud based marketplaces & stores by Marketplaces Inc. Marketplaces Inc. is a technologically advanced platform resulting from years of development, which provides our customers - and theirs - with the best possible user experience.

Customisation We'll customise your marketplace to look and feel like your brand, using your existing logo and other brand identity elements. Full control via your own admin page Manage your marketplace's users, postings, nomenclature, categories, and sales fees - and run site analytics to see how your marketplace is performing. Seamless mobile access Your Marketplace customers can access the same content on mobile and tablet devices so sellers and buyers can trade "on the go". Designed for API integration Our API enables Marketplaces Inc. and external apps, sites, and services to take advantage of platform integration, creating endless possibilities for further development.

Didasco - Unbelievably Easy Booking Management for your Courses. Book Unique Activities, Tours and Things to Do | Trip4real. Unique gastronomic and culinary experiences - Foodie&Tours. MYFLY. Hunter Hunt, the easiest way to find Product Hunters. eCardPage :: elektronische Postkarten für Ihre Webseite. Stop logging calls and emails and start making them instead. Free Invoice Generator. SOScharger Pocket Generator for your iPhone, Android and Smart phones. The Grid. Yoyo Wallet. Checkflow - Das Onlinetool zum Erstellen und Verwalten von Checklisten. AIRTAME - Meeting Room Wireless Streaming Solution. Send Anywhere. XELOS | Die Social Workplace Software 2.0. capture ideas, brainstorm and turn them into actionable project plans. LAPA - Landing Pages Collection. HotSchedules : Online Employee Scheduling, Talent Sourcing, Back Office, Log Book And ELearning. The Simple CRM for Google Apps. Dapulse - Lead your team with the big picture. Product Hunt. Handle: To-dos + email + calendar = focus. Plan: Organize your life. Sortd Smart Skin for Gmail. WorkFlowy - Organize your brain. Slack: Be less busy. Product Hunt - Chrome extension. Moovin für Mieter: Wohnungssuche schnell und kostenlos! Brillengläser online bestellen - meinbrillenglas.

Ihre Brillengläser austauschen – günstig, schnell und so einfach: Wählen Sie Ihre Wunsch-Brillengläser mit unserem Brillenglas-Konfigurator Senden Sie Ihre eigene Brillenfassung mit Ausdruck der Bestellbestätigung an unsere Augenoptik-Werkstatt. Link für Ihre kostenfreie Versandmarke erhalten Sie mit der Bestellbestätigung. Sie erhalten Ihre individuell verglaste Brillenfassung schnell und versandkostenfrei zurück.Ohne Risiko: wir bieten als besonderen Service, unabhängig vom Widerrufsrecht, freiwillig 100-Tage-Rückgaberecht für Ihre individuell gefertigten Brillengläser mit Sehstärke! Brillengläser aus unserem Online-Angebot: Rund um das Thema „Brillengläser“: Getönte Brillengläser für Ihre Brille Sommer, Sonne, Sonnenschein! Gute Gründe für entspiegelte Brillengläser Es gibt zwei gute Gründe und mehr, warum Ihre Brillengläser entspiegelt sein sollten.

Haben Sie Fragen oder benötigen Sie Kaufberatung rund um Ihre neuen Brillengläser? Learning Management System | eLearning | eLogic Learning. Growth Engineering - The home of engaging online learning! Top 15 Learning Management Systems mid-year 2014. I love to travel. I especially love it when I get the opportunity to present all over the world on a variety of e-learning topics. I love meeting new folks who have either been big fans and supporters of e-learning or are totally new to e-learning and seeking out information and knowledge. Yet, despite the knowledge transfer, the gaining of additional insight, I am always perplexed at the number of folks who talk about LMSs as though they are no longer relevant and use words like traditional or out dated.

They forget to realize that a learning system, learning platform are just semantics – as noted before. You can have a modern learning system that is really crummy, just as you can have with a LMS. Equally you have can an awesome LMS all modern and feature rich, just as you can with some learning systems. Yeah, they forget that part. I scoff at this idea. Wing it no more In January of this year, I presented the top systems for 2013-14. 15 to 11 Video demo on 10 to 6 5 to 1.

LearnWorlds - create your own online school and sell courses. Educadium - The Best Hosted LMS and Elearning Support. Training Management Software I LMS I accessplanit. MATRIX LMS Simple, Powerful LMS for Businesses. Learning Management System | Online LMS | eLearning Training Software. Free Personal Budget App | Monelog. Klets. Get happy customers. Chat for external communication.

An Illustrated History of Sushi | Notey. Sushi burritos are about to change our whole lives | Notey. Online Reputation Management. 7 Qualities of a Good Email | Email is an underestimated communication platform; I've even argued that it's more efficient than phone calls (in most situations, except for sales). It's certainly well-adopted by businesses as a communication medium though, with the vast majority of Americans using it as their primary business communication channel. But email's effectiveness is limited by the effort put into each one by its sender. Instead of harnessing the value of the medium's unique advantages, too many people tend to haphazardly throw their thoughts into the body of an email and hit send.

If the information isn't input clearly, it's obviously going to be much more susceptible to being incorrectly interpreted , causing a potentially lengthy back-and-forth chain that drives productivity to a halt. For some people who have experienced this, it's why they insist phone calls and face-to-face conversations are more advantageous for business communication. 1. You can do this by cutting out the fluff. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 6 Ways to Make Your Small Business Look Big.

Who doesn't want to be The Wizard of Oz? Sure, it's fun to lollygag down the yellow brick road with Dorothy and her crew--but the Wizard? Total boss. He isn't even in that much of the movie, but everyone is always talking about him. By the time they get to the Emerald City, it's just kind of accepted that the Wizard can solve everyone's problems without showing any case studies whatsoever. Did you ever sit there and wonder how he ever transitioned from being a sideshow magician who sucked at hot air balloon travel to having a monopoly on an entire city?

The only logical answer, of course, is that he was an expert entrepreneur. That is the mark of most successful entrepreneurs: making your startup radiate success, even as you endure the ups and downs of opening a business. How'd they do it? 1. This is your front door. 2. A lot of startups sell on sites like Amazon or Etsy. 3. Packaging is relatively cheap. but is often overlooked by web-based companies. 4. 5. 6.