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School inspection: some myth-busting. Leadership. Leadership in school. Coaching. Sheet Music. AudioMulch is software for live performance, audio processing, sound design and music composition. Random facts. Dice Roller. What To Write About. Remove The Lyrics From MOST Songs. Test. Experimental. Word Dynamo. Clasic.

Born to Learn. Turning Problems into Solutions. MinutePhysics. CGP Grey. 💦 Sneeze on FB: 💦 💦 Sneeze on Twitter: 💦 💦 Sneeze on Tumblr: 💦 😡 Argue about this on the reddit: 😡 Get more updates from CGP Grey: CGP Grey Hoodie: CGP Grey on Patreon: Share on Twitter: "What Makes Online Content Viral?

CGP Grey

" Special Thank You to My Crowdfunding Supporters: Music by Broke for Free. Share on Google+ (lol!) Numberphile - Videos about Numbers and Stuff. All Time 10s. Will We Ever Run Out of New Music? Impress Your Kids - 10 Educational Channels. The Spangler Effect - Fun Science Pranks Season 02 Episode 04. Vsauce. Veritasium.

We're sorry, but something went wrong (500) Write A Hit Song In 3 Easy Steps. Education. PLN's. Life coaching and personal coaching guide, tips - coaching success, performance, sales, career development; and coaching life-change, leadership, and management. Coaching for teaching and learning: a guide for school leaders. 5 Creative Coaching Techniques To Get Yourself Unstuck. If you ever feel stuck on a problem or overwhelmed by the challenges you face, here are five powerful tools that can help you get unstuck fast.

5 Creative Coaching Techniques To Get Yourself Unstuck

I’ve tried and tested them with hundreds of coaching clients over the past 15 years, so I can confidently recommend using them when you’re facing a problem or adversity, and you need to draw on your reserves of creativity and courage to overcome it. 1. The Magic Word ‘Instead’ When you’re feeling stuck, it’s very easy to get caught up in problem focused thinking. The problem seems so overwhelming that it takes over your whole mental space, leaving precious little room for manoeuvre. There’s also a well established school of thought that says that in order to solve a problem, you need to understand it thoroughly – where it came from, what caused it, what it means etc. I don’t subscribe to this school of thought, because I’ve seen so many instances where dwelling on the problem only makes it worse. What do I want instead of this? 2. Coaching for teaching and learning: a guide for school leaders.

Coaching. Leading coaching in schools. What is coaching - The Coaching & Mentoring Network. What are Coaching and Mentoring?

What is coaching - The Coaching & Mentoring Network

Both coaching and mentoring are processes that enable both individual and corporate clients to achieve their full potential. Coaching and mentoring share many similarities so it makes sense to outline the common things coaches and mentors do whether the services are offered in a paid (professional) or unpaid (philanthropic) role. top of page Useful definitions The common thread uniting all types of coaching & mentoring is that these services offer a vehicle for analysis, reflection and action that ultimately enable the client to achieve success in one more areas of their life or work. Here are some published definitions we particularly like... Coaching. Coaching is training or development in which a person called a "coach" supports a learner in achieving a specific personal or professional goal.


The learner is sometimes called a "coachee". Occasionally, "coaching" may mean an informal relationship between two people, of whom one has more experience and expertise than the other and offers advice and guidance as the latter learns; but coaching differs from mentoring in focusing on competence specifics, as opposed to general overall development. Some coaches use a style in which they ask questions and offer opportunities to challenge the learner to find his or her own answers. This helps the learner find answers and new ways of being[clarification needed] based on their own values, preferences and perspectives. Origins[edit] Sacred Vocal Music.

Singing Coach (Careers in music) - Get Into Music. 28383-PMLP62464-Garc__a_II__Manuel_-_Hints_on_Singing. Ursus Wehrli tidies up art. Voice cycle. ChoralSyllabusComplete08. Musical Scales. Different voices. Diagram of instrument ( voice) Singing: 10 min Vocal warmup - Part I. How to read music - Tim Hansen. Beatboxing 101 - BEAT NYC. Beatboxing is a form of vocal percussion primarily involving the art of producing drum beats, rhythm, and musical sounds using one's mouth, lips, tongue, and voice.

Beatboxing 101 - BEAT NYC

It may also involve singing, vocal imitation of turntablism, and the simulation of horns, strings, and other musical instruments. The term beatboxing is sometimes used to refer to vocal percussion in general. B.E.A.T.’s mission is to transform the lives of youth in under-served areas through engaging, exciting and culturally relevant music, dance and writing programs which include beatboxing, B-boying/B-girling (breakdance), music production/composition, and creative writing. By engaging, challenging and teaching students in our programs through music, writing and dance, B.E.A.T. aims to help mold a new generation of leaders and creative thinkers who themselves will inspire and impact the generations to follow. Here's a video from the Beatbox Battle World Championship 2012. Music as a language - Victor Wooten. IMSLP267579-PMLP433448-Bordese_-_Methode_elementaire_de_chant_VPf. Ipads. iPad As....

iPads have exploded throughout schools and classrooms.

iPad As....

Eminems life story. Music. GCSE Music Area of Study 3 (Dance Music) Free sheet music. IMSLP/Petrucci Music Library: Free Public Domain Sheet Music. Audio engineering. Resources. 64 Things Every Geek Should Know - The term ‘geek’, once used to label a circus freak, has morphed in meaning over the years. What was once an unusual profession transferred into a word indicating social awkwardness. Dance Music. My Music Lesson By Catherie Schmidt Jones.

Western Classical Music (history) Montage of some great classical music composers.

Western Classical Music (history)

From left to right: Top row: Antonio Vivaldi, Johann Sebastian Bach, George Frideric Handel, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig van Beethoven; second row: Gioachino Rossini, Felix Mendelssohn, Frédéric Chopin, Richard Wagner, Giuseppe Verdi; third row: Johann Strauss II, Johannes Brahms, Georges Bizet, Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Antonín Dvořák; bottom row: Edvard Grieg, Edward Elgar, Sergei Rachmaninoff, George Gershwin, Aram Khachaturian The term "classical music" did not appear until the early 19th century, in an attempt to distinctly canonize the period from Johann Sebastian Bach to Beethoven as a golden age.[7] The earliest reference to "classical music" recorded by the Oxford English Dictionary is from about 1836.[1][8] Characteristics[edit] Literature[edit] The most outstanding characteristic of classical music is that the repertoire tends to be written down in musical notation, creating a musical part or score.

Instrumentation[edit] Music Text Composition Generator ( A free online music utility) The P22 Music Text Composition Generator allows any text to be converted into a musical composition.

Music Text Composition Generator ( A free online music utility)

This composition is displayed in musical notation and simultaneously generated as a midi file. 1. Usage Type or copy any text into the Text Field. Give the file a unique name. GCSE Bitesize: The concerto in the Baroque period (roughly 1600-1750) Music - World. 10 Amazing and Stunning Piano Pieces. The Arts The piano has clearly been a wildly popular instrument ever since its first introduction to the music scene, as both a solo instrument and an accompaniment.

10 Amazing and Stunning Piano Pieces

Its instant popularity led to a massive influx of solo piano pieces being written – some a violent explosion of color and motion, others a slow, melodic meditation. Some pieces were less than a minute in duration and some hours long (in fact, there was a rumor circulating recently as to the existence of a post-modern piece whereupon one note is played every hour, and pianists take shifts to keep the performance lasting for weeks, months at a time). Yet while I’m sure many of you are familiar with hundreds of beautiful, instantly recognizable pieces, this is a list of ten pieces which rival even the most famous pieces in beauty, yet have slipped under the radar. Of course, some of these will be known to some of you, but hopefully everyone will find something new here. Frederic Chopin Scherzo No. 2 Op. 31 Philip Glass Franz Liszt. Advice for Pianists: How to Compose Piano Music. In my 25 years of writing piano music, I've arranged over 180 compositions, about 160 of which I've released to the public on CD.

Advice for Pianists: How to Compose Piano Music

A fan who read my advice for pianists article asked if I'd write a similar article for beginning composers. So, I've put together these 12 composition tips for anyone who would like to compose music for the piano. 1) Start With the Melody You don't have to come to the piano with an entire song already in your head before you start composing. Just start with one simple melodic phrase. 2) What is Your Song About? As you develop your overall melody, think about the emotion or image you want your composition to convey. Piano. Singing: 10 min Vocal warmup - Part II. Singing Lessons - Vocal Coach (Lesson 1 - Breath) Voice Lesson/Vocal Exercise - Eve Soto -Vocal Coach/Alicia Keys - Range,Pitch, Breathing. Games-based learning.

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