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Prym Flower loom

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Flower Looms: Looms and Yarns (including troubleshooting problem flowers) Small Looms and Flower Looms. Small Looms and Flower Looms. Purplelinda Crafts Free Patterns & Links. Prym FLOWER LOOM Knitting Daisy. Great gadget for making flowers (daisy rosettes), different sizes and shapes can be made quick and easy.

Prym FLOWER LOOM Knitting Daisy

You can make them into Corsage Brooches, sew onto any item of clothing or Crochet/Sew together to make anything from a scarf to a Cardigan. You can also use this loom as a french knitter and make long tubes or flat panells. It is very easy to make tassles with. The Prym Loom has interchangeable pegs for different sizes and patterns.