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Flower fairies

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Fairy Craft. Glittergoods: fairy nuts, fairy bolts. As I was making plans & gathering supplies for the fairy party, people kept warning me about my girl's sure-to-increase expectations, ie, the road to Birthday Hell is paved with fairy skirts & tiny cupcakes.

glittergoods: fairy nuts, fairy bolts

Maybe, but on the other hand, this is probably the last year I'll have the opportunity to fill my house with tiny round-cheeked rowdy fairies, & soon enough she'll be nothing but lanky & sneering & demanding to be dropped off at the mall, so why not? Also, I am not denying that I do get a little crazy when party time comes around. But fairy skirts are actually really easy to make, if you do the kind where you tie strips of tulle around an elastic waistband.

I bought armloads of tulle at a Joann's 50% off sale, was great because 1. cheap, & 2. I was able to mix colors with financial abandon. (Fake flowers were on big sale, too.) My girl requested chocolate cake with strawberry frosting, "a big cake so it will be fancier than cupcakes. " Ok, the fondant.

Red Friday Shop Update - My Sweet Imaginations. Fairy Stuff: How to make a flower fairy (amended) Here is a selection of items that you will need to make flower fairies: Silk flowers, paper covered wire, wooden beads, sequins, beads, embroidery thread or floss.

Fairy Stuff: How to make a flower fairy (amended)

You will also need a permanent marker, round nose pliers and some strong pva glue. Paper-covered wire can be bought from cook shops & florists. The paper has a tendency to unravel so you need to dip the ends into pva glue when you cut them. Cut the wire into two lengths – one piece into a 6½” length and one piece into 2½” length. I have used size 13mm wooden beads, which I varnished with some craft varnish/glaze. Using your round nose pliers, or a cable needle, curl under a small piece of each end of the short wire to make the hands. I have mixed grey, blue and light blue threads together to add texture.

Feed the wire through the hole in the wooden bead and push the bead right up to the hair. Pull the hair out of the way with a piece of scrap thread or wire. Search results for two fairy friends. Here is the birthday party post! Search results for two fairy friends

There are a ton of photos so I'm going to try and keep it short and sweet because you will be able to get the drift mostly by viewing the photos...above are the invites which I used cardstock and some glittered scrapbook paper to create. I printed the fairies here. How to make peg dolls. Let Elyse Major show you how to make peg dolls in this charming and nostalgic craft, using bits and pieces from around the home If you’re searching for ideas to keep the kids entertained, then look no further!

How to make peg dolls

These pretty peg dolls would be the perfect craft project for the school holidays. With their fancy skirts and sweet faces, children are sure to love them! Materials One-piece wooden clothespin or “doll pin” with round topClear nail polishFine-point permanent markersPretty paperSeam bindingCupcake casesRibbonsPipe cleanersTiny artificial (millinery) flowersSelf-adhesive gemsCraft glue, adhesive tapeScissorsPattern edge scissors (optional)Small clips or elastic bands to hold pieces in place while drying. Pom Pom Dolly Peg Fairies. Many regular readers of my bog will know that we love both Pom Poms and Clothe pins dolls.. so it really it was only a matter of time before i had a go at combing the two.

Pom Pom Dolly Peg Fairies

Pom Pom Fairies seem to be everywhere at the moment. I was particularly inspired by this rainbow Pom Pom Fairy Garland and these Ornament Fairies (the latter with no instructions, boo hoo). GARDEN FAIRIES DOLLS #1 on Pinterest. Summer : Magic Craft Box : 2014 - The Magic Onions. My kids are counting the days until the end of the school year and the beginning of a new wonderful summer vacation.

Summer : Magic Craft Box : 2014 - The Magic Onions

I’m also looking forward to slow morning starts, unscheduled days and lots of happy times together … but, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t just a little apprehensive too – 3 months is SO long and what on earth are we going to do for ALL that time? Crafting, of course!! With the Magic Craft Box!! Magical, nature-inspired crafts, designed specifically for summer crafting. How To Make A Flower Fairy Doll Tutorial - Untidy Artist. Shealynn's Faerie Shoppe: Flower Fairies. Or, What I was Doing When My Camera Broke Revel in the beauty of that picture.

Shealynn's Faerie Shoppe: Flower Fairies

T'was the last my nice camera ever took. Some of you may remember the post where I explained that my camera had broken. Pocket Pixie Flower Fairies - Do it yourself craft kit. Flower Fairies. These flower fairies were the biggest hit at the craft fair.

Flower Fairies

They are made from fake flower pedals, floral wire and embroidery floss. I had a lot of fun making each one original...every fairy has a unique dress and hairdo. The Homemade Gift. The Homemade Gift Helping you with gift ideas from home Skip to content Home ← Flashback to the 80′s.

The Homemade Gift

How to Make Snowy Dolly Peg Fairies. Flower Faeries. Flower Fairy Tutorial. Tinkerbell Clothes Pins Dolls : Red Ted Art's Blog. A few months ago we saw Tinkerbell – The Secret of The Wings and thoroughly enjoyed.

Tinkerbell Clothes Pins Dolls : Red Ted Art's Blog

It was a sweet and magical movie – what isn’t there to love about fairies – especially Tinkerbell?! How to Make Flower Fairies.