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Link Penalty And Removal In GIF Form » Barrie Moran SEO. Cause you followed @ChrisLDyson and studied The Link Building Process in GIF Form and you thought you would be building links like You got one thing right reading But results weren’t going the way you wanted and it always seemed like someone was doing a little better So you had an idea And you went a little And found some sites, some blog networks and a few others and just said.

Link Penalty And Removal In GIF Form » Barrie Moran SEO

Big-Ass List of Link Building Resources. Real Marketing Sh*t: An SEO's Guide to Content Marketing - 97thFloor. SEO’s are marketers, even if sometimes we forget it.

Real Marketing Sh*t: An SEO's Guide to Content Marketing - 97thFloor

Surely by now many of you have listened to Wil Reynold’s talk on #RCS. If you haven’t, watch it here. Watching his presentation really inspired me. How to get Value and Great Prospects Fast from Blogger LinkUp. Blogger LinkUp is of great use to any SEO utilising guest posting as part of a link building strategy.

How to get Value and Great Prospects Fast from Blogger LinkUp

I’m a firm believer that saving time is the key to scaling up link building efforts, and the more tasks you can get done faster, the more spare time you have to be productive. A message delivered to my inbox 3 times a week with a whole list of prospects offering a link rather than running around looking for them? Why would I not want to receive that?! However, BLU doesn’t come without some challenges. Being a mailing list it can be tough to sort the good from the bad and the relevant from the non-relevant. Free Keyword Research Tool - Keyword Opportunity. EmailEmail The other week I wrote about SERP Click Through Rates.

Free Keyword Research Tool - Keyword Opportunity

This isn’t really useful on it’s own though. To give any meaningful insight, it needs to be combined with keyword volume (usually from the Google KWR Tool) and your current rank for the keyword. I know that rankings are a bad measurement as they are so variable – depending on personalization, location, Google testing new algorithms, etc. That said, you can’t just not do anything, you have to work with what you’ve got. I’ve created a keyword research and opportunity tool. As you can see in the screen shot below, the ‘Opportunity’ tab shows your current rank, the monthly search volume and how much traffic you can gain by grabbing a number one spot.

The Epic List of Content Strategy Resources. Since I left SEO, I’ve been getting a lot of questions about Content Strategy.

The Epic List of Content Strategy Resources

What is it? What books and blogs should people read to learn about it? What conferences should folks attend and who are the experts in the field? I thought I would assemble my favorite Content Strategy resources into a list that has everything all in one place for folks who, like me, are new to this field. Building Your Content Promotion Strategy. I know.

Building Your Content Promotion Strategy

You’ve already been beaten to death with the news content marketing is on the rise. There’s no stopping this hockey stick. Marketers and business owners have hopped onto the content marketing train and there are more blog posts, infographics, eBooks, resource guides and other content marketing goodies than ever before. Cheatsheet: #HOWTO Pick a Worthy Blog for Your Guest Article.

A few months ago we did a Twitter chat on how to evaluate a blog before guest blogging.

Cheatsheet: #HOWTO Pick a Worthy Blog for Your Guest Article

There have been many questions about the same issue again and again since then. Since I think a picture is worth thousands of words (and it’s also easy to spread among your team members), here’s an easy infographic on how to choose a blog for guest contributing: {Click to enlarge} Notes: Tools mentioned on the infographic are reviewed here.You can see records of each member of MyBlogGuest by clicking number link below his photo. How To Be More Persuasive - Psychology 101 for Link Builders. Over the past few years I have spent an increasing amount of time learning about different psychology theories to enhance the results of my work.

How To Be More Persuasive - Psychology 101 for Link Builders

As a link builder it is your role to deliver your content to the communities who are most likely to consume and link to it. To gain an upper hand and get the attention of people who are being pitched to dozens, if not hundreds of times per day, it will often come down to how well you understand your link prospects motivations and mindset. In this post I hope to give you an overview of a number of theories I have used in the past couple of years in helping me to convert my outreach efforts into links. Speak their Language A very powerful way of establishing rapport with someone else is to adopt the language style of their preferred representational system.

Our preferred representational systems are our points of contact with the outside world i.e. our five senses. Visual: people with a visual style are driven and very businesslike. 3 Free Tools to Get Link Building Search Query Inspired. Have you been a little lax on your link building lately?

3 Free Tools to Get Link Building Search Query Inspired

Uninspired over search queries, or maybe feeling discouraged thanks to a lack of results from the ones you have previously employed? It can be easy to feel this way, or just let your link building fall to the wayside in favor of other marketing strategies that show more immediately – or just visible – results. But don’t trust the rumors from some circles that the practice is dead. That just isn’t true, and failing to properly find and use quality search queries and build viable links is a good way to squander a lot of potential. No SEO is an island – You need to integrate to win. No SEO is an Island – You Need to Integrate to Win There are many awesome traits of the typical SEO, from the constant inquisitiveness to the unparalleled competitiveness, but we often see ourselves as an island within the digital marketing sphere.

No SEO is an island – You need to integrate to win

In my opinion this is the biggest threat to SEO. In no way do I believe that SEO is, or ever will be, dead. Viral Content Buzz Review (And Why I Love It) When I heard that there was a tool that would help my blog posts continue to “buzz” months after they have been posted (as opposed to the usual few days), why wouldn’t I check it out? Every blogger knows that not all of your posts can be a homerun. Sometimes, we write posts that are timely and fizzle in relevance, other posts are more general and specific to a certain website, but sometimes you write that post that’s perfect. It’s timeless, everyone can use it, you wrote some of the cleverest sentences ever to hit the page, and quite frankly you don’t want the attention to end.

100 Content Marketing Tools for PRs: From Content Marketing Software to Content Curation. As general as the term may be, content marketing is the trend of the year. According to the B2B Content Marketing Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends – North America survey by the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) and MarketingProfs, 9 out of 10 marketers will be using content marketing in 2013, with an average of 12 content marketing tactics, a significant increase when compared to previous years, when they were only using 8 tactics.

The statistics reveal even more: in 2012, B2B marketers were spending 33 percent of their marketing budgets on content marketing, and 54% said they will increase their content marketing spending in 2013. With so many marketers competing, you will need to define a content strategy that works for you. We’ve hand picked 100 content marketing tools and sites that will assist you in your efforts. Sharing and Aggregating Social Metadata. One of the activities related to metadata management and support, this activity focused on the user contributions that would enrich the descriptive metadata created by libraries, archives, and museums.

These contributions could come from curators, subject librarians, experts, or enthusiasts. The metadata contributed could be in a range of formats, including images, commentaries, reviews, tags, or links to related sources. Keyword Research for SEO. Keyword research is quite possibly the most important part of SEO. You cannot begin to plan for a campaign unless you know which phrases you are targeting, and you cannot estimate costs and returns from SEO unless you first know who you’re competing against. This post is pretty long and I will be keeping it up to date, so I have created a table of contents to make it easier to jump ahead to a specific section. Getting Started. The New SEO Process (Quit Being Kanye) The author's posts are entirely his or her own (excluding the unlikely event of hypnosis) and may not always reflect the views of Moz. The responsibilities of SEO practitioners have changed to include far more of the digital ecosystem, yet for so many, much of the SEO process remains the same.

Currently there are several segments of SEO strategy seen as optional that are actually absolutely imperative to the success of an SEO campaign, as well as to the synergy of other initiatives within the marketing mix. In other words, SEO must adopt and adapt in order to be taken seriously and command the type of influence required to drive change. As it stands, SEO looks to disrupt the symphony (or cacophony) that is a brand’s marketing mix.

The Most Common Google News Errors and How to Avoid Them. In working with publishers one of the things I’m most frequently asked to do is troubleshoot problems with Google News. Anyone involved with a news or content site can attest to the importance of Google News and news search optimization. Links to Infographic Sites, Visual Designers and C. Randy's infographic design consultancy to Visualize Business Intelligence Jacob O'Neal's site focused on designing animated GIF infographics Company that helps visualize business data Rose Zgodzinski's site to help client find visual solutions Consulting, Design and Social + PR Brian Cragin is an infographic designer in San Diego A masterfully constructed infographic campaign can work wonders for your business Dashboard Design: Data Driven helps your clients better understand and act upon your information Dejure Design provides interactive and visual design services to social justice organizations seeking to make their legal work more accessible and engaging.

One of the UK’s leading providers of infographics and data visualisation for bloggers and businesses of all sizes An interactive design industry We make important data beautiful and easy to understand We specialize in transmitting messages in a clear, simple and attractive way. Super Advanced Not Provided Keywords Analysis in Google Analytics. Google has been hiding keyword referral data from searches made by logged-in users since October of 2011. With every passing day, more and more searches are made by logged-in Google users. We therefore can no longer ignore the impact of ‘not provided’ keywords on various marketing channels. Content Curation. 3 Tools to Track Youtube Popular Videos. Ah, YouTube…I have lost track of the number of hours I have blissfully wasted on that site.

Even when I know there is something I need to get done, and I am anxious about doing it by the deadline, I still find myself on there. It is the lure of stupid music videos and clips of cats doing human things. 5 Powerful WordPress Plugins to Help Prevent Content Theft. Are You Falling Asleep at the SEO Wheel? A recent post here on SEJ by Alan Bleiweiss certainly got the comments flowing. If you haven’t read it yet, “Get Over Yourself – Matt Cutts Did Not Just Kill Another SEO Kitten” is a great read and Alan makes some fantastic points—but the thing that stood out of me the most isn’t actually in the post itself; it’s in one his replies to a comment.

SEO Salvage Operation: Saving Websites Hurt by Google Updates. In the last year, Google really changed the game. SEO Link Building Best Practices for 2013: Interview with Neil Patel. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Neil Patel, founder of KISSMetrics. Why Ranking Reports Are Now More Important Than Ever. I once told Arienne that “rank checking” was my heroin. Of course, heroin is a dangerous drug that has potentially lethal consequences. However, checking the rank of your web site for a target term can be very addicting while being counterproductive to your overall marketing health. No one articulates this so eloquently as Jill Whalen over at High Rankings. In fact Jill has been one of the strongest voices against rank tracking. Free Guide: 10 Metrics for 2013 Marketing Success! The New SEO Professional: Master of Both Left and Right Brain. Compared to its ultimate impact, the beginnings of an earthquake are actually quite small. Likewise, in terms of scope, the Penguin algorithm update was relatively miniscule, affecting only 3.1% of queries.

Its impact on the industry, however, was far greater, as the de-emphasis of thin content in the SERPs drove SEO professionals to place a renewed emphasis on creating — and marketing — quality content. In its aftermath, the industry has struggled somewhat to define what an SEO has become. Is he/she now a content-creating machine? 26 Content Marketing Tools to Use in 2013. 5 Ways to Fulfill Your Traffic Goals in 2013 Using Data from Google Analytics. Are You Covering Up Your Link Building Footprints? You Should Be! Build relationships, not links, for SEO in 2013. Creating Video Sitemaps for each Video Hosting Platform. The six universal principles of relationship building for outreach. Agile Content Marketing with Google Webmaster Tools - SEO Blog. 10 Steps to Creating Reader-Oriented Blog Content.

Producing Great Content with No Budget. Building Google's Knowledge Base and Identifying Locations in Web Pages. 10 marketing and advertising trends to focus on in 2013. The Evolving Role of Brands for the Millennial Generation - HootSuite. Dear Bloggers, I Apologise. Regards, the SEO Industry. The Science of Twitter Webinar. 42 Digital Media Resources You May Have Missed. Common Blogging Mistakes: Editorial Guidelines for Bloggers. Why You Need a Seriously Fast Website. Why Content Goes Viral: the Theory and Proof. 21 Tactics to Increase Blog Traffic (Updated 2012)

Boost Your Blog Traffic by Submitting to These 12 Directories. A New Method to Track Keyword Ranking using Google Analytics. New Ways To Track Keyword Rank (for Free) Crap. The Content Marketing Deluge. Easy Ways SEO Can Kill Your Site. A Carefully Selected List of Recommended Tools on Datavisualization. 10 Google Analytics Resolutions for 2013. The Key to Producing Valuable Content That Sticks. HOW TO: Convert Your Blog Into a Podcast on iTunes for Free. How to get 80% of the results with 20% of the content. SEO in 2013: 7 Surprisingly Simple Factors That Will Take The Lead. Biggest Link Building Tips for 2013 by Industry Experts including Ruth Burr from SEOMoz. The Secret of Successful Blogger Outreach. Link Building: The Best Marketing Strategy You've Never Heard Of.

5 Reasons for Businesses to Blog in 2013. Secret Ingredients to a Successful Blogger Outreach Campaign. 8 SEO Blogs you must follow in 2013. 53 Alternatives to Google Analytics. The Marketer's Guide to Pinterest SEO. Google Disavow Tool: 10 Insights from 4 months of Testing. 31 Types of Blog Posts for Every Day of the Month.