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SapientNitro. Ibotta - Better than Coupons. ShopFully Group. Amazon price tracker, Amazon price history charts, price watches, and price drop alerts. Homepage - Skipstone. Massdrop. Fiverr: The marketplace for creative & professional services. Don't worry - you're one click away from continuing your normal visit.

Fiverr: The marketplace for creative & professional services

We're dedicated to keeping Fiverr safe from malicious visitors. Something in your behaviour has triggered our protection systems - We apologise for any inconvenience this process may have caused. Ad blocking or ad filtering software may interfere with our ability to identify you as human. Please exclude Modifying your headers or user agent may trigger some of our detection tools. You may be asked to provide the following details: Crowdtap Raises $7 Million To Help Brands Connect With Their Influential Customers. Crowdtap, a service that allows marketers to easily collaborate with and mobilize targeted crowds of influential consumers, announced today that it has raised $7 million in series A funding.

Crowdtap Raises $7 Million To Help Brands Connect With Their Influential Customers

The round was led by Foundry Group, with participation from GSA Venture Partners and social media agency Mr. Youth. Mr. Welcome to Crowdtap. Get FREE Samples. Reap Awesome Rewards. Influence Cool Brands. - Search for local businesses, events, and coupons near you. Blissmobox Wants To Help Consumers Discover Organic And Eco-Friendly Products. We’ve seen a number of startups emerge that are using a sampling box as a way to help consumers discover products, including Babbaco, Foodzie, BirchBox and BeachMint.

Blissmobox Wants To Help Consumers Discover Organic And Eco-Friendly Products

Blissmo is the latest company to join the mix with the launch of the Blissmobox, which allows consumers to discover organic and eco-friendly products that safer and better for them, their families and their planet. The Blissmobox is a subscription service that delivers these eco-friendly products to your door once a month. Blissmo - Blissmobox. SinglePlatform Raises $3.3M To Help Local Businesses Create Online Storefronts. SinglePlatform, a startup that helps local businesses create websites in minutes, has raised $3.25 million funding led by DFJ Gotham Ventures with participation from New World Ventures, First Round Capital and RRE Ventures.

SinglePlatform Raises $3.3M To Help Local Businesses Create Online Storefronts

This investment brings the company’s total funding to $4.45 million. SinglePlatform operates as a ‘one-stop’ platform for local businesses to manage their web presence, allowing them to integrate their websites, Twitter, Facebook and more easily. Local businesses are also able to publish their specials, events, menus, photos and more. Plus, SinglePlatform’s website creation tool automatically creates a mobile-optimized site.

Online Business Listing Management. Hopper - When to Fly and Buy. Talk. Home page. The Founders Behind Launch "All The Robots Are In Place" Marc Lore and Vinit Bharara have figured out a formula for selling low-margin goods online and shipping them overnight to customers.

The Founders Behind Launch "All The Robots Are In Place"

The two entrepreneurs have built into the largest seller of diapers and other baby products on the Web. is on track to bring in $300 million in revenues this year. Best Toys, Games, Books, Video Games, Music - Free Shipping. Car Seats, Strollers, Baby Registry - Free Shipping. Health, Beauty, Household, School Supplies - Free Shipping. TheFind - EVERY PRODUCT * EVERY STORE. Online Shopping - Bedding, Furniture, Electronics, Jewelry, Watches, Clothing & more. Purch. Birchbox: The smartest way to shop for beauty and grooming products. Local Shopping - Sales, Deals & Coupons from stores near you. Baskt. Cartbound. TapBuy Deals: Mobile Shopping, Without The Hassle. The future may be mobile, but trying to shop at an online retailer from your phone is often a surefire way to get a headache.

TapBuy Deals: Mobile Shopping, Without The Hassle

Sure, online stores are now much better about offering mobile-optimized sites than they were a few years ago — but even then, plugging in your credit card information on your phone’s keyboard is a pain, and quickly buying multiple items from multiple stories is basically out of the question. There are a few good experiences to be had (I’ve used Amazon’s mobile apps plenty of times, and they generally work well). But it’s the exception, not the rule. Fit Analytics. UPcload Uses Your Webcam To Help You Order Clothes That Actually Fit. I’m the sort of person who likes to buy things online.

UPcload Uses Your Webcam To Help You Order Clothes That Actually Fit

Batteries? Yup. Groceries? You bet. And I just bought a garbage can that opens automatically when you get close to it (magic!). But there’s one big area where online shopping has always fallen short: clothes shopping. OrderWithMe Offers Wholesale Group Buying For Small Businesses. Founded by husband and wife team Jonathan and Danielle Jenkins, OrderWithMe is a group buying site specifically designed for the small Western businesses who are having trouble navigating the somewhat unintelligible world of Chinese manufacturers.

OrderWithMe Offers Wholesale Group Buying For Small Businesses

By allowing companies to buy in bulk, OrderWithMe can offer the same deals that larger retailers get, which means up to 70% discounts on fashion and furniture items. Co-founder Jenkins came up with the idea for OrderWithMe when — as a merchant himself — he realized that bulk, factory-level information from sites like Alibaba was of little help to an American small business. Instead of a choice of 35K handbags, Jenkins needed something that would narrow down inventory selection to only the hundred most popular. Targeting middle America through trade shows and niche conferences, OrderWithMe has already handled 100K in transactions.

Home - OrderWithMe. Barclays - ClicThat. Drumo Is Quora For Cities. It’s hard when you’re new to a city and have no friends.

Drumo Is Quora For Cities

Drumo - Ask Locals. Find Answers. Be Rewarded. Spotzot - Location-based shopper media. Spotzot, The Startup Powering Deal Targeting For Apps Like Shopkick & ShopSavvy, Raises $2.2 Million. Spotzot, the platform that powers deal targeting for shopping applications and web sites, today announced that it has closed $2.2 million in Series A funding.

Spotzot, The Startup Powering Deal Targeting For Apps Like Shopkick & ShopSavvy, Raises $2.2 Million

The round was led by Cervin Ventures, Inventus Capital Partners and TiE-Silicon Valley Angels. So what is Spotzot? Local Shopping - Sales, Deals & Coupons from stores near you. Local Marketing - Drive In Store Sales With Local Internet Marketing - LocalVox. New York City Business News & Events - Announcements & Events in New York City. CrunchBase. Proximiant - Tap and Go Digital Receipts. Lightbank Backs Belly, A Customer Loyalty And Rewards Platform For Local Businesses. A new Chicago-based startup is emerging today as a contender in the local business customer loyalty and rewards space. Belly (formally Bellyflop) is hoping to replace those old punchcards you receive at local merchants. And the startup is debuting with an investment from Lightbank, the venture firm founded by Groupon co-founders Eric Lefkofsky and Brad Keywell. While the exact amount of the investment was not disclosed, we understand it is in the seven-figures.

Belly wants to reinvent customer loyalty rewards through gamification and digital check-ins. Belly: Rewards you want at the places you love. Shopmium - « Exclusive offers » in your nearby store. SpotMe Payments - Split bills and split rent with roommates, family and friends on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. SpotMe Payments: A Great App For Settling Up. SpotMe, a handy little tool for sharing expenses in groups, is now a top 10 mobile app in the finance category and a featured app in Apple’s App Store Rewind 2011. Zornitza Stefanova, the CEO of SpotMe’s maker Boomerang Digital, describes the app as “a social messenger for payments.” What that means is that the app takes over the often uncomfortable job of having to ask your friends for the money they owe – it does that for you.

An early version of the app was launched this July, but the most recent update just arrived mid-December, bringing with it helpful new features like messaging and email summaries. After installation, you can sign up for an account using Facebook and then add friends to a group by pulling their info from your phone’s address book or by typing in an email manually. It’s really fast to set up the bill you’re splitting, the money you lent, the rent, or any other expense you want to split with others. We definitely needed an app for that. Data Crawling, Visualization & Analysis. Y Combinator Startup Priceonomics Tells You How Much To Pay For Any Used Product.

You want the best price on things you buy second hand, but finding out how much you should pay is a hassle. Removing this friction from a lucrative part of the purchase funnel is the goal of Priceonomics. The first startup out of the winter 2012 Y Combinator batch, Priceonomics has crawled the web to compile its next-generation price guide. It launches today featuring 10 million prices on 50,000 products, and plans to expand across verticals soon. Here’s how it works.

Let’s say you want to buy a TV on craigslist, a bike on eBay, or something from the TechCrunch holiday gift guide. Most listings I clicked had already been sold, but the site is designed for you to discover what you should pay, not necessarily where to buy. Farfetch - Designer Luxury Fashion for Men & Women. Online Marketplace For Designer Fashion Boutiques FarFetch Raises $18M From Index Ventures.

FarFetch, and online marketplace for independent fashion boutiques, has raised $18 million in funding from Index Ventures, eVenture Capital Partners and existing investor Advent Venture Partners. This brings FarFetch’s total funding to $24 million. Launched in 2008, is marketplace which brings independent fashion boutiques from Europe and North America under one roof. The London-based company offers a curated network of online boutiques from designer brands like Fendi, Gucci, and Chloé as well as from emerging designers.

Currently the site offers clothing for both men and women, and includes over 35,000 products. The company says its is currently seeing an annual sales growth rate of 204 percent. The new round of funding will be used to expand and deepen FarFetch’s brand and operational presence in its existing markets across Europe and North America, and for strategic growth efforts into new markets in the United States and Brazil and Asia. Shopkick. Deals, Quotes, Coupons, Advice from Local Merchants - Birchbox: The smartest way to shop for beauty and grooming products. Birchbox - Découvrez vos futurs essentiels. French Birchbox Competitor JolieBox Acquires Spain’s Glamourum.

JolieBox, which is basically a French version of Birchbox, has just acquired the Spanish version of Birchbox, a service known as Glamourum. The acquisition comes a few months following the company’s Series A with Alven Capital, and the acquisition of its U.K. competitor Boudoir Privé. Le Concept - Birchbox. Discover your next everything. Reply Relaunches MerchantCircle As A More Consumer-Focused Merchant Marketplace. As we reported last year, Reply acquired online marketing network for small business owners MerchantCircle. Deals, Quotes, Coupons, Advice from Local Merchants - DealBoard For iPhone Finds Offers You Like, So You Can Kill The Daily Deal Emails. DealBoard.

Social Passport. CircleMe Lets You Plant – And Find – Virtual Items On Locations. There are one or two apps which allow you to ‘plant’ virtual objects in a location allowing others to pick them up later on (Pinterest for location anyone?). Everplaces literally just launched, Stikinotes and Pinwheel have yet to launch. But CircleMe comes out of a six months closed beta today to try and prove it’s different than the others. CircleMe, an inspiring social way to collect likes and find new ones. Edocr. Edocr Integrates With Zendesk To Allow Embedded Documents. It’s been a few years since edocr appeared on the scene to allow people to share, edit and organise documents, not unlike Slideshare.

To be honest I thought they’d disappeared but it turns out they are out of the startup ‘trough of despondency’ and getting somewhere. Founder CEO Manoj Ranaweera tells me they now have over 26,000 users and are growing at 33% monthly. They’ve also now integrated with customer service giant Zendesk. Using edocr with Zendesk means you can now embed documents into your Zendesk forums or in tickets with a drag and drop interface without having to update links to a document or having outdated information presented customers.

Dealupa: The best daily deals in one place! Copious - Share with friends. - Smart Shopping Anytime, Anywhere. Belly - Full of Rewards. Customer Loyalty And Rewards Platform For Local Businesses Belly Raises $10M From Andreessen Horowitz. Product Problem Support, Troubleshooting Help & Repair Answers – Fixya. Consumr Product Reviews & Barcode Scanner for Beauty, Baby, Electronics, Food and More. Locality - Prices, Hours, Reviews for Haircuts, Massages & More. Face-to-face Sales Platform.

Shipping & Luggage Delivery Service from Send My Bag. Give & Get Free Stuff - Auctions for Free Stuff. - a community of parents raising happy kids in a connected world - Quibly. Find. Compare. Decide. Rocket Internet. InSparq. Backed By Google Ventures, Greylock & Matrix, Sold Launches A Mobile Service That Takes The Hassle Out Of Selling Online. While eCommerce has exploded over the last decade, digital marketplaces still suffer the same nagging user experience flaws they always have — particularly person-to-person marketplaces.

It probably hasn’t been that long since you heard someone mutter “craigslist is creepy,” or lament about digital payments, security issues or about how it takes forever to sell something on eBay. Many startups have taken the “let’s build a better craigslist” approach and attempt to build a whole new marketplace, mobile or otherwise. But building a marketplace is tough and requires time. There’s the matter of manufacturing and maintaining trust and quality, creating liquidity and building up both sides of the marketplace –i.e. having an equal amount of buyers and sellers — all difficult to do.

Loja de Móveis e Artigos de Decoração. Greentape Brings Reviews To Consumers And Data To Merchants. With a plan of making product ratings social, Greentape is launching a new app that they hope will bring in-store product reviews to consumers while (hopefully) spawning more product purchases for merchants. The team is demoing this new app at TechCrunch Disrupt NY 2013. Greentape works like this: Consumers download the app, and as they move throughout a retail store the location aware app notifies them about products with the active user reviews as they pass by those products.

Virtusize - The virtual fitting solution. FixYa’s New FixBoard Allows Companies To Track Customer Support Trends. FixYa, a Q&A site where consumers can seek advice from product experts, is launching a new feature today called the FixBoard, which should make the site more useful to big consumer brands. Brand insights, competitive analysis, actionable intelligence with Fixboard. Product Problem Support, Troubleshooting Help & Repair Answers – Fixya.

Virtual Try on - Augmented reality solutions. Compare prices & shop online at GetPrice. - Smart Shopping Anytime, Anywhere. Compare Prices - Find Best UK Deals when shopping Online - PriceRunner UK. MyTAG Wants To Make Local Selling Safer And Simpler. Mytag. Online Shopping India - Shop Online for Books, Mobile Phones, Digital Cameras, Watches & More at