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JolieBox - Testez en Beauté !

JolieBox - Testez en Beauté !

Les lingettes Lamazuna : se démaquiller uniquement à l'eau... - Le boudoir de Vesper Mardi 6 mars 2012 2 06 /03 /Mars /2012 18:00 Le combo coton+produit démaquillant, c'est has been. Non ce n'est pas moi qui le dit, ni personne d'ailleurs, mais quand même, force est de constater que les lingettes démaquillantes lavables connaissent un petit succès grandissant. Le Crazy Bag by HapsatouSy ! Le Blog Découvrez nos dernières actualités en cliquant ici ! Swaying Embrace Dress Your first dance together is one of the most memorable parts of the day. Tucked in your love’s arms, you float across the floor with the satiny, full lining of this pure white maxi dress sweeping atop your pastel pink heels. As you twirl, your guests catch a glimpse of the ruched, gathered empire waistline, and single-shoulder twist of this lightly padded dress.

Mlle Blush! Soobox Yugen Glass (Tamamushi lacquer) Wind Chime - White Rabbit Express By Yugen Glass The popular Tamamushi lacquer technique used here was developed in relatively recent times in Miyagi Prefecture. Numerous layers of lacquer, combined with sprinklings of colored powder give the surface a mysteriously beautiful depth. The lacquered glass combined with the sonic purity of the chime, provide a delightful visual and aural reminder of the season. Many more images designshop Mon petit coin beauté en français - Mode ♥ Le So Girly Blog ♥ « Blog Mode et Beaute made in Marseille! ♥ Le So Girly Blog ♥

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