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Makerspace Resources. Making Room for Informal Learning. Makey Makey Fun. MaKey Madness Hey Guys, Hope you are all having a great fast is it going!

Makey Makey Fun

Happy Chinese New Year to all our China Suppliers and just a heads up that items coming out of China will be delayed till after the 26th. Make Your Own Makerspace - Ideas & Inspiration from Demco. Carson Block Carson Block has led, managed and supported library technology efforts for more than 17 years.

Make Your Own Makerspace - Ideas & Inspiration from Demco

UKEdChat - Supporting the Education Community. Share: Website: checkio.orgDescription: A superb online game which takes learners through coding activities with Python.

UKEdChat - Supporting the Education Community

Complete the tasks to gain points to move to the next area. More suitable for older students.Category: Digital & Web Tools > Computer Game Builders & Programming Other Links in This Section. Welcome. Google for Education: Connecting K-12 Educators to Computer Science Education through Search. Posted by Cameron L.

Google for Education: Connecting K-12 Educators to Computer Science Education through Search

Fadjo, Computer Science Custom Search Project Lead Computer Science (CS) is quickly becoming a key component of student learning. Creating an Authentic Maker Education Rubric. While many teachers are excited about the maker movement and may even be creating projects for their classrooms, assessment can be puzzling even to veteran classroom teachers.

Creating an Authentic Maker Education Rubric

How can teachers prove that deep, rich learning is occurring through making? How do we justify a grade to students and parents alike, especially to the student who "just isn’t good at art"? By crafting a three-part rubric that assesses process, understanding, and product, teachers can rest assured that they are covering all the bases. How learning to code might improve writing skills - ICT and Computing in Education - Look, I'd like to point out straight away that I'm not a pedant.

How learning to code might improve writing skills - ICT and Computing in Education -

I'm happy to blithely split infinitives whenever the opportunity presents itself. I avoid the avoidance of ending a sentence with a preposition because, as Sir Winston Churchill said, "that is the kind of English up with which I will not put". And as for not starting sentences with a conjunction, I don't see what the problem is as long as it all reads nicely. However, one thing I do insist upon is that people say what they mean, even if they don't mean what they say. When I am left in doubt as to what the writer is actually saying, I think there's been a failure in communications, and not necessarily on my part.

Take a sentence like "Being a lover of good food, the meal was excellent. " ReMaking Education: Designing Classroom Makerspaces for Transformative Learning. The Maker movement is poised to transform learning in our schools.

ReMaking Education: Designing Classroom Makerspaces for Transformative Learning

Green Screen Photo Station at our Fall Festival. This evening was the “Fall Festival” at the elementary school where I teach STEM in Yukon, Oklahoma, sponsored by our PTA.

Green Screen Photo Station at our Fall Festival

The Maker Movement: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants to Own the Future. "Knowledge is a consequence of experience.

The Maker Movement: Standing on the Shoulders of Giants to Own the Future

" -- Piaget Many teachers know that children learn best by doing. Champions of project-based learning have decades of research to support this, including Edutopia’s own compendium. In recent years, the Maker movement has generated a new following in education with many teachers adding interesting new tools and materials like robots, 3D printing, e-textiles, and more.

Instructables - DIY How To Make Instructions. Hackety Hack! - Maker Space In Education Series: 20 Reasons Your Students Should Be Making. 1 Comment August 3, 2014 By: Michael Gorman Aug 3 Written by: 8/3/2014 1:30 PM ShareThis It’s still summer time in the States and I couldn’t help but think of the idea of play, and that of course made me think of Maker Space.

- Maker Space In Education Series: 20 Reasons Your Students Should Be Making

Design Minds. South Australian Library and Information Network. Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics, Teens @ Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh has created an extensive collection of science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) subject and career educational resources that are available throughout the library system. These items are intended to inspire and engage students in middle and high school in these subjects with the intent of promoting future careers in these fields. The collections represent a wide variety of interests and include print and DVD materials. This site is intended to provide information for general information, homework support, assistance with science fair projects, and to locate career and job-related resources. Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's STEM initiative is made possible through a seed grant from J.B. Makerspaces in Libraries - Libraries & Maker Culture: A Resource Guide.

The Maker Library Network. Library as Incubator Project. MakerSpaces - Design 2015 Albemarle County Public Schools. STEMworks Database. Welcome to the STEMworks! CTEq is proud to host this database of programs that deepen young people's learning in STEM. STEMworks is critical resource for funders, program developers, and STEM advocates alike. Funders can find programs that maximize the return on their investment. Those who develop STEM learning programs can benchmark their work against successful exemplars. Advocates can point to excellent programs as they make the case for quality. The programs in this database have to clear a high bar. In October 2013, CTEq identified four Ready-to-Scale STEMworks programs that are prepared to scale widely to new sites across the country.

In late spring, STEMworks will announce new application deadlines in late spring. Learn more about STEMworks. Microcontroller Kits. Maker spaces Archives. Collaborating With. Hendon Semiconductors Since the establishment of the TTC Henley High School has developed a professional relationship and Memorandum of Understanding with Hendon Semiconductors.

Staff and Students have participated in guided tours of Hendon Semiconductors world class facilities. Students have also been given the opportunity of accessing work placement, being able to experience first-hand the operations of the organisation. Concept 2 Creation. Manufacturing Makerspaces. Kids gather to make Lego robots; teens create digital music, movies, and games with computers and mixers; and students engineer new projects while adults create prototypes for small business products with laser cutters and 3D printers.

Many libraries across the US have developed makerspaces—places to create, build, and craft—and they are experiencing increased visits and demand as a result. For public libraries, they are places to promote community engagement. What is a Makerspace? Creativity in the Library. Submitted by Caitlin A. Westport Library. A Librarian's Guide to Makerspaces: 16 Resources.

Makerspaces, Participatory Learning, and Libraries. Crafting New Narratives of Community, Connecting, Creating, and Par... Tinkerers : Maker Culture and Librarians. Hackerspaces and makerspaces: the zen of innovation. Makerspace. Thingiverse - Digital Designs for Physical Objects. The Makings of Maker Spaces, Part 1: Space for Creation, Not Just Consumption. Maker spaces in libraries are the latest step in the evolving debate over what public libraries’ core mission is or should be. From collecting in an era of scarce resources to curation in an era of overabundant ones, some libraries are moving to incorporate cocreation: providing the tools to help patrons produce their own works of art or information and sometimes also collecting the results to share with other members of the ­community.

Chicago Public Library to Open Free Digital Fabrication Maker Space. Here's one sound that librarians won't be "shushing" in Chicago: The distinctive whining-and-grinding of a CNC mill. The Chicago Public Library has announced that their centrally-located Harold Washington branch, inside the Loop, will be getting the Windy City's first free maker space. The pop-up fabrication lab will offer the public access to 3D printers, laser cutters, a milling machine and a vinyl cutter as well as a variety of supporting design software. Sydney’s first Maker Faire @ The Powerhouse - - OzBerryPi - Sydney's Monthly Maker Space (Sydney) Preddy-creating-school-library-e2809cmakerspacee2809d.pdf.