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Hitting is a Guess. Latest Vlog EV In The News Article Link Source: Sports Illustrated | Published: August 2011 By Lee Jenkins - Trevor Bauer Will Not Be Babied November 5, 2008 Babe Ruth Stride Length November 5, 2008 Babe Ruth 7 Perfect Flaws November 5, 2008 Babe Ruth Weight Shift October 21, 2008 Babe Ruth Swing Analysis.

Hitting is a Guess

Baseball Hitting Forum. > >>> If you watch closely you will see that the front hip does not rotate back as far as the front hip rotates back because if this was the absolute truth the body motion would be going backwards due to the tilt of the upper body during the swing.

Baseball Hitting Forum

Therefor the bat would be decelerating due to the mass of the lower body puling backwards the the lower massed upper body going forwards. <<< > > Hi Dave > > If the axis of rotation is stationary (regardless of the angle of rearward tilt) and the body (hips, torso and shoulders) are rotating around that axis, I fail to see how you can say body motion would be going backwards due to the tilt of the upper body during the swing. There would be an equal amount of mass rotating forward around the axis as there would be mass rotating rearward. > > I will grant you that there are some batters whose back-hip does rotate more forward than the lead-hip rotates rearward. Developing a high-level swing….

All goal directed movement can be viewed as satisfying the following three requirements :

Developing a high-level swing….

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RBI Vortex Swing Trainer with Baseball Hit Stick Description:The Vortex™ by RBI Baseball Swing Trainer comes straight out of the box ready for use.

No assembly needed! Simply unfold the legs, lock them in place, and secure them with either supplied ground stakes or sand bags (must fill sand bags to use). Once legs are secure, adjust for proper ball height and you are ready to go! Try different Vortex Speed Bands by mixing or matching different Level Speed bands to customize your training speed. BASEBALL SEASON HAS STARTED!

With Opening Day happening in the Big Leagues and in Little League Baseball all across the country, I thought it would be fitting to give a little reminder about the basics of hitting. Now before you stop reading and think, “My son is in high school, I don’t need to worry about this,” hear me out. I am going to talk about 3 specific things that every hitter from Little League Baseball to the Big Leagues can benefit from AND train for during the season to have more success at the plate. First, as I’ve written about many times, tracking the baseball all the way to home plate is something that almost every coach agrees with.

Simply focusing on vision for kids under 12 years old can change the first few games from frustration filled failures into a baseball bashing blast! Untitled. Earlier this year, Chas wrote an article about Kevin Long and his teaching methodology.


Chas specifically discussed Kevin Long’s work with Alex Rodriguez on his swing mechanics and Kevin Long’s DVD about hitting (See Chas’s Kevin Long Article HERE) and caught quite a bit of flack for his honest take on Kevin Long’s products and interviews. As a life long Yankee fan, I was disappointed to see what Chas uncovered about Kevin Long’s teaching methodology and the information he sells in his “CAGE RAT” book and his “Pro Hitter’s Workout” video, so I decided to take a look at Curtis Granderson’s swing. Untitled. Many people teach a hands first downward plane swing.


As readers of the Baseball Hitting Rebellion know, we are not part of that group. The truly amazing thing about the Top Level Swing (in baseball and softball) is that there are almost NO examples of players utilizing the knob pull or a downward swing and having any type of success, yet linear hands first hitting is the predominant thought taught at all formative levels of baseball and softball. As I was going through the process of figuring out what I wanted to write about next, I kept coming back to the separation of the lead hip and the back shoulder.

The true engine of the Top Level Swing is the stretching action of the muscles of the torso, and how that action is created and maximized for a suddenly explosive and accelerated swing. However, I think it’s really important that people understand that this torque creating move doesn’t just stop at a hip turn. Back Elbow Row Backside (Baseball Hitting Untitled. Pitchers, I always know the student who has been practicing his delivery and the one who has not.


It’s impossible to fool me. I can tell within the first 5 throws playing catch, whether or not the student is making progress. I work with 75 to 100 different kids a week, all of have a unique set of talent, personalities, intelligence, and work ethic. The students are the variable and my teaching methodology is the constant. Unfortunately, that line doesn’t sink in to every student as quickly as others. Directional Hitting: Find Power and Consistency to All Fields. Like everything in baseball, directional hitting practice has a place and time.

Directional Hitting: Find Power and Consistency to All Fields

Too often, we force hitters, of all ages, to stay and hit to the opposite side of the field. Dedicating entire BP sessions to going backside may be the most overrated and swing ruining type of practice. It has a place as an approach for certain guys, in limited situations, but never should be the way to swing a bat, but I digress. Hitting to all fields with power is accomplished by two things. Untitled. Three Baseball Hitting Training Aids To Steer Clear Of. Baseball hitting training aids can be a waste of time and money if you're NOT careful. We'll discuss 3 of the most sought after hitting tools, and talk over why NOT to buy them. In analyzing these hitting contraptions we'll stick to 8 rating principals, and give grades (A through F) for each: Durability, Weight, Economical, User Friendly, Convenient/Compact (for storage), Easy Assembly, Partner Needed? (Y/N) Does the device teach you something? (Y/N) Ideally, baseball hitting training aids need to be built to last, reasonable in price, user friendly, easily broken down, stored, and assembled, shouldn't need a partner to operate, and above all, it should NOT be difficult to get something good out of it.

Most of the research Swing Smarter has done reveals companies misleading the consumer into false benefits, like increased bat speed, quickens the hands, etc. SwingAway Sports Products Pro Traveler Hitting Machine. KC Elevate and Celebrate. Untitled. Bat Speed Research. In this article, uses video analysis to show that rotational drills increase bat speed more than linear drills. Linear drills promote an (A to B) hand path while rotational drills promotes a circular hand path to increase bat speed. A circular hand path induces a "Pendulum Effect" that produces angular acceleration of the bat. As we explain our Instructional DVD, The Final Arc 2, this is one of the important reasons why the Rotational Swing Model is far superior to the Linear Model. The smooth powerful swing of the game's top hitters is the product of "rotational mechanics. " Their swing generates greater bat speed much earlier in the swing.

However, for decades nearly all batting instructions, whether taught by coaches or described in books and videotapes, were based on a "Linear Swing Model. " As the video below shows, none of the linear cues mentioned above will help a batter maximize their bat speed. Baseball Hitting Forum. Hi All This may be information overload, but for you that would like more technical information on inside/outside mechanics, you might wade through this excerpt from a 2004 post - Re: last attempt -- It indicates the direction my analysis of Mark's clips will take. I have always found it interesting that due to the linear, A to B, hand-path principles that have been taught to coaches for generations, any mechanic that produces a circular motion was believed taboo and would ruin a batter's swing. - If the batter did not swing down at the ball, he was "looping.

" - If he rotated around a stationary axis, he was "spinning. " Baseball and Softball Batting Drills and Mechanics. Low finish or high finish? Baseball Rebellion - Journal. Baseball Rebellion - Timeline. Baseball Rebellion - Journal.